'Mature' runners.



  • Thats ok Norah.
  • Hey this new thread is so totally different from JohnnyJ's last one isnt it?

    I mean, that was sooooooo last week.
  • Think I'll shuffle off before I upset anybody else, see you t'morrow folks!
  • Come back Norah!! Have a cuddle!

  • Crumbs!

    Thats torn it.
  • What have you torn???????/
  • I've made Norah cry.

    I'm a pig!
  • Fair point Ironwolf.

    Hey I looked on wee piglet's web-site today. Guess what? (whispers) she's not a real piglet. Dont tell her I told you though.
  • No, of course you aren't.

    You're an Ironwolf

    (do I look daft??)
  • A winner?? (chimp scratches head)

    Ah yes, I remember them.

    Hey it was nice going to York Racecourse yesterday and not going home skint!
  • No JJ the brass monkey race started/finished there.

    Like the cut and paste idea.

    I've asked Ron how he gets about it.
  • Hi JJ,

    35:20 on my watch so I guess it was short. Bin busy today going to the gym as the weather was fine and then visiting hospital to reassure myself that there were others in a worse state than me.

    Just got to the end of page one so must carry on catching up.
  • Evening all
  • End of page 2,

    Agree with whoever it was that questioned the meanong of mature as applied to any thread with JJ and Chimp contributing.

    Meerkat, I was concerned about the youngsters losing their chest hair (not back hair) if they have any to lose. If waxing is all that effective it may never grow back and where will they be then. Same with various umentionable piercings, not to mention boob jobs. Your views welcome especially if they provide an old buffer (phew! f is very close to g) with insights into the human condition.

    Forget what else I was going to say.

    Time to move on to page 3
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