first time i saw it, i hated it, but stuck with it out of morbid fascination, and now think it's very watchable and funny. I do wonder if the content though is to tragic/harsh to be popular t.v?


  • :D
    I ws forced to watch it, then I got into it. Not so keen on the current series, but I find it, I guess, "tragicomic"!
  • First two series brilliant, last series not quite as good, probably because a different writer.

    If the gallaghers lived next door to you in real life it would be a nightmare, but the well written script and characterisation means that you are always on their side when watching the programme.
  • it has become popular-its wicked!
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
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  • I've watched it right from the very start. Ido wonder sometimes how it gets away with some of the stuff but I love it. I wondered if this series could be as good without Steve and Fiona, but the writers have come up with some very strong episodes. And darker...

    I love Sheila!
  • what kids programme (or indeed any programme) did the actress who played sheila star in?
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