Saturday 18th March 2006

MinksMinks ✭✭✭
First time I've ever started the daily thread! Just got Broadband at home so making the most of the new toy!

What: 3 miles - injury pending.
Why: 'Cos I can ... hopefully ...
Last hard: Getting out there for a two mile 'test drive' eariler today ...
Last rest: Practically all week ...

Happy running!


  • Morning all,
    Good day for NZ - 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the Commonwealth Games women's triathlon. Now for the boys...

    What: 17 miles long run d & d. Good run - finished strong.

    Just love those Commonwealth Games!
  • Morning.

    What: 4 miles easy with strides
    Why: sharpen up for HM Sunday

    Minks - hope the run goes well.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭

    Minks - hope the run goes well. Fingers crossed and all that, but your training has gone so well to date that you have plenty in the bank, so to speak, even with the enforced rest. Enjoy broadband! We have wireless as well at home which is my downfall ...

    What; Medium ish cycle ride - depends on the weather, but 50ish miles. Not going to overdo it though - I've been 'ick!
    Why: FW loomin
    Last hard: Hmmm
    last rest; 7 days

    HAve a good day, everyone
  • 10 miles for me today I think...

    and then a 3 hour tennis tournament, mixed doubles and will only be on court occasionally so shouldn't be too bad.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Feeling a bit the worst for wear - well, had to celebrate Paddy's Day (even though I'm not remotely Irish!) Managed 2 miles earlier this evening ... feeling better than earlier in the weeks, but although knee OK while running it aches like merry hell afterwards. I think as long as it doesn't actively hurt I shouldn't focus on it too much, just go with the flow ...

    I WILL be there on the FLM start line, come hell or high water. And I can still make 3:30 with a fair wind and a bit of luck ...

  • Good grief - is that the time!? Off to bed....

    Will run in morning. Guess an hour or so of something.
  • Good luck to all those facing the starter this weekend and good luck to all those getting long runs in.

    Just another bit about the women's triathlon. If anyone saw the finish, the girl who outsprinted 4th is mentored by Hamish Carter who won gold at Athens. He says his failure at Sydney was his key to his success at Athens. Fourth placed competitor has Peter Pfitzinger, who is based here, as her running coach.
  • Morning all,

    just watching the tri highlights this morning.

    What: 3 hour bike + 30 mins easy run brick session this afternoon
    Why: long day and waiting to see if the wind drops
    Last hard: will be today
    Last rest: Thursday

    The wind is force 7 at the moment but I am determined to get outside! I might only go 10 miles in 3 hours at this rate...

    Good runnings all.
  • morning all.

    I'm unsure about my training today. If I'm going out tonight then I should do my 'long' run today. But I've got masses to do and I'm not sure I can fit it in.

    I'll see how things go.

    But whatever I do I need to venture out on the bike with the new pedals which I haven't yet used on the road.

    Good racing to everyone racing today. Happy saturday to everyone else.
  • Morning all!

    Thanks for the info about EH20 Wardi. Is the rough bit of town where they throw the rocks at you???!! I'm quite slow so will be an easy rock target.

    Minks - I really feel for you at the moment with your injury. My training has been really disrupted - with left knee problem in January that has settled, then my right knee and now right hip! Have been doing loads of swimming to maintain fitness which has helped (well helped my swimming anyway!). I'll definitely be there on the 23rd but have very much revised my original hopes of 3:20 ish

    What: 4 miles easy contemplating the rough area of Hull and whether or not to drive for 2 and a half hours tomorrow morning to see it.

    Why: as above

    Last rest: Monday

    Last hard: ?
  • Morning

    Minks, sorry the injury is still causing you grief. Hope it all works out for you and I'm sure you will be at London and do yourself justice!

    Good luck anyone racing this weekend!

    what:4 miles with strides
    why:Bath half tomorrow

    Have a nice day all!
  • Morning regulars! It's always good to read post from Minks, BR, Hilly, Melissa, NZC, Mava, Lizzy, etc, first thing in the morning!

    Well, first thing, baby DF has been awake since 4.50 this morning.... Slightly bigger toddler DF followed at 5.45, and Mrs DF surfaced after 7!

    Ah well, at least its weekend!

    Groin is getter better you know, but will resist the urge to have a go today. So my outings will be grocery shopping, and the farm to say hello to sheep, goats and rabbits in the afternoon...

    Run while you can, rest if you must

  • morning

    got some new wheels on my bike so off for a long ride today. i hope anyway, not really sure what 16mph wind is like to ride in.

    what: 60 miles
    why: IM training on new wheels.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    Lots of cycling today on the thread! That's my plan too. My last long cycle was in Lanzarote where I was in shorts and a tshirt, with arm warmers for the chilly bits. I bit different today I think!

    Minks - hope your run goes ok.

    What - long cycle - aiming for 70 miles, but it's cold, wet and windy so...
    Why: IM training
    Last hard: tuesday
    Last rest: monday

    JD - hope your new wheels make you go even faster!
  • Minks: I know it is frustrating, tempting and can be self-defeating, but you've hit a vital stage of your recovery & training...............

    Now that you've got broadband at home try your best to stay off the Forums, hehehe ;-) I have no doubt you will make the FLM start line. Good luck with your run today.

    Pammie: Our nearest Decathlon was Romford until they relocated to Lakeside. Decathlon is several orders of magnitude better then other high-street sports shops. They have a wide range of good-quality good-value gear. Branded stuff too but we all prefer their unknown brands. I was pleased with their customer service. I bought an HRM watch with them. After 6 months the strap went faulty. Took it back to them, didn't have a receipt but did have the box with their price tag. I just wanted a new strap but they swapped over everything and then said that 'cos the watch was now cheaper I was owed a refund. I walked out with a brand new Polar HRM and an extra 35 quid. TeamNRG ate well that nite.

