Message to V-rap

I read a really interesting obituary today in the Daily Telegraph that I thought you might be interested in, her name was Prof. Mary Pickford, a truly inspiring woman.


  • Thanks, WW. My gym (how pretentious is that?!) has complimentary copies of the Daily Telegraph, so 'll snaffle one when I go to do my intervals later this afternoon.
  • Full report expected please
  • Full summary, absolutely star doctor from the days when it was still not entirely respectable for a woman to study medicine - highly learned, dedicated, and could turn her hand to everything. And obviously practised what she preached, because she survived to her hundredth birthday.
  • Cor - I can never decide if I want to live that long - I'd hate to just wither away of old age and would rather go with a big bang, although going like the Queen Mother would be more than welcome.. Question is, will I be running at 80 - or 90...

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