Nike SDM - who uses it?

Does anyone have a Nike SDM that still works? If so, how long have you had it for? I've had two since January last year, both of which lasted less than two months. I have just got around to phoning Sweatshop re my latest one, and they said it was only the first batch that was faulty. If so, that would be great news because I much, much prefer the Nike to the Timex, but I am still very sceptical. Anyone actually using these?


  • Mine is about 18 months old and hubbies is a year old. We've had no problems.
  • My training partner has gone through 2 of them in the last 6 months... Those things certainly seem to be fidlish...
    btw, Ratcatcher, you are a technology freak!!! One Nike SDM, one brand new Polar S410, an old HRM that still works... How about a Casio, or Suunto, altimeter, barometer, and electronic compass watch next? I quite fancy one of these myself...
  • Nick, you found me out! I have been meaning to thank you for persuading me to buy the S410. It really is fantastic! The reason I was hesitating is because I do have more gadgets than talent (don't forget my Timex SDM as well). I am now living very frugally for a few months, so don't even start tempting me with anything else electronic.

    Slowmo, great news, though if both yours are even older than mine I wonder why mine both broke. I look forward to some good use out of my next replacement when it arrives.
  • So apart from slowmo, slowmo's husband and (possibly) Running Commentary who are using the Nike SDM without problems, everyone else seems to have given up on them. How sad!
  • Ratcatcher,

    There's a company in the States that make an SDM which is also an HRM (I forget the name, at the moment. So, when it comes to analysing the data, you can actually see precisely how your heart reat responds to an increase in pace... You could order one from the States; I think they're advertised on the American Runner's World website.
  • It's called the FitSense, and it's been universally panned by almost everyone that I've heard. If you do a search on the American RW forums there's loads about it.

    Inaccurate, unreliable and overpriced seems to be the verdict.
  • No, no, no, Nick - don't make me do it! I'm saving up to do the Polar Ice Cap Marathon next year, and mustn't, mustn't, mustn't waste any more money before that.

    Still, I do have a birthday in a few month's time. No harm in looking is there?
  • No EP, I'm a satisfied Timex man, not a Nike-ite. To be honest, I'd be reluctant to buy anything from Nike on principle, though I've heard little but complaints about their SDM in any case, so it makes the decision even easier.

  • For some reason I'm with RC on this one... I don't know why but I have this thing against Nike.. I've never had any problems (but then again I've never had any Nike stuff anyway) and I liken them as to the McDonalds of the sporting world, and we all know how much people like to bash MCdonalds don't we?!?

    Rc recommended the Timex (thru JoeTimex on eBay) and I've never looked back since... maybe that's why I'm getting a sore neck these days ;-)
  • i got given an sdm for my birthday a year ago and it still works fine...have used it a fair bit and i've found it accurate....
    only complaint is the shortish battery life...
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