    What: I did a very easy run yesterday so could do hard today - but got an LSR tomorrow. So, 60+ mins steady later this afternoon.
    Why: Aerobic running
    LastHard: Thu
    LastRest: 03Mar06

    Back later.
  • Morning.

    What: 12 mile coastal walk
    Why: testing out achilles
    Last Rest. Monday
    Last Hard: Thursday

    As melp says its blowing a right gale here. Big gusts of wind. Washing is approaching take off from the line as I type.

    So hope I don't get blown off the cliff!

    Have a good day all.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    7 posts before 'morning' is that a record?

    What: Just a steady 6.4 xc d&d
    Bitterly cold and a couple of light snow flurries
    Why: Wind down ahead of half M tomorrow

    DF sympathise with the waking kids but it gets better. Got back from my run at 7.45 this am, my 4yo was camped under the duvet: "I like it in here, I think I'll stay in bed"

    Enjoy the weekend,

  • Morning!

    Stayed up last night to watch the lady's tri - really willing someone to make the bike leg a bit more interesting - good run leg though - liked the sprint finish for 3rd/4th, and I'm sure 2nd went to England really ;-) Did not stay up to watch the men's event though!

    nrgb - ignore the cramp - it only happens occasionally and only ever after 45+ minutes in the water - I think that it would happen to anyone... good to hear business is picking up - hope that's a general trend...

    mava - I've gotta persuade you to come over and race one Saturday...

    minks - you sounded tipsy but I've no doubt you'll make the start and the finish.

    What: 5km time trial - ran naked - no watch - worked a little but not that much - I spent the whole time worrying about the time anyway... A tad windy but good firm ground - course PB achieved - 21:39 - and now just 9 more seconds to find for a distance PB too...
    Why: It's Saturday - and my last BPTT for a month.
    Lyrics: Nah!
  • Morning

    What: Should be a tempo run, but might change it too an easy aerobic session

    Why: Head cold

    Last hard: Thursday

    Last rest: 14 days ago

    train well
  • Haven't posted for a while, just been too busy. So hello again.

    What: 3-4 miles easy
    Why: Fleet 1/2 tomorrow
    Last Rest: Yesterday
    Last Hard: Tuesday

  • What: Nothing
    Why: Wilmslow Half Tomorrow
    Last Rest: Wednesday
    Last Hard: Sunday Stafford 20 Mile Race

    Oh dear... I'm cacking myself here for Wilmslow... never been this nervous before a race EVER! :-(
  • Morning All.

    Steady 5.6 miles today before 10k tomorrow.

    Good luck to all other weekend racers.

    Good Runnings everyone
  • morning all

    what-3.3 mile recovery run
    why-half marathon tomorrow
    last hard-yesterday (my steady run turned into a tempo run..oops!)
    last rest-Tuesday

    Good luck to everyone racing this weekend
  • Holly - have to give you that - looked at her bio - she's been here for 8 years - she was a great swimmer from Surrey. Seemed over the moon - totally happy.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Greetings all,

    What - dont know yet, was meant to be a LSR but slept very akwardly on my shoulder / neck and in some pain at the moment, hoping it will ease by this afternoon so I can don something at least.

    Take care
  • What: Probably about 2 miles easy

    Why: Winding down for tomorrow's long run, and from what I've done every day this week.

    Last Hard: Wednesday

    Last Rest: Sometime last week.
  • Morning all.

    What 10 mile slow run

    Why:need miles and racing half marathon tomorrow.

    Last Hard:Sunday

    Last Rest: Tuesday

    Have a good weekend all.
  • Morning all,

    What 10k
    Why: first run for a week ache in my left foot.
    last hard: last 10k last saturday.
    Last rest: all week due to foot.

    should be doing a 5k race tomorrow but resting,taking it slowly re my foot...first sort of injury. Not really hurting when I run but starts to get painful when in barefeet or normal shoes.

    Lynn :)
  • Morning all

    What: nothing
    Why: Wilmslow half tomorrow
    Last hard: Thursday

    Unlike Pugheaven, I'm not expecting great things from Wilmslow due to too much mara training this week. May even run as a pacer for one of our running group's first-timers if wanted. Looking forward to the lunch party planned after though!

    Scoobs - good luck with the test walk, hope it helps you make up your mind about Paris.

    Any idea what the nature of the problem with your foot is Lynn?
  • Afternoon All,

    Rory: well done on the PB. Looking goos for your marathon.

    BR: Still weighing up the options

    TMR: I think I might just scrape into the British Masters! I think I got into the championship 'cos I upgraded from a GFA. Whoever did the upgrade obviously didn't check the CLUB section (lucky for me!).

    MikeB: I'm from near Stockbridge so Aldershot, Farnham & District is a bit of a treck! The main problem with local clubs it I commute to London, So I'm not around in the week, and weekends need to be spent with Mrs AF when I'm not running. The alternative is to find a London club, but then I won't get home 'til god knows when on club nights!

    BrynR: My local club is Winchester - but as I said to MikeB it's where I am at various times that really matters!

    Minks: That's the spirit! But remember: Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!

    NZC: I have something in common with the 4th placed triathlete then :-)

    Thanks for all the club advice - I'll spend the weekend looking at the options.

    Getting really fed up with this artic wind. Also sub-cutaneous big toe blister still giving me gip! Who suggested light weight trainers?

    What: 8m recovery
    Why: Recovery
    Last Hard: Tuesday
    Last Rest: 49 days

    Have a good weekend.

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