Over 60s training.

I want to be a very fast runner in the Over 60 age group. I would dearly like to make contact with anyone over 60 who runs substantially faster tahn my times posted below:

10k 47.25
10m 1hr. 21mins.
1/2m 1hr. 47mins.
If there's anyone out there that you know fits the description please ask them to contact this thread (or find me on the Mature Runners thread under General) so that we can compare notes.
Thanks in advance.


  • Sorry JJ, I'm not there yet! And my times aren't any better than yours anyway
  • I'm not over 60 but I would be thrilled to be able to do you times. Good luck and do you enter and win many vet championships?

    Hope you find someone over 60 to compare notes with, I regularly meet a runner who is over 60 in my area and he is very knowledgeable and always get lots of good advice and encouragement from him. I think he is slower than you though.
  • And you already know about me,JJ.
    If I get to know of anybody else +60 will let thee know.

    With your times there won't be many on rw threads who are faster than you I would imagine.
  • JJ.Im not quite 60 well not untill march any way,I did the dartford 10 in 1 17 42,and tewkesbury half in 1 39 15,and my training is very similar to yours,but I do include quite a bit of hill work due to the fact that I live in a hilly part of s.e.london.
  • JJ

    I know you live somewhere on the south coast or thereabouts so why don't you:

    1) Examine the Sussex GP website to find which clubs did best in the Over 60's categories
    2) Go along to the club nearest you and remind any fellow oldies that your rugby playing past might intervene with their running future if they don't let on.

  • JJ
    After your info about despite starting serious running late in life and still being able to improve race times I would like to add my interest for other over 60s to join this thread.

    Its rather fascinating to find that one can speed up in time even when "old". Different for veterans who have been running for years and years as they no doubt suffer the disappointment of relative slowness. What I'm trying to say is has anyone else started late in life and able to substantially improve on their race times?
    There must be more out there to answer this judging by the number of "oldies" entering races in 10ks or 26milers.
  • JJ - I'm not yet 60, but when I am I'll be spending more time on the track than on the keyboard!
  • You all run a bloody sight faster than me, and im 37
    Keep it up and well done!
  • JJ- To affirm what you say I often wonder if there are a very few over 60s runners have access or even are PC-orientated. That would then explain the dearth of older members having owt to do with rw threads!
  • Just got the latest RW in the post this morning(on 30th!) and pleased to see useful articles allied to older runners. Generally this edition seems to be the best out for some time.
  • JJ Im up for grabbing a grany,but not to sit in front of this thread,me thinks.
  • There, it's that spotty tie JJ! I told you it was diseased, but I could tell you weren't taking me seriously. Tut, tut!

    (No sneezing, now.)

    p.s. hope you feel better tomorrow.
  • JJ
    I echo WPs wishes. Sometimes makes you wonder about exerting oursens at our age!
    Which reminds me and also encourages me.....A Californian chap by the name of Larry Lewis was a regular jogger from the age of 80.At 102 he worked 8 hours a day as a waiter in San Francisco besides doing six mile runs in the local park he walked 5 miles to work each day and usually walked home also.To celebrate his 102nd birthday he ran a 100 yard dash in 17.3 seconds! Maybe this was too much, for Larry died at the age of 104. The mind boggles.
    Do you reckon someone might start an over 80s thread?!
  • JJ,

    I've just been checking up on the net and have tracked down the fast bloke from my club. He recently ran 39:?? in a local 10k road race, but the results show he's a V55, not a V6*. Whoops! Good job I didn't ask him....! Sorry about that.

    Let me know if you'd still like me to ask about his training.
  • Wee Piglet
    That's near enough. I'd certainly be interested in an average week's training.
  • Johnny.J.
    I've just discovered the thread, so hope it is still active.
    I am a 68 year old club runner who runs mainly 10Ks nowadays, but very infrequently in the winter. My last 10K was in August last year when I won the over 60s race in 45:57.Although I have been running for many years I find nowadays,that it is much to easy to overtrain, but invariably do so and spend much of the winter injured. At present I am on another 'get fit' programme after 4 months of ankle problems.
    When fit I usually train on 4 days each week including at least one speed session with the club for a total of around 40 mpw.
    Hills and tempo running have always been important in my training and up to the recent past I rarely ran slowly. I find I cannot maintain that standard now and reluctantly have had to accept my limitations a thing which I find very hard.
    I would be pleased to compare training methods with you, and others, if you are interested.
  • Elce.
    Nice to see you've found the thread. Looks to me like you're pretty good. I'd certainly like to compare notes. However, I need to be elsewhere in a few moments so will contact you tomorrow. Apologies.
    In the meantime there's a bunch of (im)mature people under General that share lunacy and racing/training notes if you can bear it.
  • Elce
    My experience is exactly the same. I can't recover quickly so I'm forced to take plenty of rest days. This restricts the mileage. It's presenting a real problem as I'm training for the FLM but can still not do more than about the 40 miles p.w.
    Like you, I'm trying for quality but that means harder work with the attendant risk of injury. More later.
  • Hi JJ

    I remember reading an article on www.pponline.co.uk which looked into the reasons why we slow down as we get older. They concluded the leg cadence remained fairly high in the older runner though stride length started to noticeably reduce, the reason they gave for this was flexibility, an interesting article.

  • The last race I did (5 miles in 36:04)would have had me finish 5th (in the over 60 category), the over 60 winner finished in 32:57 and there was one representative for the over 70's who finished in 39:59!

    Without wanting to sound patronising I find times like that very inspiring and humbling, you know what I mean.

  • Hi Johnny,

    Have you tried crosstraining? I am not able to do a lot of running as I have bad achilles tendons so I crosstrain a lot. You can do intervals, speedwork or even long workouts on a bike. I have a turbo trainer so I alternate running with cycling. It helps a lot. Also, do you do weights?
  • Hi J.J. My last run in the London was in 1987 when I was in my 53rd year.I managed to get round in 2 hours 58 mins on an average of 50 miles per week working to a 26 weeks schedule. I would be interested to know what time you are aiming for, and whether this is your first marathon.
    Judging by your half marathon time I think it should be possible to run 3 hours 45 mins at London given the right conditions and consistent training. I still have all my training diaries for the past 20 years and would be pleased to refer back to my old schedules for ideas or tips that might help you. All the best Elce.
  • Elce.
    Thanks for your post. It will be my third marathon with a previous best of 4-11 two years ago. I'm definitely faster now. I will be reasonably happy with sub-4 but I think I ought to be capable of 3-50 given the usual caveats about injury & illness. I would be interested if your diaries reveal anything relevent info. about expected times for any distances off 40 miles per week around the age of 60-ish.

    Snake Hips.
    That makes real sense. I am quite tall, over 6'and long legged. I notice that my racing stride length is no more than people a good bit shorter than me. This was so noticeable that I spoke to a physio who offered to look at my leg flexibility and we found that it was well below normal. He is now working on that as a means of lessening the risk of overuse injuries and increasing speed. It's good to get confirmation that there could be something in it. Grateful for that tip. Thanks.
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