'Mature' runners.



  • < rubs inky paw on nose >
    Okay, Chimp, first attempt

    The Ironic Ode of the UKRWF Mature Runner

    Up the airy mountain
    Down the rush roads
    We daren't go a-running
    For fear of Chimp's goads
    JJ, WeePig,
    Trooping all together
    Beardless Glenn and DB,
    In the snowy weather.
    SFH Legs and Helen Wheels,
    Witchie on her broom,
    Sagging bodies warmly wrapped
    And huddled in the gloom.

    er...that's it so far.
  • I think you're right about Billow, sfh. I suppose it takes all sorts.

    Well, look at me for a start!
  • Extremely cool, meerkat! I'm v. impressed :)
  • aaarghhh - sorry. Paw hit wrong bit of keyboard.
  • You're a star JJ. Great start to a thread - let's see what happens.
  • You've been there!!!????????
  • Don't you men have some strange tools, have just been into the garage where mens things are kept, usually a no-go area for me, but he's at work and I needed a screw driver.
  • Bad paws, bad paws. Too many typos in pome. Sorry. should be
    rushy roads
    and chimpy's goads.
    Spam haiku sheer brilliance, WP.
  • I trust DavidB has discovered the scaley nipple thread on the US RW site??
  • I really don't need any encouragement Meerkat ;-)

    I've not been this excited since the anti-hunt marches of my student days...
  • Funny that, meerkat - I saw the nipple thread and immediately thought of DavidB too :-)
  • Whoops, sorry DB - didn't see you there, hunched over your monitor :-)
  • Oi!

    (Fancy a boink?)
  • boink boink boink

    That was fun!!

  • Twice was pushing it, but 3 times!

    You might have told me that scaley nipples was under "Embarrassing problem". I was stuck inside women for ages!
  • Girls, girls you really must try this DIY stuff its so emaciating, I've just been using some things I think they're called pliers, for pulling screws out, why do men not enjoy doing all this stuff.

    JJ I'll go back into the garage and see if I can find your dibber, what does it look like and roughly how big is it.
  • Sorry, WW, got all carried away with the excitement of the stealth attack on RWUS. Have you found a monkey wrench in the garage?
  • I've seen no monkey wrench, but there is a wretched monkey about somewhere...
  • Hehe - I think he's renamed himself Glenn R on the US forum, Piglet. That should put an ape among the pigeons.
  • Who are you calling a monkey meerkat? I had to be GlennR, it had to be at least six letters.
  • WW, the size of JJ's dibber may depend on the temperature in the garage.
  • This is turning into rather a long lunchbreak but I haven't had this much fun in years!

    WW: There's a Witchy1 in the US who would like to meet you (she has been warned though).
  • Ah!! wondered why it wouldnt accept "chimp" as a password Glenn.

    I thought it must be a term of abuse in the US not a term of love and devotion as it is over here.
  • Chimp must be a term of endearment in the US - after all they elected one as president.
  • (To the tune of "Yesterday" - feeling musical this afternoon)

    I assume that you are I Ronnie
    Tell me I am not mistakenly
    Conversing with
    A Strangeree

    (Needed a bit of help with the rhyme on that last line, there, but I am only a Wee Piglet after all :-)
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