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  • Dear Oldies

    Happy New Year and here's to an injury-free and speedy 2006!




    PS Eye of the Tiger....

  • We missed you Redhead:-(

    I tried to run 5min/k. Managed 4.50 for first two Ks then got to 5K in 24.55 (faster than Friday's 5K!)
    Tried to hang on but fell back to 5.10s.
    Made it to the finish in 50.38 - a pb by nearly a minute. Very very pleased:-)))

    Saw loads of people at the race. No other pbs I think but a few good come-back runs. JJ did about 46mins I think - he seemed not pleased but not too disappointed either.
  • Good morning!

    Perfect weather for the five mile race this morning. The temp is about 2*C, but I run better in cooler weather. I did not stay for breakfast. Not only is it a great way to start the new year, but it's the fastest I've run this year!

    Lady L - Well done! Congratulations on your race and PB! By your time, I can see that you probably bundled up AGAIN! Link us to the picture later! :)

    Red - Sorry that you did not make it, but you tried. That says much for your attitude.

    Snaps - Well done on your race and year's best time! Of course, that will be the benchmark to measure other races.

    Rabs - You look in running shape. Of course, you are young. Are you doing many miles now?

    Gos - If I were you, I would be revisiting the physio.

    Have a Happy New Year! Have fun!
  • Congratulations Snapstinget, LL and Jim.
    Poor Gos! ***hugs***
    Sorry you were let down by the trains, Redhead.

    OK peeps, what do you think? I've done 3 10k races now in the period Oct-Dec, going from 75 minutes to 69 minutes. Got another lined up Feb if my application is accepted (expect it to be slower because it has hills). Dare I enter for the Robin Hood Half in September? I'm finding the thought that it is double the 10k distance and some more a wee bit overwhelming at the mo. Is there enough time for me to prepare or should I leave it for another year?
  • Poor Reddy-I know how disappointed you must feel.

    I'm very down )0:
    Fortunately I didn't tell the goslings they were entered for the Fun Run too . . . .

    Well done to all who ran/raced today-A great start to the New Year !

    Jim-I've never visited a physio-presumably they treat golf injuries too ? (0;

    Thanks Tehuti xx

  • Jimboob,

    2005 was not my best year for running (after FLM) for a number of personal reasons


    de WABBIT's return is imminent. Beeeeeeeeeeeee scared! :o)

    [Wabbit waves magic wand over Gossie]

    2006 will be a good year for you, Gossie. Keep your chin up and think positive. Good times are around the corner.

    Redbonce, As frustrating as it must have been, worry not about no running today. You'll be in fine form come FLM..... Am hoping I will catch a glimpse of you at the same time Ms Radcliffe passes me at Mile 18....

    Errrrrrr... BTW, I will be supporting not running. Just in case you think I will be ahead of the blonde dynamo.


  • [blush]

    Sorry Jimbo. Tis a type, honest!
  • Tehuti, I made the transition upwards from 10k via 10 miles, not quite as drastic a step, and was surprised at the time to find I quite liked it.

    IMHO you could be ready for a half as soon as, say, end of April i.e. 4 months, but over to JJ for comment...
  • Hee hee-Good one Wabbs :oD
  • Rabs - I love when women talk dirty. Wait a minute. You were probably saying that I am stupid or something. Either way, no offence taken. BTW, I will NOT be scared, but I will be proud. You have always been faster than I. I will gladly watch your rear. :).

    Gos - Obviously, I misspelled something. I was trying to say "doctor".

    tehuti - I can not give you technical advice, but you could run that half marathon. Of course, we could get caught up in the details of racing versus running, but I digress. You could go the distance. Run strongly!
  • BTW-I hope your magic wand works ? ?
  • I know Jim-Typo's are fun (0:
  • Happy New Year everyone and make 2006 the best ever! Congrats to the racers and PBs, commiserations Red, I would have been really frustrated.

    No racing today, but a steady 9 miles with Ozzy, the snow's gone all squishy now so we both got muddy. Still, enjoyed the exercise.

    Last night's 'do' was great fun, the place was packed to the rafters, breathing room only - the band played 60s music from 9pm to 1.30am with only a few short breaks. It was super to see all the teenys there bopping away with us oldies and everyone seemed to know most of the songs (Beatles, Stones, Deep Purple, Cream, Hendrix, The Who). Champers and fireworks at midnight. Got home just after 2am.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Wayhay, well done all you racers.

    LL, that's a fab time. I'm, hoping to get my 10k time down to nearer 50 minutes this year.

    Tehuti, you'll easily manage a marathon in the autumn but, as Froggy says, you'll be ready long before then.

    Gozzie, take care pet.

    IW, that sounds like my kind of party!

    I am now officially on the wagon for a while as my body definitely needs a detox.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Oops sorry tehuti, please wake up, I meant a 1/2 marathon <waves smelling salts under Tehuti's nose>
  • Red, not a marathon. That's far too scary to even contemplate!!! The most I've ever walked in my life in one go is 21 miles. I could not imagine running 26. No, I'm thinking of a half. In 1996, I idiotically agreed to do the Robin Hood Half for my then employer (a charity). I had no idea about training. It took me 5.5 hours to cover the course and I was in bed for the next 2 days and hurting for weeks after. There is a certain attraction to doing the event again in 2006, 10 years on, in order to exorcise the demon by doing proper training, getting a not too humiliating time and being able to enjoy the achievement.
  • Our messages crossed, Redhead :))
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Tehuti, you have to do it then!

  • Yes, I second Redbonce!

    Tehuti, tis your challenge for 2006.....

    LO Redbonce... How's you? Have you nearly finished your FLM training then? :oD
  • Jim, congratulations on your race too. I took your advice today and adopted a more minimalist approach to race-wear. Here is my photo (don't expect any thrills!)


    There is one of JJ in there too but I'll leave him to do the posting.

    I was 12th LV40. It seems more old ladies turned up today than on Friday.

  • Nice Piccie, LL......

    What plans do you have for this year and racing? Are you in FLM?
  • Lady L - Looking good. You look strong and happy. Thanks for sharing. I saw JJ's as his colour scheme makes him easy to spot. Did Meer marshall?
  • Thanks RRR. I didn't get a FLM place in our club ballot so I guess I'm not doing it. Todays time predicts 3:57. I'd be more enthusiastic about marathons if my other times predicted GFA.
    I'll support though.

    I looked for meerkat and enquired after her, Jim, but she wasn;t there. I have also texted her but no reply. I'll try emailing after the holidays.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Nice piccy LL. You make an excellent FLM supporter ;-)))

    Wabbit, I am such a strong and confident runner that I do not need to train for the FLM <watches the pretty piggy flying past.........then wanders off to take more medication>
  • Thanks JJ. The long uphills into the wind were tough:-(
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey JJ, your piccy says it all. Although it is mostly flat, that short, sharp incline does take its toll especially as you have to do it 3 times. I don't expect the wind helped either. You know you're a speedy peep and this was just a minor blip.

    Tomorrow I start my marathon training schedule. It's a rest day :-)
  • JJ - Well done on your race!

    Red - Train strongly!

    Lady L - Sorry that Meer was not around. It's nice that you looked for her. If anyone sees her, tell her hi for me.

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