Any Dentists About?

I had a check up with the dentist end of Jan and he put a orange looking varnish on some of my teeth to help with the sensitivity.

4 days later I was back at the dentist because I could hardly open my mouth and it turned out that I had an infection. He gave me some antibotics and sent me away.

Anyway I had to go back to the dentists on Tuesday because I was still having problems and didn't know if it was due to the antibotics.

I've been told that the infection has gone and he has put some more of that orange stuff on my teeth.

My cheek has swollen up and I can feel bobbles on the inside of my cheek near to the teeth he treated. And it also feels as though it is burning/tingly at times

He has me booked in for Tuesday and has told me to use sensodyne.

Has anyone experience a reaction to this orange stuff before or had patients who have?


  • I managed to get out for a run as my teeth weren't too bad today but only lasted 15 min before the cold really got to my teeth.

    At least it made me forget about the burning feeling for a while.
  • Sounds like an allergic reaction. Do you have any other allergies?
  • Okay... that's really weird - I've never heard of a reaction like that - but I suppose you can get an adverse reaction to just about anything.

    The orange paste would have been Duraphat - it's a high concentration fluoride varnish that's routinely used to treat dentine sensitivity, it's pretty good stuff and quite often does the job nicely.

    Thing is, I've never had any of my patients get a reaction off it nor have I heard of anyone having any problems; but like I said, I guess you can be allergic to anything.

    One option with the sensitivity you're getting is to use the Sensodyne like an ointment - After you brush your teeth with it at night put some on your finger and apply it to the necks of the sensitive teeth and leave it like that overnight, works loads better than just brushing with it.

  • My dentist also advised me to use Sensodyne like that when I had a temporary sensitive tooth problem- and it worked just fine! :))
  • I do have an allergy to nuts.

    The orange paste surely wouldn't include nut products or by products?

    I was thinking about using Sensodyne that way before runs.

  • HY4 - I am nut-allergic (and loads of other things) and have a severe reaction to a variety of dental products, even ones that have not affected me in the past.

    (Btw, as an ex-dental assistant, I'm not at all nervous, so it's not psychological!)

    One thing that a lot of nut allergy sufferers are also allergice to is rubber latex, so ask your dentist to wear non-latex gloves and see if that helps. (If you're not sure if you're allergic to latex, try blowing up half a dozen balloons - you'll soon know!)

  • I use some latext gloves when I'm decorating and cleaning and I don't suffer from alleries to them.

    In fact I was wearing them the other week and was fine with them.
  • Never come across anyone having an allergy to Duraphat either...but I guess it's possible.

    Other causes could be many and various, even down to cheek-biting...the swelling could be infection, the bumps (completely unrelated) cheek-biting

    It does sound like there is something odd going on though- infection, sensitivity, strange lumps and may take your dentist a while to get to the bottom of this...

    Sorry, that's not a lot of help, is it?
  • Crash Hamster

    Don't worry about it not helping because anything is of a help at the moment!

    I don't think I bite my cheek unless it's in my sleep!

    However my mouth is beginning to settle down now and I don't have any traces of the orange paste left.

    It may be just co-incindence but all the lumps and bumps are much smaller now!

    Anyway I'll let everyone know the outcome of Tuesday!
  • I've got to go back to the dentist in 2 weeks and then hopefully that should be it until next 6 monthly check.

    He didn't put any of the orange stuff on my teeth and gave them a the first part of a 2 stage clean.
  • Sounds like good news!
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