What about us young uns?

Does anyone else think there should be an U21 category in Sunday races or am I just being greedy?

The female V35 and male V40 categories seem pretty redundant as the winner of those categories nearly always wins the whole race. As you don't reach your running peak until your 30-35 surely us kiddies (???) are at a disadvantage aswell as the veterans.


  • Not a bad idea, really: Les Foulees de la Soie last summer certainly had "kiddies" trophies. Moreover, it does appear that while kiddies have natural talent for speed, the tedium of long distance training appeals to relatively few of them. I'd vote for U21 prizes.

    But then I'd like to see more "kiddies" in the races. Perhaps the V35's and V40's realize that if the "kiddies" ever took to it in numbers their days of being overall winners would probably be gone. As I'm in no danger of ever winning anything it's not an issue for me!

  • You're right, Jenny. If junior categories were given as much recognition as veteran categories in sub-elite and recreational distance racing, maybe we'd attract more young people into the sport.
  • Hi Jenny,
    Sounds reasonable to me & as it happens I'm in the prosess of organising my clubs Christmas Cracker 5 Mile Road Race on Boxing Day at Whitstable in Kent [quick plug here].
    I shall give it some thought as It's a good idea to encourage you "kiddies".
    Although I have to add we have a young girl called Charlotte Dale in my club, who is U21 & is very likely to win the whole race! she was second last year.
    Thaks for the idea.
  • In quite a few of the races done in my county they do actually have an U21 catergory, at least in the league races they do. But I agree it should be more nationwide.

    Then again there is also a need to sort the prize structure out in races. I have a friend who came second in a race but didn't pick up a prize, yet the 1st, 2nd and 3rd senior women who all finished in above 10th position did. The reason being because she was a vet 35 and so was the winner. Therefore the winner took the vet 35 prize then the senior ladies took the overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd female placed prizes-work that one out!
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