'Mature' runners.



  • Anyway, we're off out after that, leaving the car in the garage, we have tickets for an all-night bash only 200m up the road from here.
    I wish you all the very best of everything for 2006, enjoy the evening, and stay safe.

  • umm.. wouldn't that be a violation of somebody's rights? It is already sold commercially.

  • Not out tonight, JJ, but thank you and I echo those sentiments.


  • Have a great evening/night everyone.
    I think I'd be Zzzz'ing long before midnight.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy New Year & lots of brand new PB's (0:
  • Happy New Year maturites

    you run along in a crocodile and when the person at the front shouts "go" the person at the back has to move up to the front &c

    I assume is a good way to get the tinies to run around the track wihout freaking out about how far it is

    was jolly distraction on the way to the park for the biggies too

    Catch up tomorrow
  • Good luck to all racers tomorrow, and Happy New Year to everyone.
  • IronWolf, is that the sketch with "Miss Sofie"? If so it is very funny. We have seen it taped from Danish TV.
  • Ironwolf and LL - it's shown every year on DK TV
  • I couldn't believe I still laughed the 6th time Carruthers tripped over the tiger!
  • Happy New Year everyone.
  • Happy New Year - have a good one - we're off to the beach for New Year's Day.
  • Happy New Year to all.

    It's been a good year. This year's mileage: 1110, as best I can guesstimate. Last year's: 616. And the increase is mainly caused by YOU LOT, forcing me to do a marathon, I ask you...
  • DR TV is broadcasting it right now :-)
  • Nearly there.... Happy New Year everyone.
  • Happy 2006, dear maturites! May you have all that you truly want.
  • Yes,thank you JJ Ive enjoyed it.
    Happy 2006 EVERY ONE.
  • Happy New Year Everyone!
  • Same to you, Gos!
  • Thanks Mike :oD
    New Year's resolutions?
  • Happy New Year EVERYBODY!! May you all be richly blessed in 2006!! Run when able! Have fun!
  • Personaly I had better start working on my running.
  • Resolved: to be more frog-like in 2006...
  • Happy New Year Jim & Dave ((0:
  • Good luck Dave. That is the route I plan to go, also!
  • Happy New Year, Gos! Hope this is the year you finally start breathing again.
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