Running makes me feel!

I'm just beginning running, or rather run-walking with the target of running all 5k of the Flora Light next Sunday.

At first everything was fine, but once I hit running for 5 minutes, I have started feeling sick and faint and have to stop. I made myself run 5k on the treadmill OK, but every time I run outside I get this problem.

Am I being a big wuss? Should I just try and push through it, or does anyone have any ideas why this happens?



  • Lizzy - are you trying to run too fast? I made that mistake when I started out training for a 5k Race for Life in June - and felt sick, began to see stars etc. I slowed right down and was surprised how suddenly running seemed easy! Good Luck on sunday!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I agree with Jo. Slow down and concentrate on breathing deeply, as if you are pulling air into your stomach. Only increase speed once you have warmed up and your breathing is regular (even if fast) rather than ragged and gasping.

    Running outside is harder than on a treadmill, so don't try to run at the same pace as you do indoors.

    Good luck for the race.
  • i also find i feel lightheaded if i've not drunk enough during the day when i run in the evening.
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