Saturday 18th March 2006



  • Sluggie,

    When I am running no pain but when I then walk about bare footed or in flat footwear pain on the outside of my left foot. No sign of swelling or bruising. My hubby mentioned fallen arch???

    I noticed if I wear my normal work shoes/boots with heels no problem...being only 5ft need all the help I can get.

    Any ideas?

    Lynn :)
  • sorry i missed your birthday yesterday wabo - hope the night out was a good one

    rory - great getting a pb in these conditions, building up for an even better one when it's becalmed too. and well done on the course pb hollywood you seem to be ripping that course to bits

    good luck with the run minks, softly softly till you're sure about it. and take care on the shin melissa. podro hope your ham sorts itself without too much lost training at this stage too

    may see sluggie and pugheaven then at wilmslow tomorrow - i've abandoned hope of running it having lost best part of 5 weeks' training with calf and bug but will jog down to watch the finish and do a bit of cheering.

    nice to hear your training is coming along well M and lovely to see WP popping in to say hello - how's it going?

    scoobs (yup i'm a shortie) you may need lead boots to walk along a cliff top today! good luck with introducing a bit of jogging. i've found the dog jog a good way of getting some light training in when trying to clear the injury. gets the blood flowing and then you can stretch plenty afterwards. probably will have to do it alternate days now while introducing proper training.
    found out we have a team for the northerns next saturday so could be a busy weekend with borders on sunday too. relay is only 5k so luckily it's the right way round

    NRG - 8% beer! somebody must've spiked it!

    good luck to all racers and long runners tomorrow and best wishes to the poorly and injured. and sportaloo do be careful

    what - 40 mins dog jog
    why - part of the rehab

  • lynn, it sounds as if you might have a tight tendon if you're ok when wearing heels.
    try doing the lower calf/achilles stretch - lean against a support with your weight on the front uninjured foot and keep the knee bent while trying to push the heel on your injured foot towards the floor
  • Clink,

    I will try this....I have circuit trainig tomorrow...I will try the streach as part of my warm up....

    Lynn :)
  • Afternoon all,

    Blimey - it's cold out there! Doing Silverstone Half Marathon tomorrow, so it was just a gentle 3 miles or so this morning. Howling gale (it felt like) from the east and bitterly cold. I looked like the Michelin man, I think - I knew I wanted to run gently, so wasn't sure how warm I would get from exercise, so I wrapped up really well - maybe too well.

    Bit worried that these 3 gentle miles felt quite hard work, but I think that was the wind and the extra layers combining to make me work harder than normal.

    I need a bit of advice. The Silverstone race doesn't start until midday tomorrow, and that's a lot later than the normal half marathons I would enter - I would usually expect to have finished by then, let alone not even started. What should I do about eating? Usual routine would be to have breakfast, do race, get home, have lunch. I've got that all worked out. But this is different - breakfast isn't going to last me until 2pm, is it? Should I try to eat something reasonably substantial at about 10am, say, or is snacking a good idea through the morning? Any thoughts appreciated.
  • AF, i don't know why I thought you lived oop north; you'll be wanting .

    SCQ, for a lunchtime race I'd have breakfast as normal, then a bagel/hot cross bun/small sandwich two hours before the race.

    What: sounds like I'll be following today's trend with 3-4 easy with strides, before the race tomorrow
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    What - went out on bike with chain gang. Most are in Majorca so only about 10-12 out. Went up the A6 to the cafe with the lazy group avoiding the hills, took a few long turns on the front and led them out for road sign sprint. On the way back determined to hang on as long as possible, dropped one on the hill in Milford and another by the Bridge Inn (this will only mean anything to Lizzy) - by the end of Drum Hill in Little Eaton we were down to 5. I was suffering and just sat on while the others worked - in the end I cracked somewhere up the back of Oakwood but so did my training partner so carried on with him to his house, had a look at his new Tibetan Terrier puppy, and then rode back to Derby with a tail wind. All in 38 fairly hard miles and don't feel too bad off it. Definitely progress, I can do 30 miles or so at a decent pace and stay with some good riders up short sharp hills, now I just need to work on getting the distance up and then it'll be a case of working on top end for racing. I'd love to think I'd be back on form in a couple of months - that's probably the best case scenario. I'd love to do some running too but I think it's too early yet to be pushing myself too hard.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Oh if anyone fancies a long hilly ride on 2nd April see the tri forum.
  • Clink: Check out King Cobra. Not bad at all.
  • Afternoon, everybody, and

    hello there Lynn my foot is injured too.

