• I tried a pedometer years ago. Went for a walk, counting steps. Compared with the pedometer and founf that the pedometer was counting maybe 60% of my steps, making it useless - obviously I walk too smoothly. Whether it would work better with running, I'm not sure.
  • a GPS pedometer can solve this problem, because it use the GPS techlology, just like the navigator...besides, you can adjust the stride range to make your pedometer more accurancy, I know it can go to 95%, but 60% is so bad!image
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  • I bought a silva pedometer from Blacks,it cost about £20 quid & I have checked it against map my run thingy & it is very accurate & so is the time as have checked that too,I have had it for 18 months so far & still works perfectly on same batteries.......I use it when I go on long walks & it has been fab image
  • Pedometers are fine. But you will get to a stage if your running progresses where it becomes not good enough. I wore a Nike+ for a Marathon the other week and at the end it told my i'd ran 27.6 miles which obviouly is not true. I'm now looking to buy a Garmin GPS watch.  I think pedometers are fine though if your only running shorter distances.
  • The Nike+ isn't a pedometer.  It's a footpod.

    Pedometers are really helping us to maintain our fitness; with that we can count our daily steps, heart beat rate, running speed etc. here it is one company which provides MOVBands, it is a wrist watch pedometer, you can use it like watch as well as a pedometer.

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