Sports bra - any recommendations....

Am I being too fussy but I am having a problem finding a sports bra that I am happy with. I am an A cup and so although I don't need a lot of support, when I bounce up and down in the changing rooms in the bras they are very uncomfortable. I have an old one that is so comfy, does the job very well, and doesn't make me too hot, but it is falling apart and Adidas don't make it anymore. I prefer ones with a cross back as they let me sweat freely - any suggestions?


  • Get in touch with - they may be able to advise you, and their website is quite good.
    As a DD I wish I had your problem!!!
  • I get mine from

    Hope this helps.
  • Hey Picketty,
    I have the same problem and posted on this a while ago. Someone recommended and I tried them. Service was fantastic (got nice confirmation email immediately, and little sweets with the bra and handwritten note saying happy christmas) and bra is best fit I've ever had. Can't remember the name of the one I got but will check it out this evening and post tomorrow.
  • Just remembered it was an insport one - woudl definitely recommend. Great support but really soft and comfy.
  • Yes all very good, but do you get lacey ones?
  • I'm there Helen but I cunningly made a sensible post so nobody realised it was me.
  • Just found an advert for
    That's my sensible one for the day.
  • P, once you've elbowed your way through all the kind posts from the guys, do try They got a very good write up from people (I mean women) here last year. Also, don't know if you've tried the Berlie Shock Absorber bra - very good although they do have a tendancy to shrink. I swear it's them not me.
  • Picketty, i find the Bereli ones great, although i need quite a bit more support than you and usually wear a sports bra/cropped top type thing on top as well for extra support.
  • My Champion Action Shape keeps my 38Ds mushed solidly against my chest wall so that world war three wouldn't move 'em. Your liddle biddy ones might be happier in a Champion Sports Shape - so yes, try Like anything else though, gazelles like you are far better catered for, choice-wise, than Clydesdales like me!
  • NEVER run in anything lacey - creates way too much friction.
    Also don't run in thongs either.

    I have not got a sports bra, I normally use a crop top by NIke which is really comfy and keeps them still. But they are only Bs so that might be why. And they are shrinking with every run - soon I will be able to go out in just a singlet.
  • I find the Anna Kournikova Shock Absorber sports bra brilliant!

    (And I find thongs really comfy to run in)
  • Do us ladies get joggers nipple too? I haven't experienced anything yet, or is it only for the blokes where it rubs where the clothing is loose.

    Knickers - for running I'm an apple-catchers kind of gal - the bigger the better as far as I'm concerned - although I'm hoping with all the running I could get some smaller ones, but alas not yet!

    Thanks for all the hints ladies - going e-shopping this afternoon.
  • Interesting you should mention soreness in that region, I can't work out if I was molested by my husband in my sleep or if my triathlon suit (which I swam a mile in on Tuesday) has caused this! Any clues?
  • Did your husband have a big smile on his face this morning?
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Sorry for asking, but what are "apple catchers"? I've led a sheltered life.
  • Apple catchers are of the Bridget Jones variety. Quite large and accommodating. I have quite a few pairs as when you are pinching them off the line they're the ones that are easiest to grab. Only the bravest among us return with thongs.

    Hope this helps.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Ah yes. They're the ones that fit best over the head.
  • Indeed (a man after my own heart!)
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