'Mature' runners.



  • Good taste. Thins the blood too, tho' I find it does slow me down a bit if taken too soon before a run.

    36 hours sounds like a double marathon. Time to get New Labour to reform you're sweatshop hours. What do they think they are? Thatcherites?
  • We are JUST so dedicated
    No, the reforms havent reached registrar yet
    And whrn they do, ill be a consultant
    complete WEEKS on call, no gin
  • Morning all. Glad to see Norah's as good a tipster as me!
  • Morning folks. My, it's cold.
  • Ooops. You're right, JJ. That should have read: My, it's cod. (Contemplating fish for supper and wondering what the local fish monger has on offer.)
  • Morning, people.

    <wipes snout on sleeve>

    How are you all today? :)
  • I'll keep my eyes peeled, JJ, but you're the champ.
    Morning, Piglet. How's the cold?
  • Morning all you southern softies, its not cold its bloody freezing, still got the thermals on, liberty bodice at the ready just in case we get a really cold snap.
  • Bog snorkeling?
  • Given the headlines today I just have to ask Wee Piglet THE question:

    Do you have toys in your Pigsty?

    If not, in line with the new DEFRA guidance, the forum will club together and get you some.

    Now just what sort of toys do you like??
  • JJ give us a clue what is Quidditch.
  • Morning meerkat - the cold's much better today, thanks. I was let down last night on the Veggy Cough Remover front - still haven't got my crubeens on it - but am looking forward to sampling it. I hope you're well (apart from that painful peeling thing you're doing with your little eyes!)

    Morning JJ. I feel better today, thank you, and am glad to hear that you managed to scrub all the nasty gubbins off your suit. Today's outfit sounds really lovely! I particularly like your taste in shirts, but I'm v. sorry to hear about the little spots on your tie. Do you think it might be contagious? I wouldn't get too close if I were you.
  • sfh legs - I have <snuffle> no toys at all in my little sty <piglet's little lip begins to tremble>.

    I'd like an Action Pig, please, and I think a little bouncy ball would be fun :-)

    (Umm.... Would some sort of video game machine be out of the question?)
  • Erm... and perhaps a little trampoline??

    bounce! bounce! bounce!
    bounce! bounce! bounce!
    bounce! bounce! bounce!

  • WW Quidditch is the broomstick-bound game played by Harry Potter and chums. Sort of Aussie Rules goalposts with basketball hoops on played in 3D on a sort of polo sized pitch. Judging by your picture you'd be pretty good at it (is that a Nimbus 2000? Mrs Fox flies one of those...)

    BTW have you seen a post on Gear thread (Asics DS trainers) by 'Run 4 your life'? Deja vu or what?
  • Well Wee P the new Euro directive is cleary snuffing out the right sort of truffles for piglets. The thought of toys really does seem to have brightened up our poor cold and snuffly piggywig.

    Apparently this is necessary to stop piglets chewing each other.


    A piglet on a rebounder - too dangerous trotters would slip through the webbing
    A piglet playing video games - not really "environemental enrichment
    An action man : the thought of a piglet chewing on an "action man" makes me blush
    A nice bouncy ball, now thats the sort of "manipulable material" the man form the ministry had in mind.

    keep squealing
  • Piglet - I'll buy you an Action Pig and then smuggle is past sfh legs by cunningly wrapping it in a pair of wicking briefs. Damn those regs, I say, they're there to be flouted.
  • JJ Don't you mean 'the Scottish play'? Some people can be superstitious...

    Wee P if you want a game for your sty how about Porktionary?
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