'Mature' runners.



  • A Belated Merry Christmas to one and all. Am back at my PC. So pleased you all got what you deserved :-)
  • Gos, thanks for asking, they are in Sydney and were on Bondi beach for Christmas day.
  • After Russia, Mongolia and Thailand, should I refer to that as "back to civilisation" or not?
  • Sounds fantastic Mike (0:
  • Have you got any more piccy's ? ?
  • happy Xmas maturites

    Michael Jackson, Mike?

    wondering whether to get that book for Aged P, as drinking more malts seems to be a "before he goes" ambition!
  • Not entirely sure I am mature enough to join this group, but,

    I'm cold,

    I'm a bit fed up of feeling crocked,

    The son is hogging the fire,

    so perhaps come in here an see what people be up to?
  • hi stickless
    some of em are a bit weird in here
    but they are nice though
  • Ive only had a sandwich today

    it was a LARGE sandwich
  • Hi Stickless. Since I'm paranoid, Hips is probably referring to me as one of the weird ones. However, it's nice that you posted. Sorry that you are crocked. Hope you are warmer now.

    I hate to sound anti-Christmas, but all traces of Christmas have been packed away. House is back to normal.

    Have a pleasant evening. Sweet dreams.
  • er-no!
    Our turkey was 6.6kg
    a magnificent beast-i even have dripping from it and 4 pints of stock
  • Jim
    bah humbug!
  • welcome, stickless, and sorry you're under the weather again. No need to be scared of this mob, they are harmless. Mostly.

    Oy, watch oo you're calling weird!
  • our house is still Christmassy and will be until 12th night. Hate having to take all the decorations down.
  • you big kid;0
  • no
    tom cruise
  • Evening all - who are these weirdos then? Name names!! My daughters bought me the Kaiser Chiefs CD and then promptly asked if they could listen to it - hmmmmmmm.
  • Hi all, back from feeding my large family (8 to table tonight).

    JJ, just don't know any more. Right foot isn't right, swells up during the day, but that doesn't explain why I can't walk. Same old story I expect, just have to sweat it out til it comes back. Trouble is, it's been a long time now since I was able to run.

    Never mind. Shall take more drastic measures (more restrictive diet) if it doesn't get better by the new year. May have to abandon a spring marathon though. May have to abandon Yunnan too.

    Tedious and boring, that's all.

    Decorations stay up til 12th night. One of the advantages of not putting them up too early is that I still like having them around.

    Here's to tomorrow then. Nite all.

  • nite stickless
  • Evening Hipps. Mrs B says hello.

    Is there a Serpies run this Friday?? Can't find a thread on it.
  • hi david
    hi ceri
  • Merry Xmas DavidB.
    And anyone else who wants one!
  • And your good self, Snaps (manly back-thumping hug)
  • oooooooooooooh
    you are snappy again
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