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  • Good morning

    PTP2 Day 31

    5.03M; 1:02:54; 12:30/M; hr135 m150; slow
    12:42 hr133 m140
    12:26 hr136 m141
    12:58 hr136 m142
    12:18 hr136 m149 includes nasty short steepish hill
    12:07 hr136 m150 hill finishes in this mile hence the m150

    M150 sounds like a motorway. I don't like this hill so for a long time I avoided running this route until I got the HRM. Now I attack the blighter even on a slow run and it sometimes turns out the fastest part of the whole thing.


  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭
    JJ - I was born in Buckinghamshire too. In the south of the county though, Beaconsfield. I literally hadn't been further north than Northampton until the age of 16 when a friend and I went on a walking holiday in the Lake District.
  • Good Morning,

    the steepish hill didn't raise your av HR just your MHR. I sometimes find that because one has to push up a hill that it turns out faster than on the previous flat bit. But more often than not I lose pace despite effort.  Steady running from you again. Very steady.

    A speed session after the gruelling Hastings race was a tough call.  Your 1000 m's time was a good one.

    Love the Daffodil/Anderson shelter story, just love it. BUT I now have to defend my corner, I got dirty when polishing my daffodilsimage. Hope you had  good pie and chips last night, oh and a good run too!

    I may have said this before but I find fartlek one of the hardest training sessions, I think they are a very good way of training. With new windows, hopefully, you won't have to clean them for a good while!

    Brill news that Liz was able to get out in the sunshine yesterday and could enjoy herself, which means that you were a happy bunny too. Good tempo x 2 last night. I note that your 2nd 20 mins was around 7 seconds faster than the first with a very slightly lower HR.

    Good number of miles ran by you yesterday, a good chat tooimage

    Your club run was a very speedy 7+ miles.

    It is good to hear that you are getting your training in regularly again now. Cass sounds as she makes your life difficult when doing so!

    Gym session went well yesterday. It was  2 x 2 mins for each exercise again. I increased my dead lift weight for one of the 2 min reps to 55 lbs. It seemed ok so I guess next week I shall have to do both reps at that weight. My session works out at around 22 mins of weight work altogether. On the ladder drills some of it was done running backwards (in and out of the boxes), coming straight after the endurance work on the machines I found that really got to my quads. 

    Matilda (9yrs) was selected to run for her school yesterday in an indoor athletics's meet. There were 48 schools and her school finished 4th. She was very chuffed. She was first in her individual run. I think it was 6 times around a large School hall. Her team came 2nd in the relay, this was the result that she was most pleased with. She is not at all competitive, so was good to hear her delight.

  • good morning

    aws got the translation right for youimage
    Good club run - how is the recovery  which is the important bit?

    excellent session after a hard weekend

    ditto even if you felt the pace was a bit off

    I saw that image!!

    looks good particularly the hill attack  - you were obviously just warmed up by then!

    Love the mental picture of Cass chasing after model truck - found one big enough to really attack!

    gym session sounds tough!! BAckewards running really does work the muscle groups
    Good news about Matilda - she chose her grandparents carefullyimage!!

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭
    TS - Recovery quite good thanks. I've just been for a 5K and felt quite good, no stiffness or twinges.
  • went out early into gorgeous spring sunshine after 5.2 miles last evening on flat river and canalside running apart from 0.5 miles on a footpath in a ploughed field where the farmer had decided to add the footpath to his winter wheat area - good ankle breaking stuff!!!
    The pie, chips and beer (Black Sheep BItterimageimageimage) were excellent and worth the drive - and the run!

    The gorgeous sunshine rapidly turned into thick mist as I descended the hill into lower Harrogate and it ws bl**dy cold in a short sleeved techie tee around the Stray where the mist had formed over the grass and was rolling off in thick billows onto the paths and roads

    7.1 miles done in 59:55 and avHR135 with a max of 150 as I raised the pace just a tad to get out of the mist and back onto the sunny uplands

    1m 7:56 hr131 don't often start of with one of these!!
    2m 8:41 hr135 all up hill
    3m 8:23 hr136
    4m 8:41 hr135
    5m 8:36 hr147 part Hipps Hill
    6m 8:33 hr140 the rest of it
    7m 8:31 hr138

    Pace quite consistent despite hills aided by the need to get out of the mist!!

