Over 60s training.



  • Ceal

    Ther int mutch rong wi yor spellin. Sorry,JJ, not trying to steal your thunder.
    Thats first time I've seen Sheffield mentioned on this thread. If your son is serious about the girl, he can't go far wrong, I married two good Sheffield girls. Not at the same time you understand!
    Now you know where I live.
    Impey now retiring until tomorrow.............zzzzzzzzzz
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    You were up late last night! A fairly new girlfriend, a teacher. Here's hoping 'cause she sounds nice, that must be the Sheffield influence. However, the location makes life difficult for them,'cause he lives in Brighton!

    Your positions in the race are good ones, I always look at the different positions too. It is very encouraging.

    We should look for a goood Derbyshire 10k to do, not too hilly mind.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    You are all in the pub tonight no doubt. Not a peep out of anybody ALL DAY!!

    How are the new shoes Spud?

    Pussy,I presume there is no chance of the sheep getting away from you. Now I know why you are so fast. I guess you saw a posting from me earlier saying we have cancelled our holiday. So I think it will be 12 months before we re-book and try and come again.
  • Its half-time so have come up to forum to see whats what.(Shef.Utd 0 Notts.For.1)

    Had a steady 6mile run,on the flat mostly, in 57m just before teatime. On the first 3mile lap there were these two young chaps who looked about late 20s running in opposite direction. Then on second lap they failed to meet at same spot, probably about 3minutes late! That makes it worthwhile for us "veterans" to keep on trying.
    Can you Ceal and JJ advise me on how to develop stronger more powerful legs? I seem to be alright with breathing but legs finding it that bit harder to cope going faster!
    Half-time must be over now, so going back to watch the Blades on Sky.
    See ya'all.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    I have phases when I do exercises at the gym for strengthening legs. Steps ups with weights, lunges also holding weights and leg presses on one of the machines. I tend to do them during a period when I am not intending to race. for me that is the winter. The exercises make one's legs more tired and thus running for a while can be hard. But your legs may be more tired at present because you are increasing your work load. Perhaps they need a good massage, that might help. Or a couple of days rest may do the trick. It will all come good in the end, just give them time.

    That reminds me who is Monique? You referred to her the other day, Pussy and I are alredy jealous!
  • Hi Ceal.
    Young lady who thread wanders a bit. Grows veg. on an allotment. Very attractive. Did something like 3-05 for FLM and was annoyed because she'd targeted 2-40. After 3 weeks off post-FLM she ran an 87 minute hilly 1/2m last weekend. I'll try and find a piccie.
  • Ceal/Li
    go to www.actionphoto.net.
    select Photographs.
    select UK then Flora London M.
    number 183
    Enlarge the photo by clicking on it.
  • JJ

    All I can get is Berlin half or Berlin full Marathon even after selecting UK.
  • Hi LI.
    Use the mouse. don't use the 'enter' key. Even so I still had to have about 4 attempts so it's not you.

    A few things for leg strength.

    1. Slow, long distance runs - 1/2m upwards.Very time consuming.
    2. Steady runs up a long steepish hill. Several reps.
    3. Cross country training and racing. The unevenness of the ground and constant changes in balance and weight distribution causes all the muscles in the legs, ankles and feet to work very hard.
    4. Weights. Especially squats. Use a weight that makes your legs begin to feel a bit tired after 6-8 reps. Do three or four sets of reps. Once that gets easier don't increase the reps, increase the weights. Be cautious to start with and don't overdo the weight.

    Getting your legs going faster won't necessarily come from strength work. Increased speed can also come from simply training the legs to move faster. You have fast and slow twitch fibres in your muscles. Most people have a bit more of one than the other. Others have a lot more. That's why there are people who are pure sprinters or ultra runners.

    You can develop your fast twitch fibres by building in a sprinting session as part of the weeks training. Warm up, stretch. 6 - 8 x 100 metres flat out. Warm down stretch.
    When you are doing normal runs put in fast bits; especially if it's very gentle down hill.
  • JJ

    Got it! I always use mouse and at first again it wouldn't load up. Then suddenly..yes.

    Beautiful pics....presumably P?

    Now wheres yours then JJ.

