'Mature' runners.



  • Hi Helen,

    You're lookin' very dishy. Thought I'd get that one in before anyone else decided to make some inappropriate comment.
  • Why thank you kind sir :-)
  • Night all
  • Hi JJ,
    Had my first run for 3 months t'other day.Even tho leg problem seems to have gone, I took it easy and stuck to 3miles.Must say the Winged Horse shoes just purchased suit me fine so lets see if we can fly.
    G'night all.
  • Morning!

    If anybody is interested King Dante, 1.20 at Mussleburgh might be worth a sniff. Royal Wanderer made me a few pennies last year but outclassed today I suspect. DON'T use life savings!
  • Morning Norah!!
  • Morning, mature ones. Too early in the morning to think about hairy chests so here's a norf London squirrel report: boldest squirrel has discovered that if he lurks and looks cute when I open the back door to let my cat out in the morning, he can train me to give him monkey nuts. Great. Outwitted by a rodent with a posh tail.
  • It's amazing what a good marketing team can do for a rat meerkat.

    Morning all. Interesting photo Helen...
  • ...and has anyone else noticed this questionable habit of forumites using photos of themselves looking much younger than they actually are? Name and shame, that's what I say.
  • You're right, Glenn. I nominate Chimp - that sweet bowtie is clearly the one he used to wear to birthday parties when he was a chimplet.
    There's also that chap who, in his later years, has a beard...but I can't remember who he is.
  • There used to be a guy round here name of Tim who looked just like an ironing board. Haven't seen him for months.
  • Morning Chaps and Chappesse's

    What a brilliant day - Sun Shining Light Breeze and lots to do in the office..whoooooo.

    Quite agree with people having misleading photos' Pickkies shopuld be up to date and show the real person. Didn't Mim try and start a campaign for real photo's that we all joined or something?
  • <sneeze, snuffle>

    Hello people,

    Anyone else got a rotten cold?

    <sneeze, snot>

  • That's because he's very pressed for time.
  • Morning all, well I'll not have to change my photo, thats how I look first thing in the morning, maybe a bit of an improvement thru the day as I grow into my face but not much.

  • Morning BtS and Wee Piglet. Wee P - sorry about the cold. Have you tried the wonderful Vegetable Cough Remover?
  • Morning all,

    Goodness this thread has moved on at a pace, and we've picked up some new'uns as well, good show. Of to peruse the forums (and WeeP's webpage) I may be gone some time.
  • DB - you just keep away from the new bra thread on Gear....ohmygod - what have I just said...
  • Thanks Meerkat but I found it on my own. I think I have adopted a mature attitude this time.
  • Meerkat and PB - many thanks for the tips re: chicken soup (yummy! I have a chicken carcass - maybe I'll make some...) and the interestingly entitled Vegetable Cough Remover! Meerkat - where can I get the VCR?

    Hello DavidB! Sigh.....
  • Hi Piglet - I swear by the oddly named Potters Vegetable Cough Remover. You can get it from Holland and Barrett, some of the other health food chains and big branches of Boots. It's a herbal cough syrup with loads of weird ingredients (skunk cabbage, for instance), and it tastes of liquorice. I don't normally go in for herbal stuff, but I think this is the bee's knees for colds and coughs.
  • Many thanks, Meerkat - I'll get some today and report back later :)
  • WeeP: thought you were a little over-familiar with Iain on the homepage thread. If it wasn't for that picture of you lying on the desk...

    Where was I, oh yes, great website BTW XXX
  • Eeerm Chimp?

    Don't like to say too much, buuuuut,
    Royal Wanderer, 3rd, 33-1.!!!!!!!!

    Also had Bit O Magic in't first but only a virtual bet - dagnabit!

    Very Happy NORAH
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