Bailey's Ice Cream Recipe

Hi there, with mothers day coming up, my Mum has a glut of Baileys (and imitations) in her cupboard. I am cooking a nice meal for her (and the rest of the family) and she has suggested i use up some of the baileys for some nice desserts and am looking for recipes to help her use up the Baileys. In particular i'd love to have a shot at Baileys Ice Cream if anyone has any tried and tested recipes and a Baileys cheesecake would be really nice as well if anyone had a recipe for that or any other desserts containg Baileys.


  • boing !!
  • Jamie Oliver does Baileys Bread and Butter pudding in one of his books
  • Have you tried recipezaar?
  • Pour Baileys into a pint glass


  • I like your style, Barkles
  • Bailey's in your after dinner coffee instead of cream - yum.

    Hot cocolate sauce for icecream - melt marsbars in the microwave and add baileys...

    yumm yummm

    lucky mum
  • BB... style is eveything..
  • The only recipe I know for baileys ice cream requires a naked well formed lady & .....:)
  • N0t sure that would entirely suitable for a family lunch!
  • and a big red toe?
  • Barkles you are disturbed!:-)
  • Spot on Barkles , every lady should have one :)
  • Mix it with Tia Maria
  • use a toe to mix Tia Maria?

    Gumps that is just plain weird.
  • I have had a few ladies make that strange request before now but never a chap ;)
  • no need to make icecream just pour over Bailey's Haagan Daz et voila!
  • We always have Baileys on our Christmas ( plum ) pudding!

    Does Croc have a recipie for Baileys profiteroles ...I shall see...

    ...and timely with La Fheile Padraig on Friday

  • No one actually got any recipes ??
  • Croc off line today, I'll ask her for baileys profiterole recipe when she returns
  • Voods-great link, I've just found a cream horn filling!
  • Great TOTP mate
  • Mrs O - if my wife caught me in the baileys act with said young lady that would be a recipe for disaster !
  • In case anyone is interested, i improvised with a recipe for vanilla ice cream, basically replacing come of the cream with Baileys and the best bit is, because of the alcohol content it is perfect scooping consistency when you take it out the freezer, no need to temper for 20 mins !!! if anyone wants the recipe i'm happy to pass it on.
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