Over 60s training.



  • Ceal
    Definitely not racing seriously until the Autumn. No.2 daughter is doing a lot of gym work and treadmill running for the first time in her life and it has had a profound effect on her figure. She now wants to try a race or two with her dad so I have to encourage that by running with her. 5k or so will be the target distance and I can manage that.
    OK, what's your best recent 10k? We have to find a target.

  • JJ

    Good to hear about your daughter. Funnily enough my daughter, who has a 1 and 3 year old daughters has just been out and bought a pair of running shoes in order to get fit. She is very athletic and used to be a national swimmer and national juntior sailor. But has got very unfit with having childrena and breastfeeding etc. However, she has been out a few times and experienced no discomfort. Maddening that she finds it so easy. But I know for certain that she will not be doing any races!

    will your daughter, perhaps do one of the Tesco Fit for Life races, they are 5k, but I just remembered they are only for women. It is quite hard to run slowly isn't it! But you will feel a very proud father.

    I think we will be kicking the hell out of broadband tomorrow, when we both have a little more energy. Unfortunately, we are signed up for a year so I cannot see a way out, but we shall have a go!

  • JJ

    I had to go and look up my last 10k time. I have not run one since last May! My time was 54 mins. So I guess my target could be 51 mins.
  • Keep it in nice round numbers. 50mins 50 secs.
  • JJ

    I am still here, I did sprints in the gym on Saturday. Hard, as usual! Then I am gathering up the courage to go out in the rain for a long run this am. It is the wind I dislike more than the rain. I just feel it is not going to be very pleasant. I am going through a series of delaying tactics at present. I know once I am out there I shall love it as usual.

    When I was doing my sprints I was trying to run around 7 plus minute miles. That is what I found so hard. I managed a kilometer at a time, about 3 of them but had to take 5 minutes at 10 minute miles in between. I cannot believe I ran a whole half at that speed in 1986, although it is what I want to do again, sometimes it seem rather impossible. But must remain positive, at least I can run some distance at that pace.

    Hopefully we shall hear from Pussy today or tomorrow. LI is in Yarmouth all week, unless the bad weather drives them home early. Spud id out there somewhere, aren't you?
  • Yes, I am here Ceal. I love this thread.
    Good luck with the training.
    Hi JJ.
  • JJ

    I have just looked at the photos, there are numerous ones of yourself on Shirley's web site. Yes you certainly look as if you have just run a marathon on the photo at the end of race. I recognised a few names from different threads on the forum. You were there too Spud. I am not sure that I totally understand what the event was, other than the obvious race day.

    I have looked on www.actionphoto.net and I did not get very far with it. I could not find how to view the FLM. The site seemed to want to show me the Berlin half marathon photos, but that is all. What am I doing wrong? Are there any of yourself and Pussy?

    Your training sounded inspiring this am, 7 minute sprint and hill sprints all in the same session. Yes my legs go after hill sprints too.

    I managed to get outside eventually this morning, took the car to somewhere where I thought it wouldn't be so windy, wrong! I ran for 2 hrs 20 minutes. I have no idea how far I ran but hopefully somewhere near the 15 mile mark. I ran fairly steadily/slowly. I found it cold to start with, then warm and then cold again near the end of my run. The return home was into a head wind and I felt i wasn't getting anywhere, but somehow managed it home. I was rather wet, but it had only been a drissle most of the time, which is quite pleasant.
  • I have another question for everybody. I have a half to race a week on Sunday. I had to do my long run today (Monday) instead of yesterday due to social engagements. I usually run 9 miles for my longer run a week before a half race. But again due to social calendar I cannot run on Sunday again. Now do I do the 9 miles on this coming Saturday, which will be 8 days before the race and only 5 days since I have run 15 miles. Or shall I run 9 miles or even only 8 on the Monday before the race? I tend to favour the Monday and then only do 3 miles on Wednesday and again on Friday. But do you think it is too near to the race?
  • Ceal.
    I would do the 9 on Saturday, nothing on Sunday, your normal sequence but relatively gentle Monday - Thurs. Rest Friday and Saturday

