Marathon Training TV Program this week

For anyone who may be interested there is a show on this Thursday at 7pm on BBC1 Run for Glory. Details below.

Sally Gunnell and Steve Cram help 13 people from around the country volunteer to train for the gruelling 26.2 mile London Marathon in just six months

Duration: 30mins


  • There is already a thread on this, not all 13 will make it to the start line.

    Sadly I will miss it as I am off on holiday, not too keen on Sally Gunnell anyway.
  • Me - I'm Sally Gunnell !
  • IC i thought so!
  • Having seen the trailers for it, how gutting must it be for those who got rejected and would no doubt have spent most of their lives preparing for it, to have to see the calibre of those who appear to have gotten into the programme? No doubt they are all wonderful people. But do they really warrant a programme when there are a far more people out there who would do the marathon for themselves, who live a healthy lifestyle? Would these "guinea pigs" have entered the FLM if they WEREN'T on TV with Sally Gunnell and Roger Black?
  • Yeah, let's round them all up and put them in camps out of real runners' ways...

    Personally I'd rather people of your 'calibre' went and did a 'real' marathon. If I find myself walking (or running if my injury problems resolve!) alongside one of these folks I'll give them a cheer. Though I am a little jealouse of how much they are likely to be able to raise for charity, and the help training that they've got, I've got better things to do than slag them off. And I suspect they were chosen because they want to do the marathon...
  • PS: I can give you some information on one of the people on the show: John Dawson. He's blind and has problems controlling one side of his body following a car crash. So, MJ, if you get run over by a drunk driver do you think that you should be ruled out of future marathons so people who can run faster than you can get a place?

    He's raising money for a charity for the blind and for a sports club. Hope that club isn't yours.
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