Clothes maketh?

I need to buy some running gear, preferably to last and be appropriate in various forms for the whole year. What should I wear, when and where should I buy it?



  • Hi Philip,

    Yum - gear!! I'm a relatively recent runner so I don't have loads of kit yet, but here's what's kept me going through the year.

    What to wear
    - Decent pair of real running shoes. Get them from a real running shop - they should offer plenty of advice and help you get the right fit. Expect to pay £65 - £85 (maybe a little more).
    - Shorts
    - Wicking T shirt - warm weather
    - Wicking long sleeved top - colder weather
    Wicking light fleecy mid layer for v. cold days (on top of long sleeved top)
    - Water repellant and breathable jacket (for rainy and/or v. cold/windy days)
    - Warm, light hat for v. cold days
    - Warm, light gloves for v. cold days
    - Decent socks

    There are lots of good brands. However:
    - Helly Hansen seem to be famous for excellent wicking tops, especially long sleeved tops.
    - The socks I see praised most often round here are Thorlos. (Running Bear and Falke are often praised too.)
    - I've been very pleased with my Hind jacket.
    It's possible to get some great bargains in outlet stores for some big brands e.g. New Balance. I've not been yet, but you could search old threads for details if interested.

    Where to buy it
    I think it's best to buy first from a real running shop as that's the only way you'll be able to make an assessment of which sizes fit you properly. After that, many things can be got mail order. There have been a number of threads on here re: mail order places, and they should be fairly easy to find if you just dig back a bit. The current edition of Running Fitness magazine has an extremely useful guide to most of the specialist running shops in the UK - well worth a look.

    - I wouldn't like to run without a running watch, as it tells me how fast I'm going (when I know where the mile markers are, or over a course I've run before). All sorts are available.
    - Some people find heart monitors very useful aids to training. There are lots of threads here if you dig around.
    - A number of people have suffered a gadget attack recently (me included) and invested in a Timex Speed & Distance monitor. This isn't something you need, but it is something that can make running more fun and also, of course, provide useful training info.

    Well, can't think of anything else right now. I hope something here helps :)
  • Thanks for the comprehensive reply WP. Can anyone suggest some quality brands/things to look for/prices?

    I've got shoes already - I've run a bit before, but I'm really going for it now. Need to bust some stress (I'm a teacher).

    Like gadgets. Any suggestions on pedometers, HRM's or such like?

  • Nice one, Piglet. Time for a gear frenzy. Philip - some of my favourite brands are:
    Hind - great running tights, which I've been running in this winter. Also got a very good Hind fleece baseball cap with ear flaps to keep my lugs toasty in the wind.
    Ron Hill tracksters - the waterproof ones that make running in the rain a pleasure.
    Nike - I've now bought two of their little lightweight fleece jackets; they're not specifically designed for running but are perfect for it, with three zip pockets. Very good for warming up in then tying round the waist during a run.
    Odlo - very pricey, very nice tops.
  • If you get hot quite easily then a gilet over a long sleeve top is an excellent alternative to a jacket. The North Face do a "trail vest" which I use a lot. You can generally find them at outdoors shops - another brand being Salomon.
  • Don't forget the nip tape.
  • i was wondering about View From. Looked in my local M&S and it had a very limited range in, none of which was very inspiring.
  • I love my Concurve gilet to bits! Got it for Chrimbo & it's accompanied me on virtually every run since.
    I'm also very pleased with my Helly Hansen long sleeved top & Nike dri-fit tights.
    Wouldn't go out in this weather without hat & gloves too!
    Would also recommend a Runaid water bottle for longer runs which has a hole in the middle so you can grip it in one hand.
  • What is a gilet?
    Do I _have_ to wear tights?

  • CobaltBlu - gilet is a sleeveless garment, can be fleece or waterproof or whatever. Good for keeping torso warm.
    You don't have to wear tights or indeed anything, but you may get a bit chilly without.
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