Green Start Runners

I have always run marathons with company and would love some for FLM. I find it really helps me stay focussed even if I haven't got the energy to chat. I ran Dublin with Flying Ant and Barry off the forum (3:39), Taunton with Rich K (3:57) and Amsterdam mainly alone (4:01) :-)

Was hoping to run it with a few friends who I am training with, but unfortunately their start is different to mine so it's impossible :-(

I'm looking to run the mara sub 4 (hopefully 3:45ish but I'm not fussed) and was wondering if anyone else fancied company too!?!?!!?


  • Hey Caz, Gordon Ramsay is about your pace and should be on your start.
  • :-) Aha, how ideal!! Someone with a connection to my third favourite hobby (eating) ..... and with a similar vocabulary ;-)

    Looks like I'll be running alone, it's pretty quiet on here :-(

    Are you blue start?

  • Yup, if you are really stuck give me a few splits and run on the left. I'll see if I can spot you.

    Would your list be


    then ? In that order ?
  • I'll be on green - but going sub 3.15 hopefully. With a tail wind. And a bus pass...
  • WA - I know, I'm sure there must be a way of meeting you blue starters. There's you, mark, nibbs, M1, Judith, Paul etc etc. Not sure how easy it will be though to run on a certain side with those crowds :-(

    You're pretty close with the list, although I wouldn't like to restrict myself, so it's more:-


    :-) Hope this doesn't put off any potential companions ;-)

    Cougie - way out of my league, I'd join you if I could. Good luck :-)
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    I'm on the green start Caz. My pb is 3:41 and I'm hoping to beat that. There are a few of us ladies on the green start over on the sub 3:30 thread - why don't you drop in? (I was aiming for sub 3:30 but I think it'll be closer to 3:40)

  • Lol, You are right about the left Caz ! There must be someone out there on green though.

  • Ooooh, and while I was typing ....
  • Minni - thanks for info BUT sub 3:30 thread not an option. I know I'll blow up if I head out at that kind of pace. Good luck :-)

    WA - the search continues :-)
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    when did you do your 3:39?
  • Minni - did my 3:39 Oct 2004 was very focussed and committed to running at that stage in my life.
  • not looking hopeful :-(

  • Hmmmm, have you tried trawling the sub 3:45 thread ?
  • Actually, have had an e-mail off someone called Ray, but I haven't got round to e-mailing back. Just wondering why he hasn't posted and who he is on the forums!?!?!?!

    Come out come out whoever you are ;-)

  • There is a long standing issue with the email thing on these forums. It should tell you the forum name really.

    Thinking about it I suppose that the problem you have is that unless the person who you run with is a celeb, they have really to be a woman as all the men on that start should be too fast.
  • I dont see that as a prob WA, what you implying ;-0 Am happy to run with either gender can I clarify!!! :-)

    Did reply to Ray and he has replied. All seems a little cloak and dagger to me though .......
  • Oh ray !

    You'll be fine. Whats his forum identity again, lemme think, er, Hannibal - that's it.

    Remember his thread on "what do you like to eat with human liver" ? Tee hee hee - Lucozade Sport - as if !!
  • As I suspected Cougie ;-)

  • Good, all is revealed.

    I wasn't suggesting you were looking for a particular gender to run with Caz, just that since the mens GFA times are faster than the ladies most men on that start may well be targeting times somewhat faster than you.
  • I know WA, I was only messimg :-)
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