Concurve N2S

I got one of these as a Christmas present. I have run in it a few times and found it to be extremely comfortable. Remember 2 or 3 weeks ago when the temperature was -4 with a -8 windchill? I used the N2S on my midweek club run and couldn't believe how warm I felt at the beginning of the run and how well my temperature was maintained as the pace increased. I guess it is an expensive bit of kit but something I wouldn't want to be without now. Just one thing - remember to tape up the old nips before starting out on a long run.


  • I'm still waiting for mine to arrive in the post. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the reassurance.
  • Got mine this morning. Lovely blue colour. Although It's a Large, it looks a little tight, and I'm not sure if it's going to be noisy to run in.

    Thanks for the heads up about the nips. It feels nice and soft, but I won't be taking any risks!!

    I normally warm up considerably when running and hate wearing more than two layers, so this should be right up my street.
  • I can't say I noticed any noise.
    The fit is snug (mine is XL) but deliberately so I believe.
    Wore it last night in the snow - excellent. Looking forward to long off-road run at the weekend. Hope the weather is still freezing !!

    Let me know how you get on.
  • I saw this in RW and thought that it looked good, where did you all buy it from ?

  • I ordered my from Sweatshop online.
  • Thanks Stompy, I'll take a look.
  • Sweatshop Milton Keynes I think (it was a pressie).
    Used it for long run on Saturday (excellent) so it was back to the old helly and rain jacket today (boo).
    I think I'm going to have to get another one!!
    Incidentally there was a mention in this months RW that Concurve have introduced a sleeveless version that looks like a normal running vest. Anybody seen/tried it yet?
  • Quick Review.

    Short version - I love it.

    Long Version.

    Wore it for my long run today. Weather in London was a little strange, cold, but sunny and really windy in some parts.

    First off, it is snug rather than tight, but not constricting. The arm construction is good the fabric didn't bunch up. Being snug no air got under to cool me down.

    It really is windproof, and even fully zipped and sweating I felt dry and comfortable. When the wind dropped off I was able to stay cool by unzipping just a little. I was worried I might have to unzip it down to my navel (not a present site), but small changes created enough variation.

    Couple of problems. Firstly, the outer layer wraps over on the neck, so that didn't get as good a breathing as I would have liked. Secondly, I would have like a little bit of reflectivity.
  • Stompy
    I agree with the reflectivity comment; although I think the front zip is reflective it could do with somthing on the back.
  • Some piping down the sleeve seams or something. Maybe the next version, which I will be happy to wear-test
  • Yeah - me too
    anyone from concurve watching ?
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