What do shin splints feel like?


  • afternoon, PB, haven't spoken in, ooooooh, minutes!

    shin splints is kind of a catch all term that encompasses more or less any shin pain.......
  • Hi jet setting friend!

    so how do i know when i should stop and rest or just carry on?

    see i'm so stupid i would just put up with the pain and run anyway, then probably wish i hadnt later!

    however if i can run with a pain surely it cant be that bad IMHO
  • have you seen this article?

    does this sound like what you are feeling?

    I had them exactly as this description and tried to run through it. biiiiiiiig mistake. before long it was pain all the time and I couldn't walk without limping for about 6 weeks and couldn't run for 6 months. and even now years later I can't run more than about 3 or 4 times a week or they come back. sigh.

    think there was an article in RW a couple of months ago about how to tell the diff between different injuries and what to do....

    it's horrid though. so disheartening.
  • gotta go....

    you around tomorrow morning?
  • yes :-)

    see you then
  • I know it sounds silly but........... can you hop when you have shin splints?
  • I used to skip a lot as part of my martial arts training and it gave me terrible shin splints in the end so i stopped. So in answer to your question, yes - you probably will feel pain if you 'hop'.
  • Well, you could have asked me. Not gonna tell you how to fix them now. I can show you if you have them though (frequent shin splinters know what comes next!!! LOL)
  • wot comes next then?

    tell me dont be mean :-(
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