broken leg

I have never posted any thing on here before but I do read the forum and I have read runnersworld for more years than than I can count on one hand.
Two weeks ago I fell down some strairs and broke my right leg between the foot and knee.
There was already a lump on the bone from a hair line fracture caused by running. A doctor told me 11 years ago that this had healed and all was ok . Last week in the hostpital this damage was picked up by the doctors and they pointed out that more recent damage had formed.
My question is has anybody come a cross this before and did you start to run after recovery.
The doctors say that I should be able to run again. However this has completly smashed my confidence as a runner (and anything else at the moment)If I started training again I think that I would worry about falling apart again.
Thank you Jeremy


  • When it heals it will be stronger than ever before.

    You'll not be able to run for 6 weeks or so, but you can do stuff like indoor cycling, ski machines and the like when the cast is off.

    Don't be a big girls blouse and get over it - its only a broken leg.

    Good luck !
  • WVM -- it will heal like any broken bone. It will need a period of around 6 weeks to heal the bone... then a period of rehab to rebuild the muscle which is likely to waste if you're in plaster. All in all probably around 3 months I would think... then we'll be seeing you posting telling us how great it is to be back running again.

    I broke my back in March 1997. I was running by July.
  • I'm no expert but swimming can play a big part in your recovery - non-impact aerobic training.

    You need to stay positive. If you can't do any exercise for a couple of months, why not use the time to do some reading about running and fitness, to educate and help motivate you once you're fit again? Make some plans.

    It's a tough break alright WVM, and you're obviously feeling some despair at the moment, but try to be realistic. You'll be out of circulation for a few weeks only. Imagine how you'd be feeling if your accident had left you paralysed?

    It's bad, but could be a lot worse. Chin up.

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