'Mature' runners.



  • Yeah! That's it. JJ, we have two what-used-to-be dwarf conifers outside the front door but they are now about 6 feet tall. Can I cut them without killing them?
  • Helen W. You can certainly cut the yew back quite hard when the weather warms up a bit. Take a couple feet out of the top and slice back the wayward branches. trim it with shears in August every year.

    Conifer will generally stand only light clipping.
  • Piglet.
    You are likely to get a bill.
  • A bill, JJ? Would that make me a pig-billed piggypus?

    Hahahahahahahhaha! :-)

    <piglet sprints off, laughing hysterically>
  • JJ Thanks, will have to be a good couple of feet as I can't reach any higher :-)
  • Afternoon all!

    Just run a cold, muddy 10k in Roundhay Park and am just warming up.
  • You mean the 10k is just the warm up for the 20 miles you plan to do later?
  • As if. 10k was the warm up for the Guinness I'll be doing l8er.

    Keep meaning to ask. Anyone on this thread doing FLM??

    Sure I've heard JJ mentioning preparations.
  • I'm doing FLM, Chimp. I didn't know JJ was doing it. Anyone else?

    How was Roundhay?
  • Chimp. Good Sunday afternoon. Certainly am doing FLM. Target time 3-59-59.9
    Did a very good 2 hour run this am. Don't know how far but was probably 14 miles. Did a fastish 6m yesterday so am feeling reasonably satisfied after 2 days (Thurs/Fri) of feeling totally washed out. Doing Tunbridge Wells, Hastings and Paddock Wood 1/2 marathons as part of FLM preparation.
  • Piglet.
    You might start the FLM but you won't finish it unless I get my welly back. How can I run it properly with only one welly?
  • Nice one you two!

    Hope your time isnt an 'omage to my Brass Monkey run JJ. I always think FLM's at the wrong time of the year in that you have to do all your long runs when the weather's rubbish. Where'e the sense in that? See with Blackpool I can really get going in the spring. Ah well, each to their own and good luck to you both. Dress up as a womble so's I can spot you on telly!

    BTW, I'll probably be pickong your brains on matters gardening. If there's one bad side effect to all this running malarkey its the fact that the garden has had to take a back seat for a couple of years (cue JJ telling Chimp to do as he does and get up 5.30 every morning)

    Roundhay was fine wee piglet thanks. V muddy and v cold but enjoyable. 10k doesnt seem so far these days though so I might go out for a gentle 5 miler later. On the other hand, I might just hit the Guinness!! On reflection, Guinness it is. We've got horizontal rain in Leeds.
  • I'm down for FLM too
  • Nice one Helen!

    (Chimp starting to worry that he's the only one not doing it)
  • You can always swing from a lamp-post and encourage us on the day ;-)
  • Not Mussolini-style I hope.

    I'll encourage you from my bed if its all the same to you. Cup of tes. Mail on Sunday and keep flicking over to the Premiership on ITV. Thats my FLM. Never mind.Next year eh?

    Oh almost forgot. Me and Mrs always say "next year eh?"
  • Chimp.
    They always say that about the marathon as well.
    Helen W.
    I can think of nothing worse than finding Chimp up a lamp post halfway round the FLM. Not the most flattering view either.
  • Chimp. Don't know when Blackpool is but I never race at all from about early May to end-September. I don't like racing when it's warm. I find it uncomfortable.

    Where's all the piccies gone? Have I set up something wrong on my new pc? Techie advice please.
  • Im doing FLM
    Still undecided about blackppol, may be on call, and darent tell the MR
  • JJ.... if I tell you how to get Chimpy's picture back, might you be willing to forgive me for eating your welly?? Pretty please???? <piglet smiles, winningly>

    Crossing my trotters, and hoping to placate you, I suggest the following.

    - Towards the top left corner of this page is the bit that says "Runner's World Member" "Johnny J".
    - Under that it says "My Forum". Click that.
    - When it opens, put a dot next to "Face IT" in Forum Face Control
    - Click "update".
    - Return to Chimpy's posting and click "refresh" on your browser.

    Voila :-)
  • How about the half at Blackpool, Benz? I'm doing that. We can stand at the end together and fling rotten bananas at Chimpy when he finishes.

    Hee hee hee!

    hop hop hop
    hop hop hop
    hop hop hop
  • Chimp, I'm not sure if the idea of you and your Mrs in bed with tea and the Mail really does a lot for me in terms of motivation. Brings to mind Rich Tea biscuits and crumbs in the sheets.

    JJ, my view of most other runners is their back disappearing into the distance, I'm quite used to an alternative view of the world. At my height I spend a lot of time looking up other people's noses...
  • Like that idea, WP

    mind you, what if he finishes the marathon before i finsh the half?
  • Fast as Chimpy is, I don't think there's any danger of that Benz ;-) I'll start laying in a supply of rotten bananas, then :)
  • will you tell my mr and my work for me as well?
  • I certainly will, Benz :)

    Let's just say that I have some very persuasive, sharp tusked friends in low places. I'm sure the Mr and Work will soon come round....

    Heh heh heheh heh......
  • awwwwwwwwwwww
    they are cute
  • What if wear a "kiss me quick" hat benz. Would that persuade you?? Bet it would. ;-)

    You going to do the half then Wee Piglet?? Cool!

    Think we're making a long-ish week-end of it and going out in Blackpool on the Sunday Night. Well that's the theory. Suspect I'll be in a heap in the hotel bar, and not through drinking either.

    That reminds me, need to sort out a hotel.

    Did you know. There are more hotel beds in Blackpool than in the whole of Greece!

    I thank you
  • BTW Helen Wheels. You cant blame me for the Rich Tea biscuit crumbs.

    I told you it was a bad idea at the time but would you listen??
  • Chimp, will you and Helen stay in the same hotel:)
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