Over 60s training.



  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭

    thanks ceal and the Bonnie purred into life like the thoroughbred she is.
    Guess what I am off doing?  I just love this semi-retired thingy.


  • TS,

    It is still your birthday.   Thus I also say a very happy birthday to you image

    Crafty blighters,  hiding and cheating there way to catch you up.  It's the only way they would ever do it, eh?!


    And a happy Bonnie day for you.   Must be a great treat to be on two speedy wheels instead of speedy legs image


    I was most impressed with the horses painting.  I've said it before but this time the detail is even more brill.

    Blasted wind,  I simply hate it...... Couldn't avoid it anyway and just had to get on wi'it.
    Legs were tiring very quickly today so was happy to keep it at 6 miles bearing in mind I don't want to overdo things before the 10k Sunday.

    10.14 Headwind,
      9.58 both h/wind and t/wind
      9.42 bit of both again
      9.43 far side of lake, sheltered from wind
      9.46 x-wind mostly
      9.51 mostly b/wind but too tired to take advantage!

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    TS - Happy Birthday imageimageimageimage XXX Tracey

    NRD for me today. Legs seem to have recovered from Sunday's race. The test will be tomorrows evening at my running club.

  • EmptyEmpty ✭✭✭

    Evening all

    TS, happy birthday - did you have any surprises left for today after yesterdays run?

    Mick, glad it back into Bonnie weather and that she purred into life for you. You should be able to get plenty of Bonnie miles in this year.

    Back from the Chichester race, Garmie struggles a bit as it's a short twisty circuit between the shops (not helped by me forgetting to stop the watch, luckily I did press the lap button image). Plan was to run a steady pace. Previous best for this race is 17.21, official distance is 2.8 miles. Splits as follows 

    1)  - 1m - 6:39(6:39/m) - 153bpm avge  - 168bpm max - 126cal
    2)  - 1m - 6:42(6:42/m) - 160bpm avge  - 161bpm max - 126cal
    3)  - 0.73m - 4:51(6:39/m) - 161bpm avge  - 163bpm max - 90cal

    Adjusted Garmie finish time 18.12, ave about 6.40, ave HR approx 159, wHR about 86%. The good part of this race was that I was in control and finished relatvely fresh so although not a CPB it was a good marker as to where my training is at the moment.

    Mike T

  • HAPPY BRITHDAY, TS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and good evening to the rest.

    Not much time - just confirming that the restaurant at the Lodore Falls is, as TS saud, excellent.

    Smoked chicken and chorizo salad
    Orange sorbet
    Medaillons of venison on (something or other) braised red cabbage and something else
    Lemon syllabub

    All with a large glass of red wine and a dessert wine. 

    Apologies for lack of detail but I was rather distracted by the rest of the group.

    I had a lovely room with a view of Derwentwater. Shame we didn't stay longer.

    S'shop meetings yesterday.
    Trip to New Balance factory this morning - factory tour (very interesting), product talk, shoe fit (get feet measured, try in a pair, check on video, get sent a pair of shoes). Time for a brief visit to the shop. In 15 minutes I managed to buy two pairs of shoes (for one of our customers - long story), a pair of tights (for me) and a jacket (for colleague). We were allowed a staff discount. The total was so small I feel slightly embarassed.

    Need to sleep.................


  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Night K2
  • TS - Many Happies. Sorry it's late but I just got sorted after being jammed up on M25 then going straight to a meeting without eating then coming back to cook and nosh. I'll go back for a look at the Nat, it's a few years since I last went.

    MT - I love Edward Seago's work, he's one of my watercolour heroes.


  • Good morning all

    PTP2 Day 39

    5.09M; 1:00:57; 11:58/M; hr145 m155; 'easy'
    12:11 hr141 m149
    12:03 hr143 m149
    12:12 hr146 m152
    12:10 hr146 m151
    11:33 hr147 m153

    Wouldn't have minded getting a sub-60 5, but missed it by 11sec!
    That's what comes of looking only at HR.image


  • Morning,

    very nearly!

    Good going for the first short race of the season. Looks like you maybe went out a little too fast and legs got a bit overloaded with Lactate for a while, but you quickly returned to form.

    sounds like you are receiving a well deserved perk from your Company.  

    Yucky weather for training today, heavy rain and heavy wind too.