    Thanks a million for the detailed advice for me. It looks best for me to concentrate on hillwork and sprints if as you say strength work is not guaranteed to do the trick. I will give weighted squats a whirl.
    Shef Utd won so pleased about that, now ready for bed.
  • Ceal/LI
    There's a lot more FLM commentary and photos on www.the-sty.comm.
    Scroll down a few inches to 'Meerkats FLM report'. I may have pointed this out before. I wasn't the only male there!
    A lot of Forumites arranged to meet at FLM registration and there was a big group of supporters on FLM day out at Mudchute (18 miles). The pics. come from those two events.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    It looks as if you were late to bed and early to rise, or is that the norm?

    I think that there must have been problems with this site yesterday evening around 10.00pm. I had trouble submitting a message and then this morning there was no sign of any messages having arrived in my e-mail box. It was only becasue I looked that I saw 6 more postings of which I was totally oblivious.

    I had already visited Shirle's page, but it was good to go there again. I found Monique very easily to find, whereas in the past, Impy, I too have not found it easy to acess different photo's due to the Berlin Marathon wanting to take over my life! Yes I see what you mean about Monique, fast too you say, sickening, I say. On a more generous note she is obviously very fit with talent for running.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Just got back from a very sweaty session at the gym. I'll attempt to describe what I did. I get in such a muddle mixing kilometers and miles per hour, but I think I have cracked it, so here goes.
    I ran over all for 55 mins with a 10 minute warm up and cool down. In between this I ran as follows:--

    1500 at 7.6 minute miles
    400 recovery at 10 mm
    1200 at 7.5 mm
    200 recovery at 10mm
    800 at 7.4 mm
    100 recovery at 10mm
    400 at 7.3 mm
    400 recovery at 10mm
    1500 at 7.6 mm

    I do hope that makes some sense, please correct me JJ if I am making no sense at all, or if you think I have got it all wrong. for example I ran the 1500 at 13kph and each speed upped by .2 of a kph each time I reduced the distance!

    On a different note I hope that you are not having to burn the midnight oil again today, and that all is well with work for both you and Mrs JJ.

  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    This digusting weather at present is certainly fueling your competitive desire to do another race. I am sure you will be entering it, have you ran 7 miles before? I presume it is miles not kms.
    I usually only do one speed session each week like today. I will also do a continuous speed session in the week too, whereby I do not run as fast as today but take it to a speed just beyond comfort. I think I call 7 miles in 55 minutes quite fast.
  • Ceal

    I sometimes get confused with the treadmill speeds. After taking my time and studying your run times for today I now realise that when on fast runs you were doing around 9 mph and recovery runs at 6 mph. Now that makes me see it more clearly!

    Weather rain all day so it was gym for me too. Didn't do too much on treadmill after doing 6 miles yesterday. But did a little speedwork just over 8 mph for a time....thats really fast for me!!!

    You did mention if there might be any 10k in Derbyshire without a lot of hills. Not sure, but I doubt if there would be flat courses as Derbys is notorious for hills as you know.

    I am not in a hurry for any more races as I need to train more without undue pressures. Next year is my goal for achieving more at the ripe state pension age. Maybe even the Doncaster half-m next March. Its summat to mull over anyway! And both JJ and yourself have already given me ideas.
  • Ceal.
    This is an odd distance over up and down parkland so time's irrelevent. It's just that I would go for a Sunday run of about that distance anyway so I might as well enjoy a bit of competition and see some Forumites. It's only 10 mins. away by car.

    You've got the right idea. Make haste slowly.
    If you are loking for races try the 'Events' box (grey) on the line above the Forum titles. You will be given a set of search parameters which could help you find something. Most races are on there.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    I have never had much success finding events from the RW event search, it seems unless you know what you want (so you know anyway) it always comes up with unsuccessful attempt. I will be interested to know how you get on Impy. this brings me to another question Impy, why the name Lincoln Imp when you do not live there. JJ I now know where you live, the other end of the world! All these revelations! disgusting weather still so guess you'll be runnin the 7 miles. Let us know how it goes, you are competetive, so I know that on some level the time WILL matter! But I do understand about running a longer distance and the fact it might as well be a race and running with other people rather than on one's own.
  • Ceal/JJ
    Not found any races in Derbys as yet. The next definite race I will be doing is the 6mile trail run in October(Rother Valley again s.e. of sheffield). Also possible is a 10k in Great Yarmouth which is scheduled sometime in the summer.
    Why Lincoln Imp? Mainly because I was born there and lived there until 31 years old.Also still have affection for the old place and it's people. As well as the football team(the Imps!).
    Mrs LI and I have just been down to the Don Valley stadium to look at their gym and running track. Looks okay so we may join later in year(Instead of Handsworth gym). I particularly like the idea of using the running track.£20 per month for all facilities can't be bad.