    The daffodils are coming out in full flower round the Stray to replace the crocus but there was no one polishing them todayimage

  • Graham
    good news - you just need to stretch that run out a bit after the club session and your aerobic fitness will improve quite a bit
  • TS
    We had same mist down here in the South, but luckily it had lifted by the time I went down to the track. Your aerobic fitness is returning, however,  it never seems to be buried to far away in your body. 

    recovery speed is a great indication of your aerobic  fitness

  • I nipped down to the track this morning, and it was bathed in sunshine and hardly any wind was blowing. So no excuses!!

    I managed to spill all the contents of my water bottle over some tops that I had taken to change into if I got too hot/cold and soaked a small towel. The downside was that I was only left with 4 mouthfuls of water when I had finished my session.

    Programme today called for 1 mile warm up and cool-down at recovery pace and  in between this:-

    1 x 2k at half marathon pace, 9.44 mins. 2 mins recovery--approx 300 m's
    2 x 1 mile at 10k pace, 7.25 mins, 2 mins recovery after each.
    2 x 1k at 5k pace, 4.25 mins,  with 2 mins recovery after each
    2 x 800 at 3k pace =  3.26 mins, 2 mins recovery after each

    I decided to run them by effort rather than the stated pace but to make sure that each change of pace showed a difference!

    Mile warmup, 9.05 mm, av HR 109

    2k, 9.31 mins, av HR 130, MHR 140----10 secs faster than last week.  
    1 mile, 7.17 mins, av HR 141, MHR 148---10 secs faster than last week.
    1 mile, 7.20 mins, av HR 143, MHR 151---an addition mile rep to last week.
    1k, 4.25 mins, av HR 147, MHR 154---3 secs faster than last week
    1k, 4.27 mins, av HR 147, MHR 153---1 sec faster than last week
    800, 3.26 mins, av HR 148, MHR 155--3 secs faster than last week and spot on this week
    800, 3.26 mins, av HR 146, MHR 154--7 secs faster than last week and again spot on.

    Mile cool down, 9.17 mm, av HR 119. 

    There was an extra 1 mile rep at 10k pace thrown in this week and I didn't seem to find this dauting at all. I can remember looking at the session last week before I started it and feeling quite scared.

    total mileage with all the bits and pieces was 9.5 miles.

  • Ceal

    that was a nice speed ladder but with no way down!!!

    Particularly liked the 800's to finish off the session when your legs should have been feeling it a bit but your pace judgement overall was right on the money.
    I think you must be being too conservative in your timesimage!!

    Looong way to go on my aerobic fitness but thanks anyway - when they all start with a 7 I will be getting there image

  • None running news...

    offer accepted on house we like!

    Now the fun starts....  image  image  not sure which expression to use!

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    imageWell done to Matilda image

    sharkie - looking forward to seing photos of your new house. How are the Hasting runs after their race?

  • sharkie
    Brill news. All the best with the next stage of house purchasing! Did you not go to track last pm? It doesn't read like you did.

    Thanks. It was a good job there wasn't a way down offered, 'cause I would have been left at the top! My legs were able to take the 800's this week, which was very pleasing. But they are knackered now.

    I don't think that I commented on your ref to my half mara pace. Yes it would be a good time if I did one. But I haven't trained for a half mara, and unlike yourself, I would struggle for the last 2 miles to hold things together especially at 7.48 pace. But I do believe I could do a good 10 miler but I can't find one in the next month that appeals to me. After that I shall be 5k training.   My best half mara time is 1:44 but I know IF I did the right training I could be faster than that now. But I am not tempted in the least.  

  • ceal Of course I did!

    I'm just composing my interminable report after writng a load of replies to the DTTers.

  • sharkie
     I will wait patiently for your report. X

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Not long back from a 4.02 mile run.


    AHR 143

    MHR 156

    11.45 HR 134

    11.36 HR 149

    11.29 HR 145

    11.24 HR 148

  • Last night at track:

    After a lovely day by seven o clock it was actually pretty cold, and by the time I'd walked and jogged, drills-and-strided, then put my spikes on, my feet were blocks of ice. No sensation in middle toes of right foot. Later I found myself harumphing quietly when, for some reason, Pete said, "sprinters need flexible feet." Mine felt about as flexible as two small bricks at that point.

