Over 60s training.



  • Good, that wasn't lost.

    Now two days training data.....

    Sunday a.m.
    An "easy" run from the house on a local up and down route.  All runs around here have hills involved whichever direction is taken.  Total 7 miles including last mile warmdown slow jog/walk.  Lovely fine and sunny day for it. 
    Mile laps.... 10.15,10.50, 10.59(steepest hill), 10.09, 9.37, 10.10 and 15.10.

    Monday lunchtime/pm.
    Again beautiful fine day for a lsr.  Used the same tpt section as last Wednesday plus extra 2 miles.

    10.32....130/155 (spike caused peak!)
    10.35....134/159 (same spike)

    Times slower than I wanted but then I don't normally do a lsr without a restday the day before.
    Gives the week a better start.  19 miles.  Will enjoy the rest tomorrow !

  • Impey Nice work with the 12 miler. Glad to see the fine weather being enjoyed north of Watford too.
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭


    Sharkie - You are an early bird image

    Impey - very nice long run image

  • Good Morning all,

    looks like you will have  great conditions for your session this evening. Enjoy.

    It seems everybody is enjoying the warmer conditions for training in , and why not!!! I hope MickC is reaping the same benefits of the warmer weather, 'cause if anybody deserves a bit of warmth it's him.  

    I hope you get the blister under control today. What a bummer that your massage lady is leaving as she was the only one who got to your calf under control recently.

    a great 12 miler and again a very steady pace with matching steady HR. Isn't it good to start a week with a respectable  number of miles under one's belt. I think Norton are not the Rolls Royce of anti-virus's that they used to be. Which is when they earned their respected name.

    I forgot to say what a good finishing position you achieved on Sunday, your age grading was very respectable too.

    Yes, Norton are taking the piss I think! A fast mile in your session yesterday with no extra effort has to be good.

    I hope you enjoyed your fartlek session last pm. Great conditions for it.

    Another beautiful day here. I managed to get quite a bit of gardening done yesterday, which feels very satisfying. I have the Gym today, so I am trying to resist going for a run this morning, to let everything recover before a proper session tomorrow. I will have to pin my legs to the ground as they are itching to get out in the sunshine.

  • Good morning

    Back at Pinner again since yesterday when I discovered one of the perks of Granddadding; that is that someone else feeds the baby, another someone else makes the tea, yet another puts out the chair, and someone switches on the sunshine; all Granddad has to do, in the same order, is: forget it, drink it, sit on it, and soak it up. That could be what life is really about.


    PTP2 Day 30

    6.24M; 1:14:20; 11:54/M; hr146 m159; easy with middle 2M raised >75% whr
    11:08 hr143 m151 fair bit of downhill in that
    12:05 hr146 m159 don't know why that max is so high
    11:58 hr151 m156 first mile w raised HR - doesn't make sense does it?
    12:09 hr151 m157 second mile ditto both slower respectively than the first 2
    12:14 hr144 m153 that makes more sense
    11:52 hr143 m151 that doesn't, there's a fair bit of uphill

    I can't really say any more than I've commented above. It was a good, enjoyable run; hard to keep the HR raised for the whole 2M though. Still a bit chilly though.


  • good morning

    good couple of days there back to back which is all to the good. Your 12 miler was very consistent after a tough run the day before. Must be the sunshine effectimage

    AVG is the way to go on anti virus software says my SinL who "does" IT.
    I will post a link in the next post

    good effort for a southern softieimage!
    Cumulative fatigue and the body's efforts to overcome it often have a strange effect on HR

    I must be doing something wrong in this grandad bit!!!

    good finishing position for the tough race but no - its just that everyone else ran worseimage!

    you need more miles!!! 40 odd years only makes you an incomer!

    hope you had a better night after your run

    did the daffodils polish up nicely?

    A bit chill here and overcast so back to tights and a long sleeve techie
    Worries about turning into a southern softie sent me back to the stiff hill start run this am to do 6.55 miles in 55:13 and avHR 135 (69%WHR) and a max of 147

    1m 9:44 hr 127 uphill!!!!
    2m 7:56 hr131
    3m 8:07 hr137
    4m 8:09 hr136
    5m 8:46 hr141 Hipps Hill
    6m 8:08 hr137
    .55 4:19 hr138

     all fairly uneventful

  • avg free edition software plus options to upgrade

    Just realised my ermark about polishing daffodils may not have made much sense without some background. My apologies if I have told this before.

