Polymyalgia Rheumatica

I suffer from PMR, a condition that causes acute pain mainly in the shoulders, back, and upper legs. It can be effectively controlled by taking a steroid called prednisolone. One can run but there is a tendency to put on weight.
I would be very interested to hear from anyone with this condition and how they may be coping generally and with running. Is prednisolone a banned substance!!


  • er I think not banned but restricted so that one would have to notify one's sports governong body and provide medical evidence for the condition

    hope you get some response from fellow sufferers/runners
  • Thanks Big AL. It's a bit academic at the moment as I hobble through the mornings, 'racing' not being possible. Of course I'm planning a comeback and your comments add to the help I need to achieve this one day. Any other thoughts, perhaps from running medical professionals, would be most welcome.
  • I have been diagnoised with PMR and have started on prednisolone. This has helped the pain in my hips but still suffering with neck and shoulders. I'm not sure if I will beable to still run marathons/ ultras. Does anyone have this and still run distances ?

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