long distance tights?

Hi, I am looking to get a pair of long distance tights, that will provide sufficient insulation when its too cold for shorts, but wick, and may be treated for water resistance. Any suggestions??



  • What do you call long distance?

    I have a pair of Asics winter tights that I am very pleased with. I did not run with them through puddles nor in the rain so I cannot report on water resistance.
  • long distance, as in 8miles-marathon+

  • Ive got a pair of Ron Hills waterproof thingies and found them good on cold nights -- but if I get to 8 miles I would have to take them off and swap for shorts tp allow my legs to breathe better
  • Ron Hill tracksters I find to be ok and quite reasonably priced. Have a look mail order in RW
  • Nike dri-fit tights. Excellent, warm and reasonably breathable.
  • ron hill tracksters me
  • I'm with 'tafkate', Nike dri-fit tights worn over dri-fit cycling shorts for some, er, support. They don't have those annoying foot strap things that bug the hell out of me!
  • Nike dri-fit are great as they're good at retaining warmth when wet. Just got a pair of Fila tights that are thinner but really good as well.
  • Nike dri-fit for me too.

  • Me too. I swear by Nike Dri-fit tights - cold, wet, muddy, whatever.
  • I'll add to the general accolade for Nike Dri-Fit: although I'm not so keen on the "extreme" version, it has to be *very* cold indeed for them to feel anything other than too sweaty. Mind you, judging by the snow outside my window, that criteria might be met for this afternoon's run...
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