Maidstone Half Marathon & 10K

Anyone doing either or both of these?

Myself and a friend of mine are doing the 10k.

If you are interested the details are on




  • Hi Caz.

    I'm doing the half as part of my club's Grand Prix event.

    Did the 10K last year - it's a loop circuit round the houses, a few gradients but nothing too serious, ending up in the park.

    See you there.


    p.s. I'll be fully suited and booted.
  • Hi Snoop, glad to hear it's not too hilly, I'm not familiar with the route.

    See you there.
  • Hi all

    Yes I hope to do the 10K as I don't think I'll be ready for the half marathon but still would like to meet others.
  • Hi VR, hurrah another kent person! I'm nowhere near ready for a 1/2 marathon either.

    Look forward to seeing you there.
  • Hi all.
    When I get my number I'll let you know it.
    I ran the Tunbridge Wells 10K and met Scotty, it was SO nice to meet someone from the forum.
  • Hi VR, how did you get on? A friend of mine run it and said it was very hilly! I hope the Maidstone route is kinder, hills aren't my forte.
  • Got my race details yesterday and am doing the Half Marathon (No. 155) so long as my newly acquired knee injury doesn't play up.
    Will be a make or 'break' run as far as my first marathon the following week is concerned.

    Hope to see some of you there.
  • I'm doing the 10k and the 1/2m.

    See you all on the day.

    Jason L
  • Has everyone got their numbers yet?
  • Yes I have, it's 525. (10k)
  • Jason,

    Mine was posted on the 6th. What number are you ? might not recognise you from your ickle photo (unless of course you are dressing up as the Soup Dragon !)

    I haven't run this before. Snoop says that the 10K is flat. How easy/tough is the Half ?
  • I don't think the 10k is all that flat, the first half looks like it goes up the London Road which is a long slow hill for part of it. I haven't seen the route for the half.
  • Scotty H

    I'll be wearing my URWFRC vest, and I'll post a bigger picture (minus the clanger/soup dragon) to you can recognise me :-)

    Still waiting on my number to come.

    I haven't run either race before, but with Snoop being a local he should know Unless he's pullling you leg Scotty.

  • I'll be wearing my URWFRC vest as well, it's debut outing.
  • Oh pants, I feel like I'm missing out now. As a local I did the Tunbridge Wells 10k. Hills confirmed. Would do the Maidstone but have a baby due that day. Good luck to all you Kent runners.
  • Neilruns, good luck with the birth of your baby!
  • Don't let a little thing like that stop you turning out N... give the missus an epidural to speed it up, then haul ass down to the start.

    No 129 for the half - will be wearing my Dartford Road Runners vest as it's a Grand Prix event - will have UFRWFC vest on at Windsor next week... catch you all there.

  • Snoop. If nothing's happened by Sunday I might grab my trainers and turn up anyway. Maybe if she gets a good noseful of testosterone and honest sweat it'll kick start the labour. I can only do sex and curries for a limited number of days.
  • Number 1046 (combined race).
    Suffering with slight flu at the moment, but I hope to be there Sunday!
  • Jason, hope you feel better and make it.
  • Thanks Caz.
    Fingers crossed and loads of Anadin Extra!
  • I'm doing the half, number 236.

    This will be my second half marathon after doing Hempstead approx 5 years ago.

    Rode the circuit on my motorbike last week - hmmmmm ! It's gonna be a struggle, but hey, what the hell.

    Good luck to you all.
  • NickB,

    See you there. Thanks for the warning about the course. I'm running a marathon the following weekend so I'll have to take it easy.


    Hope the sniffles are being kept at bay.
  • Hi All

    Im doing the combined half & 10k , will be running in my URWFRC top.
    Hope 2 c u all before after or during the runs.
  • Hi all,

    as you probably know I've been training (slowly!!) specifically for the Windsor Half. I ran 13.5 miles last Sunday but due to cramping of the calfs had to run walk the final 2.5 miles.

    Would I gain any benefit by turning up on the day and entering the half or would I be better served by running the 10k?

    All advice greatly received,

  • Hiya Gary,

    Sounds like you won't have any problems with Windsor next week. The cramp may have been brought on by dehydration - Do you use Isotonic drinks ?

    Whilst another long run (Half Marathon)this weekend won't necessarily improve your fitness for next weekend, it will certainly be a major boost to your confidence. So it really depends on whether you feel you need to take it easy or not.

    Decision decisions. Either way, I hope to see you on Sunday.


  • Well there's quite a few of us doing these races on Sunday. Hope to see you all, I'll have my URWFRC vest on and my number is 525. And I'll be with my friend Clare wearing 501. We're doing the 10k but I'll probably get there earlier to see you lot running the 1/2M, well returning anyway!

    Good luck everyone.
  • Oh decisions decisions..............


    I usually run and drink either Powerade (mango flavour) or lemon Lucozade Sport although on Sunday I did not have either and only drank water.

    I'm more inclined towards the 10 k but I think I'll see how I feel when I wake up on Sunday (2 young GFBs so an early start is guaranteed whatever). I should have an easy day tomorrow as no exercise planned.

    All being well I'll see you on Sunday


  • Hi Gary

    In an earlier message you ponder which race to run on Sunday.

    Sounds as though you've not entered yet either. Can I assume it's possible to gain race entry on the day?

    Anyway, Best of luck for whichever you decide to tackle!

  • Hi Tim

    I've checked the Maidstone Harriers website, link in the events listing, although they do suggest arriving early for the half. I'm still undecided but will make my mind up when I get up Sunday am.

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