'Mature' runners.



  • Hi Glenn - just got too excited by all our new American friends. Hope you didn't have a horrible journey home last night.
  • Think JohnnyJ has set up a new home on Tr**ning.

    Bilious has obviously shamed him.

    He wants to be called a "master" now.

    He obviously thinks we dont know.

    Give him a day or two. He'll be reet.
  • Afternoon all :-)
  • Meerkat, not as horrible as some. 20:15 train from Kings Cross left just after 21:00 - arrived in Cambridge at 23:15 - usually only 50 mins.

    But as you may have heard on the news I was lucky. Some people were stuck on the M11 all night.

    Oh no Chimp. Sounds like JJ's turning into the new RG.
  • Afternoon HW. How's tricks?
  • Hello people! :-)

    Master, eh? Is that like "The Master" who used to be on Dr Who? He was a skinny sort of bloke - perhaps he was a runner?

    I must go and check out the Training thread and hang there for a while, y'all. (Don't want to waste my newly acquired language skills.)



  • Hey!!!! I've been censored!!!!


    gambol, frolic, skip
  • I LOVED the Easter Bunny story. Do you think your Prime Minister will support an invasion to find Mr. EB?
  • Not sure where everyone is, late on a cold Friday afternoon, but just wanted to say have great weekend.
    Chimp - must talk to you about AKUS next week.
    Furry hugs to all xxx
  • Have a great weekend and you may be hearing a bit more from me - I am getting a pc at the weekend!
  • Lets lurk together.......
  • Come on, come on, lets lurk together..
  • Hi JJ!! Was going to suggest you started a wrinkly thread on training the bu66er me, you've done it!!

    Bilious bin in?

    Hi Norah! I mean that in a non-insulting way. (you never know who's lurking)
  • Hello JJ and Norah :)

    Where've y'all been all day?? I've missed you! Here I am wiping away at my little snout and darting from thread to thread in search of a playmate, but there's no-one to be found!

    Nice to see you're well, anyway!

    JJ - there's a bloke at my club who's very fast. I think he must be over 60. I know he won a Vet's prize of some description a weekend or so ago. Would you like me to ask him about training when I next see him?
  • Will do, JJ. Will report back in due course :)
  • Dont worry. They'll come in droves once they realise there's no Chimp to insult and bully them.

    Someone should report me!
  • Well, in answer to the earlier question of hows trick, I can honestly say, busy. Haven't stopped all day, except for a quick ten minutes at lunch time to giggle in the forum (memories of Up Pompeii)
    JJ, I've just realised that the >60 guy at work, who I was going to ask about training schedules is also a John J...
  • JJ if you're still having that problem check out Simon Venus's thread on Injury (could save you a bit of dosh at the chemists).
  • Yes, things are pretty boring on the US site this afternoon. At this time, you've got a lot of people still at lunch, or taking off early for the weekend. I'll add myself to that - I figure another 30 minutes should be sufficient to call it a week.
  • What is this Billow person on, thank you God for giving me a sense of humour
  • Evening WW, somepeeps suggested he/she was runner's Mum, bit harsh I felt, but possibly some relation!

    I agree about the sense of humour, these forums have made my cry with laughter some days, how sad not to be able to take a joke.

  • OK JJ, brace yourself. Take this like a man.
    Despite appearances (it is a flattering piccy of me isn't it?):
    1. I am not 16
    2. I do not have long hair
    3. What hair I do have is no longer blonde
    4. Petite is not an accurate description of me, short is accurate.
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