    Some years ago someone (not me!!) had the bright idea of removing the large and well established rockery in the back garden and building a patio there as it was an area of virtually continuous sunlight.

    Now when I say rockery it was about 4'0" high above general ground level and had boulders of fairly immense sizes layered across its sides.A preliminary dig by yours truly revealed the reason for said rockery - it concealed a wartime concrete air raid shelter cast over an Anderson metal frame. Inside it was perfectly dry and the old benches and torch bulbs and wiring used for lightiing were still intact.

    I tried to argue that it should be preserved for the nation but a higher authority overruled me. Because it was located right at the back of the garden I could not get machinery in to break it up without destroying the lawn so one May Bank holiday my son and I set to work with pick axe and sledgehammer to break  out the 6" of 60 year old concrete after having cleared the boulders and many tons of earth off the structure.

    As luck would have it, it was a fine, sunny day and after some hours we were well and truly knackered with still a lot to do. My son turned round to see his Mum in the distance going around dead heading some daffodils.

    His remark of " Just look, here we are breaking our backs and there's Mum polishing the daffodils" has become part of  family folkloreimage!!

  • Another fine morning, another few windows replaced.

    Great running, Impey.

    Good finish position JJ. Shame you'll miss PW, but given the choice I would certainly be off to Hong-Kong myself!

    aws, you certainly seem to have a good model for grandparenting there; like TS, I must have got it wrong!

    Farlek was quite challenging, and my legs have some tender spots today. We did the same type of session as last time - jog between lamposts, then run faster to the next one, then jog again. A few repeats of runing faster to the next lampost, then accelerating again to the next one, and even a third acceleration once or twice. Overall pace doesn't really tell the story, but including warm-up and cool-down we ran 5.37 miles, and my fastest mile was 9:29 pace, top speed 10.6 miles per hour (probably for a few metres!). MaxHR 164.

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Just finished weeding the back garden.
  • Afternoon all

    Tracey's been polishing her weeds! Very posh!

    I need to eat and made the mistake of checking the work email so may need to nip over later and be very nice to the staff...................

    Run done.

    11.01 miles in 2:21.

    12:11   flattish
    11:51   flattish
    12:19   lost the plot
    11:59   flat
    11:59   note the amazing cosistency of pace
    11:02   same flat but I went a bit faster
    15:17   then it went ip the s0dding hill
    12:59   down hill. thick overhanging trees lost the signal. I was really 7 minute miling
    11:17   a bit down
    14:12   upsy downy in the park
    16:24   saw a friend who was pushing her bike up the hill and we had a nice chat

  • EmptyEmpty ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all

    What a lovely couple of days, with lots of good running going on.

    Sorry forgotten what was on previous page.

    Didn't manage to get out yesterday as we had a man in to sort out of freeview tellies and then managed to get Liz out to the town and lunch out in the open air, very nice. First time Liz has been out since her birthday in January.

    So although I've got a club session tonight I couldn't resist running along the promenade in the sunshine so 3 miles in 26 mins - well roughly as I left Garmie tuning in on the conservatory window sill !! 

    Tonights session is scheduled to be 2 x 20 mins at threshold pace.

    Mike T

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    K2 - Can I put the weeding down as cross training image

    Empty - Sounds like you had a lovely lunch out in the sun yesterday. Must have put a smile on Liz's face image

  • Diana
    lamp post fartleks sound ideal - but there can be a lot of them in 5.7 miles!!!  Like the 10.6mphimage
    I'vejust replaced a pane of glass in the front door if that is any assistance to your refenestration

    weeds are good!!

    Big miles there - well done.

    sounds a good day was had by all in the sun. Enjoy the run tonight.

    I am off shortly for a hash around Boroughbridge followed by pie and chips and beerimage...........................

