'Mature' runners.



  • Everything seems to very slow this evening, quiet everywhere, I think all the valves and tubes must be full of snow.

    Going to retire to the kitchen and drink copious quantities of red wine and hope everything is better in the morning!

    Goodnight to everybody on both sides of the 'Pond'
  • Goodnight Norah
  • G'night HW!

  • Hi Helen, you're quite a regular these days aren't you. Do you know, at first I thought you didn't like us!
  • 3 bottles of champagne? Yesterday it was dj and posh grub. A couple of days before it was designer togs... I think it's time you posted a photo JJ, I want to see your green wellies :-)
  • DB - why?
  • Oh you know, that business with the Wild Grover's thread.
  • lol..

    I posted there because I want to know the answer, and I'm obsessive about what I'm trying to achieve. Doesn't mean I can't laugh at myself for being like that.

    I was a bit concerned you guys messing about would stop him posting. As he's never answered my question, I think I'm tarred with your brush anyway.

  • Time for bed here, catch you all tomorrow. G'night all, sweet dreams.
  • I've only posted there twice I think, both times to rescue Chimp (he's rather impetuous you know). Live and let live is my motto.

    (That's a blatant lie BTW, "Never put off 'til tomorrow what needn't be done at all" is my motto, at least until I can think of something witty that conveys the same meaning.)

    As there's no-one around to hear us, what are you trying to achieve and (much harder) why?
  • Night Ironwolf

    DB, I love you all ;-)
  • You love *all* of him, HW? Does this mean he's enormous or something??

    Hey, maybe this is why he has no photo? Maybe he's too small to squeeze into that little tiny box??

    <piglet experiences a frisson of deja vu and retires, confused>
  • Crumbs, a serious question. Simple. I want to start the FLM as uninjured as possible, and I want to finish it.

    Last August I couldn't run form one lamp-post to another, now I can't run at all. Two weeks ago I managed 14 miles of run/walk over 3 hours. Too much, too soon.

    As an unfit, overweight 46 year old couch potato it isn't easy.
  • Sorry Ironwolf, didn't see you there. Goodnight.

    Well Helen (whispers: I'm sure we're on our own now).
  • Actually it was nearly four hours
  • Piglet you eavesdropper, tired of chatting up the yanks are you?
  • Helen, didn't know you were in FLM (tend to switch off when people talk about running). Do you feel better about yourself now you're a runner?
  • And why? Because I've had a dream for almost 22 years, ever since I watched the first LM coverage on television.
  • Wee P, I meant all of you guys who make me cry with laughter some nights.
  • Do I feel better about myself? No, that's not really what it's about, it's about achieving a dream
  • Interesting,

    (slowly wipes tear from eye)
  • Softy ;-)
  • adds onion to casserole,

    How is your injury? (Knee wasn't it?)

    Thinks: hope I've remembered correctly

    WeeP: you're everwhere tonight!
  • Just spotted this on the US site (some of them really do have a sense of humor/humour).

    Most married couples like it doggie-style...

    the men sit up and beg, and the women roll over and play dead.
  • Wee P is a versatile piglet. Time traveller, transatlantic ambassador, gadegt guru and comedienne. I'm green with envy.

    Knee is improving slowly, very very slowly.
  • Wear goggles and the onions can't get you. jUst make sure the neighbours can't see in throught the kitchen window
  • They've seen a lot stranger than that I can assure you.
  • Most married couples... that I can believe!
  • DB, your life is obviously far more interesting than mine. (Which is a pity, as my neighbours can't see into the house.) Do tell, no-one else is listening...
  • I live quite a sheltered existence really (although the neighbours know to get their undies in before dusk).
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