'Mature' runners.



  • Howdy, hiya, whazzup are all accepted greetings and salutations from our ahem fair country

    Compo, no, I've not had the pleasure.

    Many of us are humour-impaired...
  • Super-bods? I wish! I think we are afraid that we will be stalked by a psychopath or something. We sometimes take personal security to an extreme...but sadly it is probably warranted.

  • What is a "mature" runner? We call them "masters" over here, I think. It is supposed to connote experience and wisdom, though, not age- although it typically means over 30.
  • Three in a row :-) Talk to the man someone, stop sucking up to Billow and welcome our visitor properly.
  • Wise, grown-up, responsible, you know all the usual things!

    Who's got the bottle opener?
  • I'm trying but my fingers are cold....
  • Mature - as in cheese, a bit ripe, gets smellier as it ages, kinda grows on you, rather like mould. An acquired taste?

    JJ may be able to provide a better explanation, but he wears CK underpants so I wouldn't trust everything he says :-)
  • Well, there isn't a precise definition of "mature" runner, but JJ (who started the thread) was referring to age.

    30!!! <piglet coughs and falls to the ground in alarm!!!> I thought it was older than that!

    Here's the context in which the mature runners thread began. You'll see it's a bit of a giggle :-)
  • Sorry to be a party pooper, but the cars ouside are finally moving, so I'm going to make a dsah for home before the invetable accidents close everything down. If I get back safely I'll log in tonight to see "what's occuring".

    Nice to see you Foggy, do give our best wishes to your chums in Baltimore. :-)
  • I see now! I am struck by how clever and polite your forum is. Very nice!
  • Have a safe trip home!

    I must get back to work myself. It's been nice chatting with you good people. Do drop by again if the urge ever strikes you!


  • <submliminal message>
    Rescue me! I'm being held a prisoner here against my will!! Chimp is a cruel dictator and he won't let any of us leave!!! Help! Help!! I don't really like haiku - he made me do it.... Help!!
    </subliminal message>
  • (Psssst, yes I Ronnie is me, had to use the edit facility to change humour to humor, lol! What are we like? Don't answer that Wind in the Billows!)
  • Sorry to have missed you foggy, of course we'll have to call you Ol' Foggers or something. Do pop in again sometime, we often have muffins at 3pm.
  • Home at last and now waiting for the inevitable motorway closures - it's not good out there, and I couldn't get the car onto the drive, everything is a bit too slippery. Rant follows...
  • 1. A car has been abandoned at J6 of the M1, sideways across the two outside lanes, it is dark in colour, and almost invisible. There is very little traffic, and the speed limit is set at thirty, so some drivers are venting their frustration by driving at normal speed in the middle lane. What will happen next is inevitable. Presumably the police are so busy they haven't got he resources to move the vehicle or mark it.

    2. Another frustrated driver has just tried to drive up the outside lane of the slip road, not realising, because snow has covered all the signs and road markings, that is two way traffic, one lane each. He was a bit surprised, when roaring past the slow moving traffic to find me coming the other way.

    Three inches of snow and it hasn't had time to thaw and refreeze yet, roll on tomorrow :-)
  • Poor JJ, you shouldn't have mentioned spats, they're having enough trouble already with Iraq
  • I took my brolly over to the states, waiting for the kettle to boil for tea
  • Not even a pint over here...
  • That's the trouble with the oldies, they all go home at 7 and don't come out again. Or did you all go to the party at URWFRC without me?
  • I'm here Helen. Had to get the run in first.
  • Well done for running in this weather
  • Betcha there won't be one. Enjoy the pub :-)

    P.S I was going to say I was stalking you, but then thought they wouldn't find it amusing...
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