'Mature' runners.



  • Resolutions:
    1) Get well
    2) Stop moaning
    3) Get away from Milton Keynes
    4) Be a better/nicer person/parent
    5) Lose weight
    6) Run a sub 4 hour marathon
  • Thanks (((Jim)))
    This is the year I start 'living' again (0;
  • Oh Gos! You have no need to lose weight!
  • Oops, over-fast reactions, there!

    I did not mean to imply that you DO need to do the other 5 things !!!
  • Hee hee Mike (0:

    Seriously-I know how much better I feel when I'm half a stone lighter . . . . .
  • In 2006 I shall continue my journey to frog nirvana by
    - loving the water
    - adopting a squatting position
    - catching things with my tongue
    - fronting the muppet show
    - croaking loudly in the choir
    - starring in a famous haiku
    - sitting very still and watching.
  • Could be interesting (0:
  • Oh, you don't know the half of it!

    But, I must be orf now for some sleep. Need to cook tomorrow for visitors...
  • Tell me more ((0:

    Goodnight Mike-Sweetdreams xx
  • Mike, I am envious of your youth. I no longer am able to squat, so I will not waste that resolution. Have a good year!
  • Jim-We all know you're a dark horse when it comes to your running,so I'm sure the ability to squat is not beyond you (0;
  • I will put it this way. If I squat, it's by accident. However, it is nice that you have faith in me. ;)
  • Hee hee-Accidentally or otherwise,you can do it (0;
    I have great faith in you :oD
  • What can I say? Changing the subject, my daughter has some friends over. Therefore, I am hiding. However, I guess I should go check on them. Have a great year! AND, you do not need to lose weight. You are svelte, to say the least. Sweet dreams.
  • I hope your daughter and her friends are having fun (0:
    Happy New Year to you and yours !
    A svelte goose ?-I think not,but Thankyou (0:
    Goodnight xxx
  • And so to bed . . . . . .

  • Nite. I put out some more stuff and filled a plate. Now, I will retreat again...I'm trying to be a thoughtful, considerate parental unit, if that is possible.
  • I'm sure your thoughtfulness is appreciated (0:
    G'night x
  • Jim, as mother of two (now grown up) daughters, I extend my sympathies!
  • Hi tehuti - It's not bad. They did get quiet a little while ago, so I was afraid they were getting sleepy. I went downstairs and entertained them...they assured me that they would stay awake. :)

    It's not a bad group and at least I know where they are. My children's friends have always been welcomed as long as they abided by my rules.

    Have a great year!
  • It's now 2006 in my neighbourhood! Happy New Year, mates! Have a great year!
  • Good morning! Brand new day and brand new year! You should be up and running! Now, that is done and I am headed to bed for a nap. Is it still cold? Is the transit strike affecting you? Have a good day!
  • Happy New Year Jim

    it's not that cold in Leafy Tedd
  • Happy New Year peeps!
  • Happy New Year flr,Bear & all (0:

    Jim-I would get out and run if I could )0:
  • Gos - I hope you ain't been in here all night!
  • Hi Mike (0:
    No,I did get to bed eventually ((0;
    Where are daughter & b/f celebrating New Year ?
  • To top it all I've got golf balls under my jaw again !
    Did I really think I'd get out for a run of some kind over Christmas & New Year ? !
  • Happy New Year all! Just back from club 5k champagne run. My best 5 k time this year :-)
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Happy New Year all!

    Didn't make it to the NYD 10k - having sat patiently on the railway station for 45 minutes, the blooming train was cancelled and there wasn't then enough time to drive all the way into London! The next train didn't get into CharingX until 10:53 which would have left 7 minutes to get to Hyde park which would have been impossible. Came home instead.

    Don't mind too much as I wasn't expecting a great race but wish I could have met up with everyone. I expect there will be reports of pbs later ;-)))))
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