Just had a race taking a Go gel around with me - and by the time I got to have it (after 45 minutes) it was quite warm. This made it runny and it was certainly still palatable but I wondered if anyone kept theirs cool...and if so how? For a marathon could I get away with freezing a couple (or would this cause the contents to go horrid?)?


  • If you get a gel belt then most of the pack will be held away from the body, so they'll be as cool as the day permits. If you have it in a pocket then I imagine they would be quite warm.

    I wouldnt like to freeze them and then have something icy on me.
  • Gels are always grim no matter what you do. Just get it down assisted by plently of water and try to to think about it looking like sperm.
  • <retch>
  • oh man...

    (did you mean try NOT to think about it looking like sperm?!)
  • Oh...and dear moderator I really do want to know the answer to my question so please don't remove this thread.

    The rest of you - please don't hijack my thread into any non-sports gel disgusting references!
  • It was an honest point! The gel is fuel not food, you are not supposed to like it jsut take it to sustain performance.

    It's all in 2nd form textbooks anyway.
  • (I really just want to make sure that your incrimating reference stays there Gumps!)
  • I've recently started using Lucozade gels and have found them easier to take when warm as they are easier to squeeze and swallow. Wont they be digested faster too as your body wont have to warm them up so much?
  • I agree with bdb

    I use the SIS Go ones that are isotonic or whatever - I actually prefer them at body temp - not such a shock to the system.

    It also helps me remember to swallow it and not spit it out........

    What? ;o)
  • Lunacy !! And I thought you were a Laydeeeee....

    (Just bumping this to show the forum what a depraved guy Gumps is)
  • I have never ever tried one of these gels.

    one of our sweetest forumites, who looks so dainty and feminine, called them something that put me off for ever.

    [pads off primly]
  • they remind me of pus
  • Gels remind you of your cat ??

    What a strange pussy you must have....

    Pussy cat that is.
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