    Scoobs, to do Olympic dead frog stroke you must get the form absolutely right: keep your head out of the water, look worried, swim slightly askew, kicking with one leg and barely dragging the other, and final but most important point, endeavour to take to longest time possible to get to the other side of the pool. No goggles allowed but full make up and freshly blowdried hair essential.

    I am dreading my swimming session tomorrow, to 'cover' the same aerobic conditioning of a 18 mile run I am supposed to swim 7200 meters. That is a tad long. Will I grow finns?

    I am on my own in the house as boys are all out, I am listening to Arctic Monkeys and lunching with oatcakes, camembert, tomatoes and a protein shake for dessert. Absolute bliss.

    Bad news: no running till Thursday.
    (but I think I am doing Paddock Wood anyway, I want the cakes!)

    Good news: bar felt really light at bodypump today, might up my clean and press weight from 15kg to 17 kg next week.

    What: 1,200 kn swim, Bodypump
    why: still injured

    Good luck to all racers this weekend.

  • Morning all,

    Had a cold for most of the week which caught up with me yesterday so I didn't run the 8m that I had planned after work.

    Which is a shame as it was a sunny evening.

    Today its -4C with the threat of light snow. So it'll be 8m steady in the snow.

    This afternoon will be spent watching T2 (7 year old son) swimming for his club in his second competition. The entertainment level at this age is high, with at least one false start (fall in) every two or three heats.

    Hee Jung - I have seen The Planet but don't run past it often. I live in Kensington so I run on the Bow for the most part. However, if one or both of my children are swimming at the Talisman Centre I run out of there so I'll have a look for it. Where did you live?

  • Afternoon all,

    Still cold and windy in Dublin. Anybody able to fill me in on conditions in Twickenham.

    22 miles d+d. 2.41 @ c.80% of AHR. Was too cold and windy to go any slower! All downhill from here til Paris.

    Have a good weekend running, racing and recovering everyone.

    C'mon Ireland! (and Wales!)
  • Lynn - no expertise to offer other than as an intermittent Achilles sufferer! If it's actually in the underneath part of the foot as opposed to the ankle it doesn't sound too much like achilles, even though I take Clink's point about the high heels (they shorten the Achilles and take the strain off it). But you would Achilles pain at the very bottom of your calf, where the tendon joins it to the heel. Pain in the heel itself or along the underneath of the foot usually seems to be plantar fasciitis. But with so many bones and tendons in the foot there's a lot of choice...
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Hollywood. I did a double take when I read your post: "ran naked..." - in this weather?

    Popsider - sounds like a good ride

    There are a lot racing tomorrow!

    Well, it was bleak, bleak, bleak today. MrB is working away, so took myself up into the Peaks on the bike - or nearly did, but managed to confuse two small villages (Denby and Kilburn) with each other and ended up in Heanor, which has got to be the worst and most depressing town in the UK - various ultra right wing organisations have their HQs there, which says all you need to know about the place. Nearly got run down a couple of times in the town centre - don't think they see cyclists there, espcially woolly liberal Indie-reading ones, think I had "kill me" written on my backside in visible-only-to-Heanor-residents ink.

    Found my way out but only back to Ilkeston rather than the intended destination of Belper - or anywhere on the A6 - so did a tour of the villages around Il'son and headed for home into a headwind. As I'd gone out into a headwind, this wasn't fair! Overall ride = 44 miles @ a pitifully slow 15.6 mph, even allowing for hills this isn't good. Seem to have bags of stamina but no speed at the moment. Still, given that I've been poorly, and still aren't 100%, it's better than expected.

    Gosh, that is a bit of a whingy post but actually it wasn't bad ride, lots of hills, and only saw two other cyclists out - usually you see a dozen or more on a Saturday morning.

