'Mature' runners.



  • Yes, you missed a thread today for quite some time, I presume you've found it now.
  • Actually no! Got sidetracked whilst looking. I see you've been over the pond on Masters again. Certain irony in the fact that the Americans appear to have responded favourably to our style despite "Thar she Billows!" comments. You have to smile don't you.
  • Have they, I'll have to have a look. And Billows isn't American anyway. Actually I smile a lot, usually at things written by other people.
  • Hey, peeps! Are you still here?

    I can't find anyone.

    <piglet reaches down again and chews distractedly on the toy welly>

    grr grr grr
    grr grr grr
    nip nip nip
  • I'm here Piglet. After last night I think it will be quiet. Does JJ know you've got his welly?
  • Hi Piggywiggy XXX
  • Hello HW and DB :-)

    I sneaked the welly away while JJ wasn't watching, HW - he says he's sickening, so he must have been distracted.
  • Bellow seems to have deserted us, and the American forum seems to have taken us in its stride and moved on.

    <snuffle> D'you think we've been.... rejected??
  • I now imagine JJ and Mrs JJ sitting sipping cocktails (I can use this word here can't I?) on the veranda at sunset, with their two black labradors at their feet, and JJ deons't know that one of his prized Hunter boots is now being snuffled by a piglet
  • Rejected... oooh, nasty word that...

    Probably :-)
  • As long as we've got each other...

    (Thinks, bloody hell she could be right.)
  • Helen hums the final song from Grease...
  • It'll be ok, Helen - I left JJ the remains of the welly I got in the "Toys for Piglets" trial in exchange :)
  • Glad you will be fine Piglet. Helen still humming, "We'll always, be to_ge_ther...."
  • Final song from Grease? Isn't that..... <drum roll>.......

    "You're the one that I want"
    "You're the one I want, boy!"
    "Oooh, oooh, oohh, honey!"

    "You're the one that I want"
    "You're the one I want, boy!"
    "Oooh, oooh, oohh, honey!"

    "You're the one that I want"
    "You're the one I want, boy!"
    "Oooh, oooh, ooh!"
    "The one I need"
    "Oh, yes indeed!"

  • Whoops, wrong song....

    <sad, piglet confession>

    I have two copies of the Grease soundtrack on vinyl.... must dig it out :-)
  • No, not quite the final one, there's another one afterwards,
    "na na na na na na na yippity dip
    da do Chang chang changity chang shoo bop we'll always be together Waooo Yeah "
  • Just caught myself tapping my feet when reading that.

    WeeP I see you've just posted on JJ's training thread, are you hyperactive? Why can't you stay put?
  • Had a good night out last summer, saw Grease at an open air picnic evening, all pink ladies and champagne - great night!
  • My favourite tune from Grease (what a great film it was!) was "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee". Anyone remember it? It was a skit??
  • and Helen's been on the fat thread...
  • Well I've not been for a run for a few days, DB, so all this thread hopping is a bit of cross training for me.
  • The jaunts to America are a little tiring though arn't they.
  • I liked the sentimental one, "There are worse things I could do"
  • Tiring, I can't work out whether any of you have posted over there
  • Why not?
  • Piglet's become quite a regular.
  • Look at me I'm Sandra Dee
    Lousy with virginity
    Won't go to bed till I'm legally wed
    I can't I'm Sandra Dee

    Watch it! Ya I'm Doris Day
    I was not brought up that way
    Won't come across even Rock Hudson lost
    His heart to Doris Day

    I don't drink I swear
    I don't rat my hair
    I get ill from one cigarette
    Keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers
    Would you pull that crap with Annette?

    As for you Troy Donahue
    I know what you wanna do
    You've got your crust I'm no object of lust
    I'm just plain Sandra Dee

    Elvis, Elvis, let me be
    Keep that pelvis far from me
    Just keep your cool now your starting to drool

    Hey, Fungoo, I'm Sandra Dee
  • Do you post over there David?
  • Hee hee hee!!!

    I'm listening to "We go together" :-)

    If I turn it right up, d'you think you'll both be able to hear it? Hang on....

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