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  • Morning Jim :)

    Chimp's gone horse racing. Surreal, eh? Who'd have thought they'd let a chimp in?? Ah well, they're strange in Yorkshire :)

    Your weather sounds good. It's good where I am too, although many other people have had snow and difficult conditions. Hang on.... yes, just checked and we still have no snow. I hope it will hold out for tomorrow's long run.

    Have a great weekend :)

    (Incidentally, I'm still thinking about the smell of the wood burning stoves. I'm *definitely* not living in the right place!)
  • Ironwolf, Yes, I wantot be a bear too :-)

    Jim C, welcome. More snow last night, but sun is shining today and it's started to thaw. As long as it doesn't freeze again tonight all will be well, but the gritter and salt lorries are out on the main roads now anyway, so traffic will be fine. Just a bit slippery on the pavements and under trees in the lanes. I think it's now only the east of the country that is white, Hertfordshire seems to be dripping. It's a lovely day out there, enjoy your running everyone.
  • Good afternoon, WP.

    Although someone mentioned C. Balding on another post, I forgot there are other races. There is a town north of here that is big on horse events. Being in the south, when someone mentions racing, most people think "NASCAR", which is auto racing. How far are you running tomorrow? Hope it goes smoothly! Have a great one!
  • Thanks Helen. We've had snow for the past two weeks, but most of the ground is dry this morning. I am running a 5k race this morning, which was postponed from last weekend. The course was covered with ice then and I think the organizers feared for our old, brittle bodies. Of course, I use the term "race" rather loosely. The only part of me that races now is MY heart. Have a great weekend! Run strong! Have fun!
  • Hi Jim,

    About 15 miles tomorrow along coastal paths. My club has organised it to help those of us training for London Marathon to get some long runs in. I'm excited about it :)

    How far are you running this morning? Will you be in the woods?
  • Hi WP,

    It's a 5k run at one of our national parks. The road loops through the woods. My daughter wants me to run London. She has lined up "several" dream marathons. I believe she just likes to travel. Good luck with your running and marathon!
  • Jim,

    Your daughter sounds very wise! Tell her that London is a great choice :)

    Best of luck in your race :)
  • Thanks, WP.
    I watched it on cable last year. Well, I am out of here. Have a good run!
  • Hello everyone, just popped over "Stateside", no sign of Billows so I suggested Joan of Arc on the hot chicks thread and left.
  • Hello DB,

    I'll pop along and take a look, then :)
  • Hi Chimp.

    Good day? Only one for me was Through the Rye.

  • Hi Norah. Nah a poor day. I never win at Wetherby. Wish I lived further away from it. I wouldnt go then!

    My lucky courses are Southwell and Nottingham with Donny and York (my favourite) pretty neutral.
    When I win the lottery I'm going to buy the biggest/most expensive box at Cheltenham and we can all have a day at the races then. You'd be up for that wouldnt you Norah?

    PS Only winner today.Militaire at 8/1 chosen by Katy my 11 year old daughter!
  • Hi Jim, thanks for best wishes (Its probably half past November in US now so I suppose he's gone)

    Wee Piglet. Which bit of the North of England are you in? (awaits caustic reply along the lines of if you'd read my web-site like you said you did you'd bloody well know)

    DB!! Pinched your "patronising" joke in my last message to Bilious. Hope you dont mind but it is a classic! Take it as a compliment!
  • Great joke on Soccer AM this morning

    Little old lady walking past Upton Park (West Ham's ground) laden down with loads of bags of shopping.

    West Ham's manager, Glen Roeder, goes up to her and says "Can you manage love?" to which she replies "Oi, you got yourself into this mess, you can get yourself out!"
  • Just checking this strange website after setting up (partially) my new super-whizzy home pc. Don't seem to work too well I was trying to do a spreadsheet.

    Still, let's see if anyone's around:

  • Just catching up.
    Helen W. You not got all the things I don't like so that's very encouraging.
    MrsJJ drinks G & T and I drink Fullers 1845 unless we open a decent bottle of claret.

    Interesting observation on the American method. I think they're practising for my Nudist Leapfrog club championship but they're all too overweight to do it properly. However, I guess they're enjoying the training.

  • Heard on the radio this morning - reading Tolkien is hobbit forming!
  • Hello Ironwolf. Do you think everyone's gone out for the evening? Are you staying in tonight or out gallivanting later?
  • Hi JJ - we discussed going to the local but it's been snowing again and the temp is minus again. So we decided to stay in and have a curry.
  • If anyone sees the Wicked Witch please ask her if she's still got my dibber. I want it back, washed and dried asap. It'll soon be seed sowing time.
  • Hi JJ. Some folks are watching Magic Flute on BBC2, a forumite is one fo the ladies of the night, finishes soon
  • JJ you can borrow my least-favourite squirrel if WW doesn't return the dibber in time, he leaves bulb-shaped holes all over my garden, with a bit of training I'm sure he could do more traditional vegetables as well
  • Been out a lot today anyway, 10km run in the snow this morning, several hours out on the dog training ground this afternoon, and the wind doesn't half whistle around out there.
  • JJ, how about you doing my garden up? Fed up with rose bushes all over the place.
  • Right, done the church bit this afternoon (standing room only at the back for the later arrivals), home for a snooze and to watch Beeb2. Nnow back out to be sociable for the party bit of the wedding, should be good. 200+ people, many of whom are very good dancers. Could be a good night. Catch you tomorrow folks.
  • I have a yew tree that's burst it's restraints, any suggestions doc?
  • Ironwolf.
    Horticulture (posh gardening) is my main hobby. Afraid running comes second. Don't do roses, at least not many, they need too much attention to get really good flowers. Modern shrub roses are probably best value.
    What with gardening, running and work interfering with the good bits you ain't got much chance. Happy to talk gardens though if anyone's interested.
    Got lots of nice snowdrops coming out and in one alpine bit they're mixed with pink cyclamen coum. Looks like a toddlers birthday cake.
    Helen. Tell me more!
  • JJ< nothing esciting I'm afraid. A tidy-minded previous owner of this garden tied the branches together with string and clipped the tree to a column shape - very smart. Trouble is they used sisal, which has now rotted and some of the branches are escaping. All I really need is a couple of tall people (about 7 ft 6 would do it) and some non-rotting string to retie it. Volunteers anyone?
  • Chimp - Southport, really :)

    JJ - My! I wonder what's happened to your other green welly!....

    <piglet grabs the remains of a soggy green welly from behind the bushes and scuttles off fast with the evidence>
  • Topiary, I think that's the word I was looking for
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