    20.6 mile time trial tomorrow - have told club Chairman - or his wife, anyway - that I am doing it. No turning back!
  • Hello everyone

    Been back from Texas 9 days now and not had time to post. The list of "honey do's" as my american colleagues refer to them is extremely long. have had to get on top of club accounts as well - AGM approaches.

    Not read too much posts but note that LizzyB is still cliaming to be a bit 'ick but still grinding out the miles. minks - take care and enjoy surfing at home. Wireless set is in the box it was bought n at Xmas here!

    is this a training thread? oh yes. Been out every other day since getting back. Left shin has developed a dull ache on the inside halfway up the bone - any ideas? A bit non-plussed on weather to run on, take a break or pack in completely for a while in case dreaded SF in the making. will not be able to do long run tomorrow owing to having to do rescue duty at sailing club. since I've not used our boats for 2 years it seems very frustrating - but that's the price of being too lazy to sell and resign.

    Good luck to any racers tomorrow.
  • Just read yesterday's thread. Happy birthday Wabo. seems we have sthg in common, hope you had a good evening, wed did.
  • Afternoon everyone, I've not visited these parts for awhile (since getting a handslapping from Mr Fishpool)!

    The achilles injury that has blighted my training is (hopefully) just about a thing of the past now, thanks to the heel insert in the left shoe that the physio advised. I ran 7.5M on Wednesday night and felt no real discomfort, then managed Thursday's tempo run with the club (at a reduced pace, of course) and again, the achilles presented only a mild discomfort that went off when I ran on my toes.

    I've been careful about not running too much and rested yesterday, then did 50mins this monring with no discomfort at all! Hopefully, this is it and I can return to moderate training (40-45M a week)!

    Anyone know how WP is doing with her achilles problems?

    Wardi - have a good EH20 race tomorrow, I'll be with you in spirit, but can't shelter you from the rocks! I thought about doing the race after all and dropping out after 9M, but that would probably leave me in bandit country, so not a great idea!
  • Afternoon all.

    What: supposed to be 20, did 10, calf still not right so i thought I would save something for tomorrow. I figure that consistency may get me further at the moment than just running long because its on the schedule whether I can or not.

    Why: well its a theory isnt it.

    Good luck later Minks I hope that works out.

    Healing vibes to those injured.

    Good luck all the racers tomorrow, there seem to be lots.
  • so it's true about the rocks.....
  • Afternoon all,
    Looking forward to the Commonwealth Marathons to be shown on BBC 2 later this evening.

    Good circuit session for me last night, this included squat jumps and hopping which were great to help improve my leg strength.

    am: 6-miles already done at around 7:15mm pace, nice and steady. felt pretty good on this run, just a very strong cold wind, pegged my speed back a little, but good otherwise.

    pm: 5 or 6-miles at 6:30mm pace, steady comfy. Just going to increase the intensity a little this afternoon, to turn the legs over.

    Aerobic endurance and 10k Training plan.

    Good luck to BR and HILLY in there races tommorow and also any other racers :)
  • Good afternoon

    Rory – Well raced yesterday!

    Minks – Love the lyrics,no clue as to the song,but love them

    What: Taking Mrs. S and Paul to run their half
    Why: Good day out
    Last hard: Today

    Irma finished in 2:10,an 11 minute PB,very happy with that.

    Have a good one

    Okay, this is not entirely true. Closer to the truth:

    What: Om die Dam (Around the Dam) 50K Ultra Marathon at Hartebeespoort
    Why: Sometimes one has to listen to your heart.
    Last hard: You guessed it.

    Decided last night not to do this. Had more beer than I normally have and stayed up until 10 in the evening. I was convinced this will make me feel bad enough not to run as we had to get up at 2 in the morning. Woke up at 1 and chest is still tight. Only 3 hours sleep but I feel fine. Put on kit (I can always decide not to start once at the stadium)

    This is a tough and hilly route. Two difficult climbs,the first one at 8K (Kommando Nek) and the second at 37K (Saartjies Nek) ‘Nek’ means ‘Neck’,a hill. Saartjie is the real problem having been compared to the dreaded Polly Shortts at Comrades. A 2K climb after encountering some steep hills from the 26K mark.

