Start Fitness

Just to give a thumbs up to Start Fitness for great service (I'm not connected to them!).

There was a problem with my order...but THEY phoned ME to tell me within a few days of the order! And they resolved the issue by substituting a higher priced item for the same price!

Now that's what I call service - better than most.


  • Luckily my local running shop - they also give a lot back to the sport with sponsorship of races and prizes etc.
  • Yep.
  • My daughter went into buy her first proper training shoes recently and was expecting the usual "blokey garage mechanic service" and was very impressed with the patience and undertanding; despite reinforcing all the female stereotypes by trying on almost everything in the shop :>}
  • Did she still buy the ones in the colour that matched her vest?

  • Nice girly pink ones

    I even bought her a girly pink Lifa for Christmas too ...good Lord, a pink Lifa, Lifas are Navy blue,whatever next :>}
  • Isn't a lifa that scratchy thing you use in the bath?
  • No; that's a loafer
  • Can i join the Start Fitness fan club too? ;)

    Frequented the Durham shop and they do provide an excellent service !

  • What did your mother tell you about frequenting strange sports will all end in tears
  • absolutely agree

    only criticism is that they closed the middlesbrough shop a few years ago :-(

    though i easily spent enough to keep them going......
  • A loafsfer sandwiches, not scratching your back.

    Crazy monkey.
  • OOK - it only ends in tears for my other half who pays :)

    I love going there, I'm like a kid in a sweet shop :D
  • Lobster sandwiches ...very Delia
  • I used to work with the guy who manages the Durham store (before he became the manager). He is SERIOUSLY into sport - try saying that about the staff at JJB Sports!
  • You're being unkind

    I'm sure the JJB staff watch football enthusiastically :>}

    Which is what most of my students think represents an "interest in sport"
  • I can vouch for my local Start fitness shop here in Beverly E Yorks, ( also quicker than mail order !)
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