I do a lot of off road stuff and three weeks ago strained either my Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or the Illiotibial Band where it joins the knee.

Foolishly perhaps I carried on training almost daily doing around 10 miles and last week entered a 15m mountain race.

Since then its been all downhill so to speak.

My original ailment seems to have recovered, but now I think I've developed tendonitis, where the whole area of the upper knee is swollen, sore, inflamed and its difficult to bend or raise my knee.

Ibuprofen and Arnica gel seems to be working, but are there any suggestions on how to get over the problem quickly? I dont want to be off training for more than a few days.


  • Have you tried Diclofenac tablets? I'm a new runner and overdid it giving myself achilles tendonitis. About a week later there had been no improvement. I went to the docs who prescribed these. Within 3 hours of taking the first tablet it felt better, and 4 days later is now almost gone. Back running tomorrow - yippee!
  • thanks New Runner, I will check them out today. all the best, Dave
  • New Runner, I've got this tendonitis (self diagnosed) in my left knee.

    There is some inflammation and obvious swelling, which causes a general tightness and inflexibility in the area, and also makes my knee click.

    Did you have similar symptoms?
  • Hi Dave,

    My problem was ankle rather than knee, but with similar symptoms, especially the tightness and inflexibility. I had slight swelling and an obvious tender spot, like a bruise. Problem not completely gone with the tablets but much better

    Went for a short run tonight, only 2 miles. Some slight discomfort but not really a problem. Hopefully on the mend. Hope you can get yours sorted.

  • Got the Diclofenac yesterday New Runner, swelling seems to have improved a lot in the last day, so hopefully I will be out on the roads again tomorrow.

    The pain is now subsiding and the knee clicks are becoming less regular, which is all a good sign. Thanks for your advice.
  • Great, happy to help. Mine seems to be clearing up nicely. 3 miles tonight with no problems. Hope you keep improving
  • I'm not the sort of bloke who sits around waiting for things to get better... extremely foolish really.

    The anti inflamatories are working, and yesterday I went for a 6 mile run, and today a 7 miler and then weight training.

    ..for the first time in two weeks I've been able to do leg raises with the weights.

    Seems like the original inflammation over the top of the knee is subsiding, but I'm now getting a sharp pain on the underside/outer. The general area is still a bit sensitive, but not painful to run on.

    I'll keep stretching and massaging and hope this clears, but I think I'll make it out tomorrow, hopefully for a 10 miler or maybe a bit of trail running.
  • I'd like to say that you are being very foolish. Continuing to run on an injury is not clever. At best at will take longer to heal and at worst you'll end up with permanent damage. I worked this out the hard way by making an injury worse by running on it.

    When it starts to feel better (and I don't mean when you've masked the pain by taking ibuprofen) you should start with some gentle, short runs (as New Runner is doing). Stop if it starts hurting again.
  • Hi Mister W.

    Common sense does not prevail.

    I guess I push the limits a bit, but I would not go running if it hurt in any way.

    My 7 miler this morning was fine, no pain or soreness, and I ran it within a minute of my personal best for that route.

    My knee is probably 80%, but if it does not feel right then I wont do it.

    I know I'm no longer so young, yet it was always the case that you played rugby every weekend carrying an injury from the week before. Perhaps I have not been able to rid myself of this behaviour.
  • I know the feeling, Dave, I have a tendency to run though injuries and make them worse until my sensible head takes over. I'm pleased your knee is feeling better.
  • Mister W.

    As luck would have it, I've been training and trail racing in preparation for this years Manx Mountain Marathon. Its 31 miles of up and down fells.

    It did not help that ran a 15 mile fell race two weeks ago when the knee was partly injured (I know, I'm stupid).

    ..I've never even done a marathon before, so I'm biting off a lot to chew in a few weeks.

    One month before the race and the knee problem comes.

    Its a delicate balance between maintaining high levels of fitness, whilst also limiting activity such that you dont make the injury worse.

    For me running is the hardest thing I do. Swimming and cycling are a poor second and third. So a two hour run would be equivalent to a four hour ride... and I dont have all day to go out on a bike ride.

    As per your advice, I normally listen to what my body is telling me. I can live with the odd twinge, but swollen sore joints which are painful to move even in bed are too much.

    .. the longest rest I've had in two years running are the past 5 days, with this blinking knee.

    Psychologically I just need to chill out a bit, but you know what its like....
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