  • ....................it's an endurance session honestly!
  • Lovely story TS  image

    I have been out again for another short session, bad start as cass chased after a remote control truck and had to go on the lead, it was very exciting and she was not very co-operative until the truck and owner left!

    MT it was good that you got out with Liz and managed a run too  image

    Good cross training Tracey, I have done weeding this week too always has to happen when my mum is about!!

    Good run K2 even the s*dding hill!

    .... best go cook!

  • Empty
    I bet Liz was glad to be able to get out for a break.
    Lovely weather for a run - I know what you mean about being tempted to go for a run. Sometimes its's just too good to miss.

    Of course it's cross training!

    More like the run being down to panic........  image

    Big, but not big enough.

    Serious endurance training for you.

    I'd better go and wash the breakfast pots. Must remember not to nip over to work for half an hour next time I think of it. It turned unto 4 hours but all good stuff.

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    Evening all. Some good running as usual, especially from Impey with two consecutive runs making 19 miles. Nice one. 

    Empty - pleased to hear Liz was able to get out and about again.

    I used to run Norton but got a bit suspicious when the only time it reported a problem in two years was shortly after my paid-up time ended for the second year. It said I would need to renew my subscription to fix the problem. I couldn't see anything wrong with my system so just ignored it. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

    Had a hard club session last night. There were 13 of us, more than usual, and Bob the leader set off at a cracking pace after the warm-up. We did 7.3 miles in just under the hour. That's pretty much racing pace for me to be honest but I was pleased not to be dropped. I did think I was in danger of that halfway through but a few of the leaders were tiring and I eventually overtook a few runners to finish fairly strongly.Getting to know quite a few people now so that's nice.

    TS - I was a bit puzzled by your comment - "You need more miles!!! 40 odd years only makes you an incomer!" I agree about more miles, but what 40 odd years and what's an incomer? image

  • Graham
    You're doing well! Good to have a strong finish.

    Of course not. The servants do those.

  • Graham - I think incomer means newcomer, like you haven't put real roots down yet. You know these northerners don't recognise you as one of them until 3 generations have past, if then. Not like us southerners, we  never accept anybody.image


  • aws
  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    aws - Right, thanks. I hadn't linked the 40 years TS mentioned to the comment I made about the time I've spent up north! Stupid of me.

  • EmptyEmpty ✭✭✭

    Evening all

    Speed session tonight 2 x 20 mins at threshold, ran with another group member who'd run Hastings. Splits were

    Lap 1 - 1 miles - 9:31(9:31/m) - 134bpm avge  - 159bpm max - 121cal - warm up

    Lap 2 - 1 miles - 7:38(7:38/m) - 149bpm avge  - 152bpm max - 127cal
    Lap 3 - 1 miles - 7:41(7:41/m) - 150bpm avge  - 155bpm max - 121cal
    Lap 4 - 0.57 miles - 4:17(7:30/m) - 157bpm avge  - 160bpm max - 73cal

    Lap 5 - 0.37 miles - 4:00(10:47/m) - 133bpm avge  - 158bpm max - 48cal - 2mins jog out/ 2 min jog back

    Lap 6 - 1 miles - 7:36(7:36/m) - 148bpm avge  - 153bpm max - 123cal
    Lap 7 - 1 miles - 7:37(7:37/m) - 152bpm avge  - 156bpm max - 126cal
    Lap 8 - 0.64 miles - 4:48(7:29/m) - 152bpm avge  - 154bpm max - 81cal

    Lap 9 - 0.05 miles - 1:35(31:39/m) - 120bpm avge  - 154bpm max - 6cal
    Lap 10 - 0.98 miles - 9:20(9:31/m) - 129bpm avge  - 140bpm max - 118cal

    Total 7.61 m in 1.03.59, ave 8.24, ave HR 143, wHR 74%.

    Mike T

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Some good runs everyone

    Don't tell TS but i had pizza today

    4 miles esarly this morning

    I'm a southern but parents were Irish so i will talk to anyone

  • Morning all

    I can't - he has his uses.   image

    And for a long time....?

    Must dash - I though my massage was on Friday and it's at 8.30.

    Therefore NRD.

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