    The pictures on Shirl's website are Forum members at the FLM sign-on meeting on the Friday evening and Forum supporters at FLM on race day together with pictures of Forum runners. Actionphoto piccies are on Shirl's website so don't bother to chase them.
  • Anna.
    Nice to see you again. You're always welcome. A calming presence if I may say so after some of the madness on other threads.
  • JJ
    I probably will do 9 on Saturday morning and then as you suggest fairly light the next week. Depending on how I feel I may well, only train on Monday and Wednesday. I sincerely hope that the wind will not continue like this. It is very cold this pm. I am hoping that the rhodedendrons will still be out at Sandringham.

    What work do you do to earn a crust jj? You obviously sit at a desk at least some of the day, and use a computer, I cannot guess what else is involved!

  • Hi Spud
    How is your training going? How many miles do you run each week to be able to run a very proficient 10 miles? What race are you training for next?
  • JJ
    Thanks for divulging as much as you have. It all sounds very interesting, stimulating and has certainly wet my taste buds! You do all that and found time to train for the FLM. I just faff around all day doing mundane shopping, housework, gardening cooking, looking after my elderly (difficult) mother and when possible have the grandchildren. All the things I expect Mrs JJ does as well as what ever it is she does. It seems to take me all my time to do what seems at the end of the day to be 'not much!

    Where has Pussy got to do you think? Must be all this sailing that is keeping her busy!

  • I train early a.m. as you know. I do domestic things and long runs at the weekends and I watch TV only rarely which frees up a lot of time.
  • Hi Ceal,
    I agree with JJ, 9M will be OK before your 1/2M.
    Now, you are asking me about my training.
    Sun: LSD at the moment doing 16 to 20K.
    Mon: rest
    Tue: 3x3K @10k pace
    Wed: rest or gym
    Thur: 8K steady @ 8min,20sec/mile
    Fri: track work alternating 200 or400 or 800 or 1M intervals.
    Sat: rest.
    I am planning to do a 1/2 in june.
    I hope things are well with you. Keep in touch.
    Hi JJ, how are things?
  • Anna. I'm well thanks. Hope you're similar. That's a good, hard working programme but with proper rest built in as part of it. Quality is better than quantity except, possibly, for marathons.
  • Anna
    Thanks for your training plan. It sounds very similar in principal to mine. I have decided that my long run on Monday will probably be my last 15 mile run till the middle of July. I will concentrate on training more specificially for the 10k races. Then when they are over I will build up again, ready for the half in Sept. So will aim to run 10-12 miles for my longer run. This will hopefully give the body a bit of a rest too!

    Where is your half in June?
  • Just passing through. Morning Ceal. Did a very hard one hour training run this morning with lots of 4min and 8min eyeballs out sessions. Can now just about get upstairs.
    Very satisfying.
  • JJ

    I am out now, going to Leicester. Just done 45 mins gentle jog.
  • Ceal

    What 1/2M are you doing, is it the Hinckly Half, I only wonder as you mentioned going into Leicester...

  • hi Ceal, I hope to do Borenham Wood 1/2 as it is near me. It is on the 22nd, I think...

    Do you do any track work, Ceal?

    JJ, your training sessions sounds lovely;)
  • Snake Hips

    No sorry, the half is at Sandringham. I live in the Northampton area, so it could easily have been Hinckley.
  • Spud

    No I do not do any track work, would be nice though, do you? I do most of my sprints on the treadmill. It is easier on the legs also I can monitor my speed more easily.
  • JJ
    I have tried to find the detail on the mature thread and have failed. Perhaps I have got the wrong end of the stick!

    Are you starting to reap the benefits of stopping all that distance training that you did for the FlM? I expect your body has recovered by now. I guess you must have if you did 1 hour of the Hard Stuff this am. I think that sometimes the sprint work takes as much out of one as running twice the distance much slower. Do you agree?
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