  • EmptyEmpty ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    aws, we have some of Ted Seago's books which he signed and left a message for my Grandparents.
    Good solid run this morning.

    K2 you seem to making the best of working away.  

    Overcast damp windy morning down here, hoe it improves before tonights club session.

    Mike T

  • Morning all  image

    ceal I think JJ was a page premature!!  he is now lurking ready to pounce  image   

    managed an outing yesterday and then spent an hour fighting with the roots of a conifer ... my mother was concerned when i said 'It is coming out or the spade will die trying!'  I had already broken the handle of the fork ... not surprisingly I am a tad achey this morning!!

    K2 if TS is recommending a restaurant it must be good him being a connoisseur (sp?)

    MickC your photos are wonderful, I am not sure that the hills make me want to run though.

    Lots of problems with the wind yesterday,it was bad here too.

    Must dash, take care xx

  • ? refreshed page on main home computer and repeated myself from a couple of days ago!  sorry!

    looking at weather and not feeling inspired image

    aws you may have missed the sub 60 but speedy miles nonetheless

    K2 sounds like a great trip, good food, nice view and shopping   image

    Mike good race last night.

  • Impey Where is your 10k on sunday? thanks for the info on a 10 mile race in May at Burton. Yes it is a long way to travel for a race that I am not desperate to do, but feel that I could. However, Burton, as you will remember is on my home territory so I might get tempted.
  • Something very strange happened before I submitted the post above, I lost the message and the icons appeared in a vertical line where the post had been typed. However, I pressed submit anyway and hey presto it arrived ok. But very strange.

    I feel the same about being uninspired to go running. But I WILL GO.
  • good morning and thanks again for birthday wishes

    nice to see my gastronomic recommendations stll hold trueimage

    - and you got staff discount at the NB shop - surprised you had to part with any money after that!!
    I am across in the Lakes in a couple of weeks time for a long gastro weekend so will have to arrange routes so that I pass a NB factory shop or two

    good blast out there after the longer distances. Good overall pace - did the twists on the course make it a bit tricky??

    agree about the wind - see below.
    It was all good fun really and the folks who had short cutted to get into position were those who would never normally be near the front just to make it even more amusing

    average under 12m/m - may let you off with the 11 seconds - they may have occured in the last bit!
    I often pop into the National when in London and have some spare time and just do one gallery but I invariably glance down the long view through the galleries to see Whistlejacket in all its might

    it is tough out there -  see belowimage!

    6.5 miles done in 60:05 ( and I couldn't care about the 5 seconds - just glad to finish when I did!!) with avHR133 (67%WHR) and max of 145

    1m 8:28 hr121
    2m 9:29 hr136 hill and strong headwind!!
    3m 8:42 hr135
    4m 9:08 hr137 x wind nearly blows me of my feet -  I am running like this /
    5m 9:34 hr137 headwind and losing the will to live
    6m 9:34 hr134 headwind and Hipps HIll with some shelter from the trees
    .5m 5:09 hr135

    had enough!!!

  • for MickC
    Bonnie review
  • JJ - Eeeeeeeeeeeek! ! ! <very high-pitched>


  • TS
    I can feel your windy conditions and I can see them in your mile splits

    Congrats on achieveing your target last night at the Club AGM. How is your dental work progressing? 
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the link but I wish you hadn't posted it. Now I have to think about updating my Bonnie. They have made some serious improvements on my year. I will take a ride out to my dealer and see if he has any in stock.

    My speed work was unusual in that I don't really need to look at my garmin as I am normally well tuned into pace and how I feel but this time I was way off. My hr was higher than how I felt. I averaged 4:36 and I felt comfortable and certainly could have either picked it up or continued. However my hr did not reflect that, it indicated that I was working harder than I felt. Yesterday's recovery run clearly supported my garmin the run was harder than it felt subjectively. A littlle strange but it may have something to do with y down week ofnothing but hills and stairs.

    Your consistently is definitely producing results, does your coach call up any more aggressive speed work?

    I have just recieved tonight's speed session from the coach, 4 x 2k at half pace with 2 mins active recovery, sounds like a doddle compared with Tuesday. This time I will not overcook it, 4:43 it will be.


  • It was a track day again. The target this time was not to leave everything on the track which I think I did on Tuesday. I was very tired yesterday, from the quality rather than the quantity. It is a recovery week.

