Pointless Rant

If shops are going to advertise things in Runners World and on their website is it really too much to ask that they actually have things in stock?? Just attempted to order some end of line Saucony Jazz I3's only too find out that they don't in fact have any. "But we might get some more in soon" No they won't, they're not available any more!!!
Have they got '01 Hurricanes in size 12 "no, but we've got them in a 7" - what kinda use is that to me?????
Calm, calm......


  • Steady mate,

    Read the thread on Bournes in General. It ain't just you.
    Lets form a blacklist! Name names and we'll organise!
  • My local store are trying to order in some NB854s for me. NB have told them that they will be in shortly, i rang NBs help line to try and find out how long shortly is..... apparently they don't make the men's shoes (which i want for width) in a size small enough - but they had neglected to tell that to the shop. So the shop is waiting in vain for shoes that don't exist and i'm unimpressed by NB telling me one thing and the shop another thing.
    I've only been waitin 5 weeks before i investigated so my shoes that i'm running in are just about kaput. It makes me want to screeeeeeeem.
  • And I'll tell you another thing - the shorts I ordered from Sweatshop 2 weeks ago are nowhere to be seen, and I haven't heard a word from them explaining why! I'm racing in 4 weeks and I don't have any shorts! How about I run completely naked with the words "Kit Sponsored by Seatshop" written across my bare butt? That'll teach them to take me more seriously, eh?
  • Snoop will probably egg you on mate, steady.
    Think, you may have trouble removing the lettering. Then for the rest of your life you may be inadvertantly advertising for a shop you come to despise.
  • Craggle

    Maybe you should contact Annajo,(is she their PR lady??) who waxes lyrical about them on the forum.
  • Sweatshop that is..
  • Craggle, I've had the exact same experience with Sweatshop, and had to wait months for them to get my order sorted. You might want to ring them up, explain your situation, and then maybe have to settle for a different brand of shorts.

    (And for the record, when my kit didn't arrive, I just wore my old kit.)
  • Yeah OK I could wear my old kit, but the naked think would make me more impact. Anyway, maybe I just wanna run naked through Lincolnshire - it's not against the law.
    Is it?

    Barkles, you're right mate. I mean about the blacklist,not removing the lettering from my backside. The suppliers are there for our benefit not the other way around, right?
  • I know that specialist shops are the easiest to order running shoes from but sometimes (if you're lucky) you can get stuff from elsewhere if you look around. JJB have supplied me with Span Triax 2 for £30 and currently trade Structure Triax for £40. Rawcliffe's with Asics 2060 for £30 while the shop right next door had them (and still has) for full price £70. At the Chester Oaks outlet village's Adidas shop I found Adidas Supernova at £34.50. Just like myself who likes a good collection of shoes I wouldn't want the others to spend a full price when chance stumbles you across bargains. Or is there more choice here up North?
  • For efficiency and helpfulness try start fitness, the guy in the Middlebrough shop has been great despite all my changes of mind and awkward requests!!!
  • Yeh, I have to agree with the Lamb, the guys a start fitness in Newcastle have always been very helpful – no matter how many pairs of shoes you want to try and I’ve received one or tow good discounts there as well.

  • Right guys, time to start a blacklist of kit suppliers...I feel a new thread coming on...see the General forum in about 5 minutes...
  • Stop the Press! Sweatshop in delivery of shorts shock! But I'm still running naked, right, we all agreed it was for the best.
    Also in the post today I got the trainers I ordered from Northern Runner at about 4 o'clock on Saturday. Considering that 2 of the intervening days were a Sunday and a bank holiday that's pretty good.
    Hat's off to NR, I say.
  • wow - fame at last-
    just seen this thread, and by the way, no I am not the PR lady for Sweatshop, although maybe now I should show this to my boss and ask for a promotion... As for 'waxing lyrical', I quite like that!

    But seriously, if people have a trouble with getting orders from Sweatshop, I don't mind having a try at chasing the orders up, although Steve at mail order is the best person to speak to, being the mail order manager.

    Just out of interest, having "kit sponsored by 'seatshop'" across your bum might not get the point across!? (i know, I'm being very sad).
  • I have to agree with WildWill the guys at Start Fitness in Newcastle are brilliant and they know what the are talking about, I wouldnt go anywhere else.....
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