Fell Running - Advice Please

Having only one marathon under my belt (New York last year) I did a pretty mad thing and signed up for a 27 mile 11 peak fell run taking place in June this year which is run by the military. Although Ex military myself my experience in fell running is pretty basic. I will be part of my employers team and I really do not want to let the side down so any training advice would be welcome. I have a training schedule to assist with the change from road running to fell running but also need to consider speed. I have been paired with a 4.30 marathon runner and am currently 20 mins off that pace. Any ideas or advice that you feel could assist would be a great help!!! (I am starting to think that I was having a funny five minutes when I signed up for this one!!!)


  • apart from the obvious hill work something to be careful of with fell running is descending over rough terrain.

    when decending don't plant your ankles as these are a weak point and won't be long before you twist them. Decend on your toes and pitter patter down (if that makes sense) or skip. as with skiing always look at the ground about 1m in front and this will help with were to put your feet as dependant upon the roughness of the terrain will vary your stride length.

    i was always told to lean forward as gravity takes over to some extent and will take you down quicker....

    Hopw that is of some help
  • That's a great help - thanks.
  • Have a look at www.fellrunner.org.uk - the forums are pretty useful for advice.
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