    I did a half marathon in this town last year. It is a lovely place. Big dam surrounded by mountains in the bushveld. I line up for the start. This is one of the biggest races in SA. A minute silence for the runners who passed away yesterday. The sounds of Chariots of Fire fill the air and I have to bite my lip. Don’t know why,it’s a bit corny and I am not a very emotional person,maybe the effects of a week of illness combined with the feeling that I am doing something incredibly silly. We set off as a recording of a fish eagle’s call cuts through the quietness of an early dawn.
  • 3K in and I decide to bail,breathing is difficult and HR is 10bpm higher than normal. Still in town and I can,walk back and wait for Irma and Paul. Don’t bail and take it very slow. Aim is to get in under 5 hours. 6 minutes per K trying to keep my HR down,I never run this slow. Across the dam wall and up Kommando Nek. Feeling a bit better after an hour of running and chest starts to clear after 90 minutes. 21K in 1:58 and I am on target for 5 hours. HR still high. I meet up with a runner who ran part of last years half with me. Unbelievable to meet him amongst more than 4000 runners. He is taking strain and is popping painkillers after 25K. Lots of climbing from 26K and I have to leave him behind at 31K. He stops to walk for the 3rd time and I say it like it is ‘I can’t go this slow. The longer I am out here the more I will suffer.’ He tells me to go on and I wish him the best of luck. More climbing,taking it slow. Overcast,perfect weather. Turn left and there she is in the distance,Saartjie. Pick up some jelly babies and a packet of cheese chips. I run with a Comrades veteran and he tells me it’s flat after this climb.

    There is a red carpet in the road, at the foot of the hill with the words ‘Red Carpet Treatment’ written on a sign next to it. A big doll with dreadlocks next to the road with a sign reading ‘Saartjie se goeiemore’ Saartjie says good morning’ Fantastic support as I run up this hill,yes I ran all the way up,no walking. I reach the top and look down onto the dam. Downhill now for about 2K. There is a tradition when doing an ultra ,smile when you go through the marathon mark. I go through 42K and smile. 3:54 on my watch. This is very emotional as I never thought I would get past the 20K mark. 43K and I am an ultra runner. Join up with another runner and we pull each other through the alst few K’s. I am hurting but the crowd is fantastic. Into the stadium and I waive at Irma,Paul is with her and they are cheering madly. I finish in 4:36. I feel good,better than after the two marathons.

    Less than 8 weeks ago I wasn’t sure I could run for longer than 3 hours. I had to do this race,it means a lot to me. Comrades is now something real,something I can almost touch. Why did I run even though it was silly? I ran because that is what we do. I ran because you would have done the same and have indeed done the same. Mellifera,Lizzy,Hilly,Sodahead,Stickless,Wardi,BR,Minks all of you on this thread. We don’t understand reason. We only understand passion. Why does anyone run 6 miles or 26 miles? There is no reason. But we are giants,all of us and I am honoured to share in your passion.

  • Wow Sportaloo, you just bought tears to my eyes. Total respect to you.....Ultraloo!
  • Ultraloo,

    Great run, great post, great man!

    Well done.
  • well done ultraloo!!
  • WOW! Amazing, Sporta/Ultra loo! Well done on the ultra!

    Get some carbs in and chill out for the rest of the day!

    And you were only 20mins slower than my 2002 marathon time!

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    And 20 minutes quicker than my marathon time!

    A wonderful post Sportaloo.

    And a wonderful race. I am full of admiration for you.

    And I agree with your words of wisdom about this thread too!

    FL - what did you get your wrist slapped for?

    I've done my bike ride, but only 63 miles. Lots of climbing and lots of wind, and only an average of 13 mph, so not as fast as Lizzy. Oh dear, I'll need to speed up before July...
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Oh and well done to Irma too - an 11 minute pb is very impressive.
  • I'll have whatever Ultraloo's drinking... Cheers!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Ultraloo, fantastic. I was there with you, every step of the way. No guts, no glory - isn't that what they say? You have both in bucketloads.

    I knew you would do this race, I understand why you needed to and that you had to prove something to yourself. Go recover now and bask in your achievement. Onwards and upwards, Comrade!
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