    The session was meant to cater for everyone - including those who were suffering from running Hastings on Sunday. Two of the valiant six weren't there. Lightweights! S. - who ran the whole thing on his toes of course - was there but gave up after running 30 metres. Another managed half the session at a reduced intensity. Which left L, who had taken it easy accompanying J. round the course so wasn't suffering much, and Mr. S. whose verdict on the race was as follows:

    "I've done a race I didn't want to do, I didn't enjoy it, I didn't get a good time and I've buggered up my real training for at least a week." I resisted pointing out that no-one forced him to enter because he knows that. 

    Anyway even though he had been moaning for two days about various aches and pains and walking around like Douglas Bader, last night he put full effort in and really enjoyed himself.

    The session? What's known as 1 minute 150s. 2 sets of 4 consecutive 150s, recovery is whatever is left of one minute after you've run the 150. Lap walk betweeen sets

    "So, see how sympathetic I'm being, you don't have to run them THAT hard," said Pete.

    "Yeah, but," complained Mr. S (yes he is a bit of a strop) "if you don't run them fast then you get hardly any recovery?"

    Coach, "You can't have everything, sunshine."

    I did 3x 150 in the alloted 4 minutes by the way. I had a dispensation on account of extreme age and being only girl - but I did run them very hard and found the 6th rep almost un-doable.

    Finished the evening with 150 - 100 - 50, with walk back recoveries. 120 - 80 -50 for me. Another good tough session.

    EDIT - forget to say earlier - I ALWAYS do backward running as part of my warm up. Usually  just 3  x 30 metres. Fires up the glutes apparently. I'm the only person who does it. I also walk up whole stretches of steep hill backwards when I'm out shopping. This is mainly to take the pressure off my quads and because I am a bit bonkers and don't care about appearing as such. 

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    sharkie - do I take it that, that will be Mr S's last Hastings Halfimage
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Sharkie - Good news re the house hope things run smoothly from here on

     take it no tea and sympathy was offered to those who did the half - quite right too image

    Ceal - I like your session again

    I did not run today i have a niggly hamstring -JJ i hope its not your one that gave you jip. so i'm staying at home tonight no race. I think i may have over compensated on my run and its affected it. Ok i've had my 3 doses of bad luck so its got to be better from here on

  • Tracey Too right...

    well that's what he says now.

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    sharkie - I hope they don't mention the words 'marathon' next time. I am meant to be doing the Fetch mile at the end of the month.

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Have you done The Harvel 5 before? Whatsit like?

  • Pammie I first met aws at the Harvel 5  image   Both JJ and aws have raced this one.

    It is a friendly race, I have done it 3 times I think and Mike has joined in too!  Tea and cake available on the green afterwards and good beer in the local pub (I think only cans were available on the green).  Mike and I lunched at the pub and Mike watched some local cricket afterwards.

  • Pammie - I've done it three times and I always look forward to it. It's mainly on roads but there's a stretch off-road in Trosley Country Park which is rather nice, it's on stony paths which get quite muddy in places so don't use your clean new shoes. There's also one steepish hill in the park but it's quite short, even I can manage it. Not a PB course though but a most enjoyable and friendly event.


  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Morning all.

    JJ - you are turning into your running club pacer image

  • Good Morning,

    good pacing again for your club runners. You are welcome to put your competitive urges into action any time!!

    sorry to hear about  a naughty hammie, I hope it's just a very minuscule blip.

    as you say another good one. I can relate to the 1 min reps. I have done a similar session with Julian but a different distance ever 2 mins. Some of the group would run the reps slower with hardly any rest others (me) would run them fast in order to get some static rest/recovery! Not sure which is the best of the two.

    Re the backwards running, I felt it in my quads!!! But I had just finished my weights and I was not doing regular running, but 2 steps (one step with each foot) outside the ladder box then the same inside the ladder box, afap.

    Another glorious day ahead, by that I mean sunshine.    

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭


    Good running weather today.

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