    We are most likely going to caravan for a few days tomorrow.

  • LI
    Enjoy the caravan. £20 a month including a running track has to be good news. No joining fee?
  • LI
    If you click on 'EVENTS' on the time line and just fill in Month, Region (NORTH) and Surface (ROAD) you will get a lot of events listed. June has 4 pages. Obviously many of them are not relevent but a quick glance shows some in the area you want, I think.
    Just change the month each time.

    Sorry if you've tried it already.
  • For 'time' read 'top'.
    Fingers JJ
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Thankyou for teaching me to use the RW events page. I had success for the first time without knowing just about every detail of the race I was looking for.

    There are no races in Derbyshire in the forseeable future that would be suitable for us both. I think that one has to live and train in the peaks to run the fell races!!!! However, I will kepp my eye scanned ocassionally, now that I know how to use the events facility.
    Yes I can see why you are called Lincoln Imp. My husband has been glued to the TV for 5 HOURS now watching the cup final including the build up. which seems to take as long as the match itself!
    The £10 a month seems a very good price, is it council subsidised?

    Enjoy the caravan, you will be missed. I shall be away from Thursay through to Sunday, down in Croydon, hopefully living it up. Funeral is on Wednesday, so need a break of some sort.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Are you OK, even if you are not we love to hear from you and if you are OK we would still love to hear from you!
  • Ceal.
    I'm sure you will have worked out by now that if you had put in the same parameters but added '10k' in the 'distance' field you would have got all the 10k races in the north in June.
  • JJ/Ceal

    Tried the Events pages again just now and May/June comes up with nowt for 10k within shouting distance,i.e.50 mile radius.
    But not unduly worried for the present.
    I was telling a lie about the gym fee, it is not £20 its actually £19.99p per month! Anyway, there is no joining up fee so that is quite an incitement.
    Mrs Impey surprised me today on coming back from gym yesterday there was a framed picture of impey on the coffee table (taken 1 minute after finishing the 10k last Saturday). She had used the digital camera after which the floppy discs pics are simply printed off via the PC. Handy that as we don't know of any races around here that provide photo services.
    Later on this a.m. will be loading up car for California Cliffs.
    See you anon. Dusvidarnya.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Yes I had sussed what to do re search events/distance. I thought the only thing that I had been doing wrong was not putting anything in on the first line ie where/what the event is. So by putting in 'any', I received a list. I was doing it for Derbys yesterday and received a lot of info. There was a 10k race in particular I wrote down because I thought may be Impy and I could do it. However, Elvaston is too far for Impey, and I have a race 3 days later. However, when I was getting nowhere this morning I put in all the info asked for on this paricular race. It is the Sinfin Classic June 1st 10k flat. I could not even make that come up. I always have a problem with Northamptonshire, deciding what area of the country we are. I suppose East fits the bill. Over to you, you hacking wonder man. Hope race has gone well by the time you read this. Grotty day for those of us who want it a little warmer. Just had my breakfast before going a long run.
  • Blimey, you lot. Just dropped in after doing my Sunday internet banking (why are some of them so complicated and others are a piece of cake?) Unfortunately the more complicated they are the better rates they pay - so I can't tell them to stuff it! You don't half chatter. Us lot seem to have used up 48 pages. Is this a record and will we make the system crash with our chatter. Weather still wet and sheep still woolly. Try again tomorrow.
    Fleetingly, P
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Hi Pussy
    You want to take a look at mature runners thread they do about 100 postings a day, I could not keep up with that volume! I agree with you about the internet banking, we like to keep out passwords etc the same if possoible but some of the banks have such different security checks that we periodically forget our passwords. which causes all sort of complications. Maybe it's good are not in Cornwall this week if it is wet!
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