    I had planned 2 x 800 but was worried that I would go for it and then my legs would need another recovery. So TS kindly suggested 4 x 400 @ 5k pace (1.46 mins) with 400 jog intervals. Obviously with a warm up and cool down.

     There was an evil wind on each back straight which started on on the bend. But at least I got 200m's  relief from it on each lap.

    1.5 miles warm up, 13.02 mins, 8.40 mm, av HR 116, MHR 130--I ran a fast last 400 m's.

    I ran a couple of fast strides, one of which was 100 m's in 20 secs.

    400m's, 1.34 mins, av HR 133, MHR 150---decided to go for the first one.
    400m's, 1.44 mins, av HRR 136, MHR 145---took it easier to run at 5k pace
    400 m's, 1.42 mins, av HR 141, MHR 148
    400'm's, 1.34 mins, av HR 143, MHR 153--went for it again.

    1.5 miles cool down, 12.27 mins, av pace 8.19, av HR 130, MHR 135

    My 400m's recoveries were all about 2.09 mins with av HR 130 so my recovery from each rep was fairly swift.

    Total miles for the day 5 miles.

  • MIckC
    I think you got your 10k run just right. You were able to run 9 miles yesterday.
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭

    A very comfortable track workout for you.
    My legs were definitely tired over the early miles but it cleared and I was running comfortable at the end even if it was a little slow. They feel ready for my speed session tonight.
    I have never done a recovery week in building up to race season before but that is exactly what my holiday week was in terms of running. I do feel recharged and ready for the last months push to race fitness.
    I will definitely incorporate a recovery week into next seasons build up.


  • MickC
    sorry about that - but now you know what to look forimage!!

    obviously you were straining at the leash so recovery from your hard session looks to be complete
    Good pace even on the comparatively  slower ones and only just nudging up to LTT. That should do nicely as a sharpener.

    The wind did not seem to affect you overmuch!!

    Me - tired legs plus battling straight into it just sapped any remaining strength with its sheer ferocity.
    perversely it's now quite a nice day, sun shining and just a strong breeze compared to before

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Ceal - Nice session couldn't have been easy with the wind today.

    Mick - Sounds a good session you have tonight

    Decided upon an easy run went out an hour ago (same time as tomorrows race) But wasn't looking forward to it the wind wasn't making friends with me, and i'm thinking tomorrow is not going to be pretty

    so 2 miles a mile out and a mile back. well 2.03 miles all in

    Split time Avg. HR Max. HR
    10:24 128 141
    9:34 133 141
    0:17 134 135

    such a difference in the splits but i think you can guess what was happening.
  • Pammie
    I think you are right about the forecast for tomorrow FLM. It seems to be destined to be windy and possible wet too. All the best anyway for whatever conditions present themselves to you.

    Thanks, yes I was champing at the bit. But slightly apprehensive about over cooking the session. I think the 400's were a better idea. It was the sideways sind on the bend that I found the most troublemsome. But I think it wasn't anything as windy as where you are.

    I am all in favour of recovery weeks. In fact I try to take one nearly every 4 weeks. I think if one is pushing the boundaries of one's training then it is essential to recover. Of course my need to recover will come along quicker than yours as you and TS are mere Babes.  My HR tells me a lot about myself and my training. When I can't get my heart rate up then I know I am pushing the boundaries. When I can take my HR up easily then I am on the road to recovery. Also I go by my RHR a lot too.
  • Lots of good training despite the wind!

    I decided I had better get out there since ceal made it clear staying in the warm and dry was for wimps  image  the wind was not as bad as recent days and the rain not too heavy so another short session completed.

  • Maggie
  • EmptyEmpty ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all

    My last post has sunk without trace, appropriate I suppose being in Pompey image

    TS yes the twisty element of the course did make it a bit tricky particularly as I ran in the B race which meant the course, partcularly on the first lap, was congested. Luckily it was dry as there is also a section of cobbles which can be very slippery. Looked like a tough session with the wind today.

    JJ, it certainly was a good sharpener particularly as I have a 10k race on Sunday, most probably the same one as Diana. Well done for achieving your target last night, mind you seem to do enough work with the training groups without beng on the committee.

    Ceal good 400's particularly in these windy conditions. 

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