Anyone wearing Mizuno Elixir

If so what they like ? I have worn the mavs for years but will need a new pair for FLM



  • Would be interested in the Elixir too. Me too using Mavs for years and a bit worried to change shoes.
  • We got them in at the shop earlier this week and I was really impressed with the look of the shoe that I took a pair out for a run and it didn't disapoint.
    Nice and lights, really flexible, enough cushioning and just a touch of support.

    We already sold a couple of pairs after my recommendations!
  • Paul

    Do you know how they compare to the Maverick ? Problem is when brands stop doing a certain shoe is what to replace it with. To be honest you cant really tell if a shoe suits until after you have worn then on a good few 5 milers, by then its too late to change them. I have worn Mavs for years - but once when I thought I needed a tad more support tried the Nirvanas but the arch was far too high for me on them.

    What shop are you from by the way as I normally buy all my shoes online but I wouldnt buy the Elixir without at least trying it on
  • Have bought the Elixir as a replacement or alternative to Asics DS trainers. Very similar in feel and responsiveness. Hopefully the Elixir will have better traction in the wet. Have used the Elixir for one quicker session, and feel as though it will make a good racing shoe. Also bought the Mizuno Wave Revolver on the same day for use as a racing shoe, but haven't got round to running in them yet, as the Elixir is so comfortable. The Elixir are a lot lighter than the Wave Inspire, which were the first Mizuno I bought.
  • I've just been using the Elixir as a replacement for the DS Trainer. Just as light, I think that they have a little more arch support than the DS, but I can only feel this in one foot. Odd but true.

    Generally they are light trainers for mile eating, maybe HM-Mara racing.

    I recall that the DSgave me a few problems over the lacing area to begin with, but I've had none of that with these. As they are quite white I haven't got them wet yet!
  • I used them for FLM and was not disapointed with them at all. Will stick with them for a while I think
  • Will it be a good stability type shoe for flat-footed runners? 
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