'Mature' runners.



  • Yes, it's quite unbelievable isn't it! :-)

    hehheh hee hee hee hee hee!!!

    What was that about Americans not understanding irony? :-)
  • Everybody should buy something JJ. It's our best chance to invest for another 11 years or so.

    And yes, I did sell all my equities at the top of the market in February 2001, thank you for asking.
  • Ah, it's welly licking that does it! Can they be new ones or will I have to acquire a used pair?
  • Well, Glenn, I like them both old and new, but it's fair to say that the Grauniad article suggests that the smell of dung may be part of the attraction :)
  • << biff kick dribble kick >>
    Thanks, Piglet. Nice bit of cross training. Here, I've brought the wheels from a model fire engine.
    << shoves wheel in Piglet's direction >>
  • Fantastic work wee piglet!

    Hey have we started an international incident??

    Sod Iraq. Lets invade USA!!

    Bagsy Billow!!

    Young Chimp!!

    Just need to find out how we respond to hissy yanks now. I'm going over. I may be some time.

    Anyone keep the numbers from those trolls??

    Hasta La Vista!! America here we come!!
  • You coming too Wee Piglet????
  • Slow down Chimp. They're not up yet.
  • <bish, whizz, spin, kick, crunch.....>


    <piglet wrinkles little snout up and begins to cry>

    The metal axle has harmed my tooth :-((

    <sob, sob, sob>
  • Wait for me, Chimp! I'm coming too :-)
  • Piglet, the Guardian did try to warn you about fire engines.
  • I'm in...... hehe heheh heh.... :-)
  • I've registered now. Waiting for a code then I can post messages on the yankee site.

    Anyone got any messages??
  • Nice one WP.

    If we go, we go together!!!

  • Just composing a message in verse, Chimp...hang on a mo...
  • Testing, testing....
  • Wee P

    see the toys really do make a difference, what happened to that snuffly sad piglet of a couple of days ago.. Mind you it was a smart idea to impregnate the toys with LSD, 'cos you really are on something this morning.

    Yank Bashers

    Good Luck, and please let them know we'd willingly send our Tony (him with the inane grin) over the top first into baghdad. in fact post him on the first Cruise.
  • Poor Piglet - here's a bandage for your snout and a couple of Dime bars (well known remedy for damaged porcine nasal parts)
  • sfh - I feel like a new piglet with the toys! It was a great idea :)

    meerkat - thank you.

    <piglet wraps bandage round snout and munches on a Dime bar>

    I feel much better now :)

    <jingle, jangle, jingle> Would you like to hang from the chain? :)
  • You're there Piglet. Me too, sad as I am...
  • ACW just ask them which female won the Chicago Marathon, and what was her time.

    And WP can I have some of what your on, I'm stripping wallpaper at the moment cause no-one wants to give me a job, and I'm fed up.
  • Hurry up Chimp. We need some advanced fatuousness.
  • Oh, it's split up my Haiku...
  • I see you're drawing our american cousins in nicely piglet all kind and responsive

    expecting a hail of flying trotters shortly coupled with a truckload of discarded banana skins caringly donated by our championchimp to aid timing in the next race.
  • Um... no, sfh - that's our own Glenn I'm chatting with over there!

    It's just a bit of a tease. After all, what Billow said was really pretty amazing! :)
  • I'm sure they'll love the poem though Piglet. There must be some little fishies who'll rise to the bait.
  • yeh just realised that after I posted and checked that GlennR was a newbie there.

    have fun

    btw Billow was really from another planet.

    with you 100%
  • < rubs inky paw on nose >
    Okay, Chimp, first attempt

    The Ironic Ode of the UKRWF Mature Runner

    Up the airy mountain
    Down the rush roads
    We daren't go a-running
    For fear of Chimp's goads
    JJ, WeePig,
    Trooping all together
    Beardless Glenn and DB,
    In the snowy weather.
    SFH Legs and Helen Wheels,
    Witchie on her broom,
    Sagging bodies warmly wrapped
    And huddles in the gloom.

    er...that's it so far.
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