Bereaved and missed some training



  • 16 miles today. Not bad considering
  • Jiggi,
    How sad I am for you it brings a tear to my eye also.
    I used my running to cope when my dad died a few years ago. I also lost my step brother a couple of years before that in an accident & he was a great lad who dispite getting injured the first time he went in the Army & got discharged unfit, he worked hard & got back in again. His CO said he was an insipration to all the other lads & had just got best overall recruit when he came home on leave & got killed. However the point is when I am out & needing a lift I imagine that they are both on my shoulder as little white angels pushing the little red devil away to help me get through it. Try it I don't own it. Grief is so painfull let it out slowly when you feel you can cope with it even if it is only a little that way you don't feel out of control. Take each day as it come & be kind to yourself.
  • Thank you Ann. How terrible that must have been for you and how corageous you are in dealing with it. I am taking each day as it comes as you suggest and have managed to negotiate reducing my hours at work so I can be withmy Dad a bit more.
    Thanks for your support.
    Jiggi x
  • I made it! 5.54 and proud!
  • Yeah Nice one
  • Jiggi
    Waht a fantastic memorial for you mum
  • Thank you Dave and PH : How did you get on?
  • BOING!!! For RebekkahJane
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