'Mature' runners.



  • Chimp and DavidB

    I thought I'd just tell you that your efforts on the various underwear threads on gear have not gone unnoticed at RW HQ :-)
  • Josie.

    Do you mean (gulp) we'll be featured in Forum Corner in the next mag???

    Way to go DB! (that's American BTW Josie-We've been on a jolly boy's outing today)
  • Humble apologies, Glenn. The jet lag befuddled me.
    Dib dib dib.
  • Chimp, no not in the forum corner, in an article about gear! Doesn't actually dis anyone though, just notes large amount of response when someone mentions underwear.
  • Their sites not as good as ours is it. Don't like the way the threads work, feel as though I have missed important sections and I don't know what everyone is on about.

    Although I get that on this site a bit too. . .
  • JJ - it seems to be case sensitive. I thought it was broken at first, but it seems fine now :)
  • Hey its good see all those US runners knocking down the doors to get onto our forum isnt it??

    Heyy JJ, what did you mean, you've sorted out Billows? You've not (gulp) throttled her have you because that would be a bit harsh.
  • I thought that too, Chimp. Maybe they're lurking?

    <piglet waves trotter to any lurking US Forumites>

    Did someone object to "girlies" over there, Chimp?
  • Maybe they're in Stealth Bombers so's we cant see them WP.
  • That'll be it. Nothing gets past you, Chimp :-)

    It seems to have fizzled out over there. I may have to go and... <shock, horror> ...read a book!
  • Hey, Chimp - I just have to say that your poem was really utterly superb!! Absolutely brilliant :-)
  • Wonderful, priceless, applause, applause.

    I do wish I'd been here at luchtime, you've made my day (doesn't take much to make me happy does it?)

    I was going to trek my way through the snow to my car to go home, and then I spotted this thread... Tears of laughter, which one of you posted the reply,
    "Geez Billow, I thought Brits were supposed to have a sense of humor! " which can be read either way...
  • JJ Psst, she's back and she mad as hell!!
  • Can't find the link - somebody help me pleeeese!
  • Howdy from across the Atlantic! Thank you for your kind invitation to drop by.
  • <Gulp...>

    <wee piglet dons asbestos underwear, and trots off to search...>
  • Foggygoggles!!!

    Hello, and welcome :-)) You are our first transatlantic visitor!

    How was the journey?
  • I am so tired from the swim, but it was totally worth it! :-)
  • Not quite Wee Piglet (Psst, Billows is back)

    Hello foggygoggles! Nice to meet you.
  • And you as well, thank you!
  • Peeps, may I introduce Foggygoggles, a friendly and welcoming RW Forumer from across the pond!

    Foggygoggles, may I introduce the wrinkly and/or lunatic fringe of the UK RW Forums?

    <wee piglet bows politely to both contingents>
  • Where? Where? Let me in......

    Welcome foggygoggles.

    Eeerm... Foggy do you know anybody called Compo?
  • Welcome foggy,or should that be howdy? You've arrived just in time for snow. Tell me, do Americans have a "Sense of Humour"?
  • Hello, wrinkly/lunatic fringe!

    <foggygoggles tries to bow but trips over feet and lands face-down on the floor>
  • Great, just had a message to say we're gridlocked in due to the snow... will just have to stay here for another 15 minutes
  • Too true, sadly, why don't you have pics? Is it because you are all super-bods?
  • Lovely - fetch the beer out the cupboard HW and lets welcome the newboy!
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