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The JARS holiday fund is not looking so good, so I am taking the opertunity of a week off, and it being Cheltemham, to change this.

So...........any tips ?


  • My 2 each way bets today are:

    2.35 - Accordian Etoile.
    3.15 - Faasel.
  • 2.00 O Muircheartaigh ..

    2.35 Foreman

    3.15 Asian Maze

  • Hmmm will do Faasel E/W too!

    off to dust down the moneybox, and visit the bookies!

    Good Luck Coops!
  • Cheers matey, you too, don't blame me if it loses!!
  • I look forward to assessing the reliability of your tips.
  • My next tip is to to not listen to my tips.

    I'm strictly a £1 e/w girl...
  • .......except for golf, then I'll do £2 e/w

  • Looks like last years form has continued to this year

  • You only charge £1 each way? What is it for the whole night?
  • I couldn't possibly comment

    but if you have any good tips for tomorrow at Cheltemham, I may be able to discuss matters further
  • Accordion Etoile is running today, so I think I will go for him
  • Oops for yesterday JARS. Accordion was going well until it fell. I had Brave Inca and a 14/1 each way shot on Model Son yesterday that came in 4th so had a good day, despite my poor early morning tips.

    I've had good authority that today Equus Maximum in the 5.20 is a very good bet. About 3/1 at the moment.
  • Accordion Etolie is on today's card for the Queen Mother C C at 3.15 too ???

    I had 2 places, so the bookies weren't exactly crying yesterday, but today is a new day!

    Equus M noted...I'll see if I liike his colours ;0)

    Good luck

  • Accordion is a non runner for the Champion Chase so save your money. I can't see beyond the favourite Kauto Star for that one, but Moscow Flyer will have a squeak if it gets back to it's old self. Not sure that will happen though.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    Been to the dogs on Friday. If you go to Wimbledon Greyhounds, always bet for trap number 1.
  • Moscow is my choice, I like Barry Geraghty.

    Saw AC was a non runner!

    Thanks Jose... I went to the dogs a long time ago

  • Must not listen! Must not listen, I will only lose money and jinx your tips!

    Actually Jars, last time I took a tip from someone who lives in your village (my old boss), he lost me £100. His words were "like printing money", Baracuda went on to lose for the first time in years. His next tip was Phil the Power for the World title, the same words were uttered "like printing money" and up stepped John Part. Thankfully I took no notice that time as I know about darts as opposed to knowing little about the horses.

    Good luck!!
  • Moscow will be most people's choice - but the form says that he isn't the horse is was last year or the year before.

    Kauot Star - it's like "printing money"!!! Honest.
  • The trouble was I trusted my boss, he was a reasonably successful gambler. Before he moved to my company he was a financial advisor and the FSA had to check his bank statements to make sure all was sound before he passed.

    They come back to him saying they couldn't pass him as he had a gambling problem due to the number of ladbrokes and william hill online transactions on his bank account. To which he replied, "check the out goings to the incomings". They came back with "fair enough, you've passed"!
  • God, I'm a Financial Adviser and also have several transactions of that sort. I better be careful!
  • He was still qualifying at that point. I'm sure you'll be OK!!
  • That's it!

    I'm taking up knitting!
  • I don't blame you. Think I may join you - bit of a bad day yesterday!
  • Today's super selection

    (ie what not to bet on)

    2.00 Reveillez

    2.35 Impek

    3.15 Baracouda

    4.00 Bannow Strand

    quote from Irish Racing website last night, "The bookies staggered back to their Cheltenham hotels, hardly able to carry all their cash.."

    It's not right, something has to be done!
  • Mighty Man will beat Baracouda - my only tip today.
  • Don't mention the Bara..... horse, it nearly brings me out in tears. I had to hide my bank statements for months from my then gf!!
  • Is that why she is an ex?!

    I also lost a lot on the course that very year Hammerite, had a double with Best Mate (who won).

    JARS - don't worry - what do I know?!
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